Human Genome

When Bill Clinton-entonces President USA-announced 10 years ago to the world, the decoding of the human genome!, said we are knowing the language with which God created man, in the same time James Thompson of the University of Wisconsin, and Baltimore’s James Gerhard announcing to the world the first cultivation of cells from human embryos mother!, which is one of the languages so the devil seeks to destroy man, then in 2001 thousands of embryos were created and used for research and junked then to waste in the midst of experiments of dubious technological reputation, it seemed chelates hedonistic Utopia of Herbert Marcuse who work the machines and man vacara in the pleasures of the spirit would come true, such was the excitement that the Washington Post titled in a biotechnology gold mines! Sunday Edition-referring to the Madre(Stem Cells) cells.Now Hussein Obama has decided to finance publicly funded experimentation with embryonic stem cells which are the cells MOTHER? They are cells that are derived from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst (the outer cell mass is undone) and who have the ability to develop into any of the 210 tissues of human beings the blastocyst? Yes!, a human being of 5 days of age that has between 50 and 150 cells, also are called stem cells (Stem: trunk).Also obtained partly from the amniotic fluid (hematopoietic) are cell adultas(a traves de la reprogramacion) Science recognizes 4 types of stem cells: DIFFERENTIATED cells that can develop into an Animal being (rational or irrational) example the Zygote, PLURIPOTENT capable of transforming into any tissue of the animal being, hitherto believed that they are not capable of giving source to be a live MULTIPOTENCIALES that can transform into a single type of fabric and the UNIPOTENCIALES which can transform into a cell type nothing more. which is the essence of the problem? the root of this debate lies in that experiment with cells embryonic stem necessarily have to destroy a human embryo and then ask ourselves which is the identity and value anthropological of the human being in this initial phase of its existence?, is justified to achieve a well Mayor(descubrir nuevas terapias) do need to destroy a tiny human being?, perhaps we are resurrecting Nicolas Maquiavelo posed in his book the little Prince by a similar to the of Hussein Obama good thesis emerges from the evil or theEnd justifies the means, just in case we do not learn from history, when at the end of century XIX human beings were bought, sold and bred like animals, we don’t remember perhaps humiliating Nazi experiments in Dachau and Auschwitz, the harassment of African Americans in Alabama (Tuskegee) that were experimental subjects in studies of the effects of syphilis, the effects of these experimentsthat Obama has decided to finance, tomorrow more later humanity will recognize them as abhor them.OTHER one with stem cells without destroying the EMBRIONCesar Nombela, (January 2009), says that there are more 2300 studies that demonstrate the existence of cells of the own body which can serve as stem cells for example the Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka has demonstrated that it is possible to reprogram somatic cells into pluripotent cells, scientists de Barcelona obtained them from hair, in Germany at the University of Tubingen have managed to derive cells mother Pluripotentes from testicle cellsGrease and so many examples but they demonstrate that you don’t need to destroy embryos to obtain cells MadreCONCLUSIONESNo must mystify progress, doing so is a confusion, a philosophical error, nor it should be making sacred time of progress, or deifying human reason or science, the Utopia of Marcuse is the same thing that made progress mythRemember that progress is to convert late in the Middle but is unable to create purposes, we appreciate the facts in their fair dimension, Tomas Moro said that behind Finisterre(Fin de la Tierra) hid one Earth happy, abundant and free, let’s not compare and conclude that behind these experiments, facts with bloody hands, lies a brave new world at times behind the curtain hides someone worse. .