Asian Productivity Organization

“” President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ma Ying-jeou of the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ma Ying-jeou, urges ‘green’ productivity said during the inauguration of the Asian Productivity Organization’s (APO) Center of excellence on green productivity “in Taipei City, that the process for Taiwan towards a low-carbon and green energy” company could be painful, but through joint efforts and hard work could be mastered. “Ma said: we need to increase our green productivity under the premise that will reduce energy consumption, without thereby missing the national productivity goals.” Taiwan founded in 1955 the China Productivity Center”and founding member of APO was in 1961 and experience history looks back in this respect on a long. The APO has helped its members to increase productivity in the industry, agriculture and services sectors. Its focus is on green productivity in the past Years is in line with Taiwan’s promotion of low-carbon and green energy”policy. According to Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan Government’s policy focuses on six key emerging industries: use of green energy sources, biotechnology, tourism, health and care, high-performance agriculture and cultural innovation.

More four emerging smart industries cloud computing, intelligent electric vehicles, smart ecological construction and industrial patent applications have been added to the green industry wave. Ma said that Taiwan its carbon emissions last year reduced millions of tons to 6.1 and planted at the same time 61,000 trees. The environmental protection administration to new Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Yilan in low-carbon cities by 2014 and convert carbon Islands Penghu and Kinmen. An extension of the plan up to 2020 includes Northern, Central, southern and Eastern parts of Taiwan and is a testament to the commitment of Taiwan with regard to the reduction of pollutants. In the last year, Taiwan has produced 3.38 million tonnes of waste.

Compared to the peak year of 1998, which means a reduction of 62%. Meanwhile, 42% recycling has increased in 2007 to 65% in 2012. The Government has saved also, electricity 20 billion kilowatt hours since the introduction of the economic plan five years ago. The APO is one of the few international organizations in which Taiwan under its official title Republic of China (Taiwan) is member.