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This technology is used, for example, in a model of Whirlpool S25 D rww, Whirlpool arc 7550, Whirlpool arc 6700 ix. 6) Area of freshness – 0-Camera – is a special compartment of the refrigerator, which is designed to preserve fish, meat, poultry and other foods at 0 C. Most often it is located between the refrigerator and freezer. Is a shelf or drawer, or even separate camera. 0-camera handy for storing the newly purchased products, which for some reason you just can not cook, but do not want to freeze. This compartment can be found in the model refrigerator persbusch ike 458-4-4 T, lg gr – 389 sqf, Blomberg kod 1650 X, Electrolux erb 3500 X, Gorenje rk 6285 oal. It's also worth wondering warranty service or not to provide hardware store, is there a delivery in the city, or this condition is absent.

Price, factors affecting the price Quality and size of the refrigerator – not the only factor influencing the price. Price creates demand, which in turn depends on the prestige of the brand, product quality, technical and economic performance, design delights fashion. At a cost of household appliances made conventionally divided into three classes: economy class, middle-price category and class of road and elite technology. Refrigerators economy class are up to 15 thousand rubles. This class includes refrigerators small and medium-size domestic, Belarusian and Ukrainian manufacturers. This marks Birjusa, Saratov, Lipetsk Stinol produced in Russia Indesit, Ming Atlanta, Donetsk Nord.

In addition to Russian, this class can be attributed Some models of foreign manufacturers such as lg, Indesit, Daewoo, Samsung, Ardo, Zanussi, Kaiser and other foreign manufacturers have a model belonging to this class are equipped with a compressor, the freezer, thawed by hand, their value does not exceed 280 – 300 liters. Refrigerators middle class have a price range from 15 thousand to 30 thousand rubles. Vehicle of that class present in the range of virtually all manufacturers. This aids of different sizes, one-, two-and three-compartment. Often all are equipped with automatic defrost, quick-frozen, have a degree of energy efficiency. Almost all of these models, there are a variety of containers and shelves, as well as possible to reinstall the shelves, Reversible door. Dear refrigerators are 30 thousand and above. In addition to the latest technical developments and design, these refrigerators have various additional functions, make them particularly easy to use. Refrigerators this class are brands Bosch, Siemens, Electrolux, Liebherr, Miele, aeg, Whirlpool, General Electric and others.