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Biathlon World Cup

Posted in News on May 28th, 2015
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The Scandinavian country attracts not only skiers with attractive offers Stockholm business newspapers reported that Swedish tourism in the winter season 2009/2010 with strong growth may be expected. This astonished for the season 2008/2009 was a record year with lots of snow and high numbers of overnight in the Swedish ski resorts. Visit Peter Thiel […]

Now In Free Download: The Stadium World-special

Posted in News on May 28th, 2015
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Event locations with added value – opportunities for a wide variety of events. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Thiel. Stadiums, arenas, and racetracks inspire an audience of millions. But the sport and event venues are becoming increasingly popular in business events. Why this is so and what fascinating possibilities arise, presents the special locations […]

Christmas Is There

Posted in News on May 26th, 2015
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Online-shop celebrates 10th anniversary and presents its customers home shoppt it is best: who wants to pounce when this year’s Christmas shopping in the mass or want to waste no precious time in the queues, buys his Christmas gifts on the Internet. First address in terms of consumer electronics and appliances is now ten […]

Conveying Technology

Posted in News on May 25th, 2015
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Information under Paderborn 04.09.09 – the BascoTec Internet Ltd., in Germany based on the economy-strong engineering site Paderborn, bringing as new B2B marketplace and trade project on the way. The portal offers knowledge and information about the handling and the ability for online trading with new or used conveyor systems and accessory products. […]

Lisa Neumann University

Posted in News on May 22nd, 2015
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The throwaway times of scarcity make inventive counterpart people. No other country has proven this more than the DDR. The art of engineering reached a level where it could compete with the contemporary competition in the West. The portal for online auctions presents rarities, which until now have lovers and maintain. The Robotron brand […]

Environment Fund

Posted in News on May 20th, 2015
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…Makes more garbage… The new Ventafonds participation, eco-energy of Environment Fund 1 invests in recycling the future. It is a crux. The production of plastics is expensive. The chemical synthesis processes need valuable resources such as petroleum, coal, natural gas. Five percent of world’s funded oil flows in the manufacture of plastics. At the end […]

Latest Technology

Posted in News on May 19th, 2015
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For nearly two decades a fully integrated work environment not 20 miles from Munich’s notion of the industrial area TechnoPark Munich the TechnoPark in the Munich-based East was Southeast of the heart one of the first commercial areas of Munich 1990 and was a pioneer in this sector. Already at that time had the initiator […]

Sam Technology

Posted in News on May 18th, 2015
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Development of the newest coloring substances, obtain the most fine powder and fresh technology of electrostatic powder spraying said dye method as the most optimal for the production of products of mass consumption. Developed coloring matter of all colors and shades, made available to obtain the maximum of a thin layer coating. In addition, streamlined […]


Chief Technology Officer Vienna

Posted in News on May 18th, 2015
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IBM Austria appoints Chief Technology Officer Vienna, November 6, 2009 – IBM Austria exists a Chief Technology Officer for the first time. The new function is used as an interface between IBM laboratories and local companies and universities. Acts as first CTO Dipl.-ing. Helmut Ludwar on IBM last solution Manager in the financial sector. “Mr. […]

Mobile Personal Computers

Posted in News on May 17th, 2015
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WiMAX is a technology for data transmission via radio waves. Telecommunications WiMAX technology is one of the most advanced technologies designed to meet the demand for broadband connectivity to devices such as smartphones, netbooks, notebooks, desktop computers, and so on. Mobile WiMAX meets all technical requirements and tehnologichskim these devices and shows admirable flexibility in […]


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