Alimentary Security

One more time the international scene of the visible signals of that it is in march one of the biggest world-wide concerns: foods. The significance of the item is so immense foods, that already had knocked down governing (dictator) and caused certain instabilidades politics in developing countries, as India where the price of the onion presented one high price. But now the situation starts to take body when, countries as France initiates a quarrel in the OMC trying to implant a regimen of control of regulating food supplies, in special comodities agriculturists. The known president of the France Nicolas Sarkozy, that at the bitter moment a considerable decrease of popularity and acceptance, tries in some ways influences the C.E in adopting a regimen that can control the price of the substances alimentary cousins.

Soon the France that if detaches for being one of the countries that more the farming one subsidizes, that they impose customs and sanitary barriers all the types of foods that enter in the country, esteem in: 500.000.000, 00. In one of its speeches president Sarkozy, it said: I did not abandon them. soon to follow said: ‘ ‘ A new future for ours agricultura’ ‘ , the government will give, for a reason or purpose ‘ ‘ bonanza aid of the Estado’ ‘ , 650 million euros for the sector and will grant 1 billion of euros in loans, the advantageous taxes of interests, only 1% the 1.5% to the year. For the Europeans who cultivate its ground the thousand of thousand of year, that already they do not possess more agricultural borders, but that they are detainers of high technologies, as much in the branch of the farming one, as of the mechanics, druggist, computer science, naval, aerial and aerospace, is one in such a way easy one to insist on placing and dictating to rules regarding a controlled market of comodities agriculturists.

Udea Procedure

A letter certified of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data rarely locks up the good news, we received but it, we do not become crazy until knowing in question Is possible that it only is a Trusteeship of Rights. And this that means? The LOPD grants to the citizens the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. These rights must be taken care of in concrete terms (1 month for access and 10 days for the rest), and be answered in any case, even when data of the applicant do not consist to us. If we have not taken care of or one of these rights, or we have not responded in term, the citizen can complain to the AEPD and request his trusteeship of rights, so that he forces to us to take care of the request correctly (the citizen is not possibly conscious than he is asking, but he is what the AEPD is going to give to him). In other words, the procedure of Trusteeship of Rights, is not a manifestation of the sanctioning power of the Agency, and therefore, to receive a request of information regarding a Trusteeship of Rights do not imply that they are going to us to put a fine millionaire which they appear published in newspapers.

We will be able to recognize a Trusteeship of Rights, because they identify with the code TD . However, this is not excuse to neglect all the requests nor to disobey to the AEPD, since if the AEPD appreciates impediment or the blocking of the exercise of the access rights, rectification, cancellation and opposition can abrir a sanctioning procedure to us by a serious infraction with fines between 40,000 and 300,000 Euros.