Effectively Promote

Website Promotion through article directories. How effectively and with minimal loss of time and money to promote the site? The answer to this question for a long time to be relevant. To begin booking a completely unique article or write it yourself. Then reproduce it using the program, the benefit of such programs is now very much. After that, select directories are in the index of Yandex.

Just trying to drive the search phrase 'article directory' or 'white catalog Articles' and leaves a whole list of websites where you can post an article. As a rule, good directories are within the 10-page issue. Starting with 11 pages are minor projects from which the returns will be significantly less. Ie time to spend on them is useless. Neither traffic nor the growth of tic from them will not wait. Compile a list of article directories within the first 10 pages of issue Yasha and proceed to the placement.

Be warned that not all directories are ready rameschat similar texts. Some set the level of uniqueness of 70% or higher. For such projects need to write some articles. As the experience of posting articles to directories tic growth occurs between 10 and 20. To lift up to 10 tic can even not exert much effort. Also, we need to raise rates pr. The same actions done a for google. Consider the issue of Google and contains articles on the most trust resources.