Internet Car

The most common approach is called kalkulyativnym. it so that the whole process involves the separation from the family budget amount, which is not particularly struck on the budget itself. The amount may be different, but the car is purchased at the same time to a minimum configuration. But it can be Dacia Logan, and maybe "naked Chevrolet Lacetti. In essence, this approach – an attempt to kill two birds with one stone. Need a minimum amount to enter the car of maximal class, but without the extras. It is noteworthy that this path is chosen automotive world, or people with a minimum level of income, since a couple of months, the driver realizes that he is not riding on the price list, and on his choice. The second approach – Technology.

Telling a buyer with an approximate range of candidates for purchase, and selects the vehicle to specifications. In this case, priorities often change, and appearance becomes secondary. Although the vast majority of future drivers, the first thing about interest rate, speed and other performance characteristics, bunch of Internet resources, forums and more. Looks like an arms race or a struggle for numbers – whatever you like. Man, "technologically" looking car, learns about the interval between to and its value, he compares the upholstery and is important for him glove compartment volume, is there a mesh in the trunk and could be refilled turbocharged engine 92nd gasoline. These buyers are less likely to change cars, as high quality of all other approaches to the selection.