Images and animaes certainly become the site most attractive since that they do not confuse to internauta to find what it is looking for. 2.1.2 Standard: The pages must obey a standard of colors, sources, types and positioning of components, if the logomarca in a page is present in the left superior field of the initial page, thus must remain in all the pages, sources and colors are of the established standard can be used to give prominence. 2.1.3 Navigability Is necessary to have well-taken care of so that the pages do not become a labyrinth where internauta has difficulty to find what it needs, will be thus it will finish giving up not to be that it needs that content really very. 2.1.4 Lodging a ready time and in air, is very important that it is housed in a server who goes to guarantee with quality the availability of the site not to run the risk of when internauta will be to have access it to discover that the site is of air. If this to happen with Benefits a ready time and in air, the site makes possible the customer to get knowledge on the company, without having that to leave house, with the advantage of being able to visit when to want, independent to be in commercial schedule or and also how many times not to want. The Internauta that it visits frequently is always cliente of the new features, also being able to pass the information acquired to other people. 2,3 Web site people with a cost relatively low of one form fast.

The question is that this practical is made of incorrect form in many sites. You vary companies compel internauta to fill immense cadastros being that it does not go to use half of the information, for then only allowing that internauta can continue having access ' ' content exclusivo' ' , this practical finishes if becoming one it has tested to the patience of internauta that it can finish finally giving up. One sends regards that the forms are objective, and only collect the necessary information. The site is the image of the company in the Internet, therefore it needs to be made with care, it considers as critical factor that the site must be accessible independent of the speed of connection of Internet of internauta, or of the version of the navigator of it. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.