Chizuko Ueno

Enago tags in July 2006 inserting comments and hints for authors in their mother tongue. In March 2006, two experienced lecturers, experts in the respective fields, edit twin Editor model to grant, the “twin Editor model” the same manuscript to an excellent result in a short time. To strengthen the international freelance team, experienced and quality-conscious professional lecturers from the Inland were hired. Further innovations here. Crimson has introduced not only new, but dedicated to the requirements of its customers with great interest. Inspired by authors who had overcome the barriers of the English language, arranged Crimson interviews with 12 Japanese top scientists, including Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura (inventor of the first blue light-emitting diode), Takeshi Yoro, Chizuko Ueno and Heizo Takenaka. These interviews, released in March 2009 in Japan as a book, offer a glimpse into the lives of scientists and their struggle with the English language and is also an inspiration to aspiring young researchers who would like to publish in international journals.

Crimson works with modern technology and innovative ideas for its customers. “Through the feedback and recommendations of our customers we support authors and scientists today in 67 countries for English publications in international, prestigious journals. We have local websites for Japan, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Korea, the Middle East, Brazil, Germany, Russia/CIS and the United States, and appreciate the constant stimulation and support our customers to new innovations in the field of the scientific editorial.”says Sharad Mittal. On this important occasion thanks Crimson for the loyalty and confidence of its valued customers and is dedicated to this success the customers, teachers, and business partners. Crimson interactive Crimson interactive is one of the leading and fast growing language service provider and operates under three brands – Enago (English proofreading), Ulatus (translations) and Voxtab (transcription) for the way to effective communication for science and efficient Business leadership. Provider of proofreading services for scientists and authors who want to publish their manuscripts in prestigious, international journals, Crimson has a long-standing reputation for its quality-oriented approaches and standards in the industry. The service offerings are a combination of voice and expertise and precision. The team consists of qualified proofreaders, translators, Transkriptionisten with a Ph.d.

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