Corrosive Electric

Usam condensing in diverse points of the amplifiers, to connect signals of floors for others and to deviate signals for the mass. Capacitive Reactncia When connecting itself a condenser in a source alternated, each change of tension causes to load or discharge of the condenser, provoking the circulation of a chain. The opposition that the condenser presents to the ticket of this chain under regimen AC, is known as capacitive reactncia, and the same one varies as varies the frequency of signal AC. The capacitive reactncia is given mathematically by: Where XC = capacitive reactncia, measured in ohms f = frequency of signal AC, in Hertz – Hz C = capacity measured in Farads – Dielectric F a dielectric or electric insulator is a substance that possesss high Resistance to the flow of the electric chain. This to play its function correctamente, is chosen through certain requirements, such as: Elevada resistance electric, to guarantee the isolation between the part and the electrode; elevado to be able cooling therefore this must cool the part and the electrode, since the extreme heating can originate fissuration; steady Viscosity therefore must evacuate particles of the zone of cut with effectiveness; Not toxic not to free you substantiate toxic when displayed the temperatures high; Filtrabilidade; to keep particles in suspension facilitating the posterior filtering; Elevado latent heat, therefore must be resistant the high temperatures and the oxidation preventing the degradation; Corrosive No not to corrode the constituent components of the machine; transparency to facilitate the visualization of the work zone. Applications the USA in capacitors to prevent the risk of the plates to enter in contact, for moreover any substance submitted to an electric field can be ironizar and become a conductor.

The USA in handles of powers and RF. Polarization of dielectrics. Notion of the electric field in the substance the dielectrics (or insulators) are those materials that cannot lead electric chain, Nor can be loaded for induction.