Border Protection

Boroda My girl were driving home the other day. At the border, first on the Czech-Polish stopped, checked only a passport. Czech said that bad, but you have a visa expired and released. It turned out (and I do not pay attention) that they have a term of visa and number of days of stay is different, I never thought of reading. Differs in a few days – nearly a week. Girls exceeded the allowed time of stay of 3 days.

Polish-Ukrainian customs customs was shouting. Technology Investor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The result – a regular stamp on their visa on departure. Nowhere girl from the bus did not go and nothing to fill / not signed. Maybe it's somehow come back to haunt? Already there, but not glued long visa D + C. Elika Following the expiration of the visa is given a further so-called 3-day period for dispunishable Schengen border-crossing. So your girls had back to back. Well, maybe four Boroda days. The customs office was at the beginning of the first night, just a new day has begun.

Hopefully, everything will be fine. Ilya Muromets Customs checking passports and visas are not engaged. Passport checks Border Protection at the external borders Schengen zone. Explain who, why and how busy checking the passports of your girls on the Czech-Polish border. On the Czech-Polish border land customs long since been liquidated. Georgyip worth in the police car, rides a bus, apparently to towards the eastern boundary of the Schengen area, stop, collect passports and through their computer … My wife fell for this. Gleb Check inside Schengen, not only at the external borders. The usual practice of random checks, one of officially announced today the police duties of Immigration (if we talk about PR). Similar checks are carried out in other countries such as Germany. Source: Case