Garden Site

The appearance of your garden each represents a different way. But all the gardens in common – a place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by wildlife. Every summer resident seeks to acquire a beautiful summer gazebo. As to choose the most appropriate model for such facilities to the site? How to translate ideas into reality? How to make this element of the garden plot is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing? First you need to define the purpose of construction: why put up a conversation in the garden. To become an ideal place to relax, it should be possible to meet the needs of all households. The direct appointment of gazebos in the garden today – expand the functional space holiday home and remove the burden from the veranda, living room or kitchen. Therefore, it is important to provide a device roads and trails that will connect the house, gazebo and, if necessary, household premises. If you plan to install inside the gazebo table and bench, this must be taken into account already in the initial calculation of the size of the structure.

If you plan to place the gazebo next to the barbecue or grill, it is to consider when choosing a site for construction of pavilions to subsequently do not have to trim interfering branches or plants. Garden arbor can serve not only as a place of rest, but at the same time be a bright decorative spot in your garden. To do this you need to consider design design pergola, its location on the site, as well as its functionality. There are many factors that should also be taken into account: the microclimate site mobility of soil, light and shadow angles of incidence from the adjacent buildings, fences and tall trees at different times of day. The most important condition for choosing the site for construction of pavilions – a beautiful view from it.