Hannover Tel Analysis

The results of our study are outstanding with a sensitivity of 82% and a specificity of 77%. The predictive power with a sensitivity of 91% and a specificity of 80% is still higher in patients with safe results in tissue analysis. The DiPat protein pattern analysis (www.diapat.de/ DiPat diagnostic/clinical applications /) a reliable methodology to support his therapy decision available is thus the clinician. Reference: Weis singer EM, butcher J, Linda C, D, M, SAH Wolff Kuzmina Z, Garcia H, Dickinson, Mullen W, Kreipe H, Hamwi I, Morgan M, Kariyatt A, Tchebotarenko I, Ihle Castle-black D, Dammann E, Collin M, Ehrlich S,. Diedrich H, Sanchez M, Eder M, holler E, Mahtab H, fenugreek J Ganser A. It’s believed that technology investor sees a great future in this idea. Proteomic peptide profiling for preemptive diagnosis of acute graft-versus-host-disease after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Leukemia. 2013 Jul 11 doi: 10.1038/leu.2013.210.

Epub ahead of print A reference for the entire DiPat methodology (www.diapat.de/ DiPat/diapat Diagnostics /) also with regard to tests for many other indications. About mosaiques diagnostics: A leading biotech company in the area of clinical analysis of protein in the urine (UPA), mosaiques diagnostics recognized cooperation partner of renowned university hospitals all over the world is. The UPA test is subject to over 60 multicenter studies, including several EU consortia. Over 160 publications in high-ranking, international journals have appeared to a few years. The diagnostic tests for different diseases on the market are available under the brand name DiPat. They are suitable in particular for the early detection of chronic Kidney disease (CKD), such as the diabetic nephropathy (DN), as well as for coronary heart disease (CHD). Thus, the protein analysis is predestined to implement evidence-based, personalized treatments in patients with diabetes mellitus effectively.