Michael Jordan

Today I talk about the fear of rejection when trying to conquer women or seduce women and a way in which you can overcome it by following the Councils of a very successful man (I’m sure you know it). One of the big fears in trying to talk and converse with a woman, trying to kiss her or try to tell you that you like is the fear of rejection. If any woman has rejected you, I said you do not like him, said that he wants to be just friends or you simply ignores…don’t worry, this is NORMAL. Absolutely all men, even the most successful with women, have been rejected by a woman more than once. Man without success with the women take a rejection of a girl as something personal, become depressed, and he thinks that it is not attractive for women for the simple fact that reject it a woman.

Instead, a successful man not be depressed, if that don’t see the rejection as a learning that will make it increasingly more skilful seducing women. Although not so believe, men more successful seducing women are those who have been most rejected times. Why is that not you give up by a simple rejection, always get up and learn from this experience to improve. The foregoing applies not only in the seduction of women, this will allow you to be successful in everything what you propose. And I say this not only one of the men says it also more successful in the world, the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan the himself. Here I leave the video where you hear it directly, it is in English but below I put the translation in Spanish of what it says: the translation into Spanish is as follows: I failed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games.

On 26 occasions I have been entrusted the last shot in a game… and I have failed. I failed one, and again, and again in my life. And that is why… uve success. Michael Jordan in summary, go ahead and dare. Dare to start conversion with girls, dare to tell him that you like, dare to call this girl who knew a few days ago, dare to try to kiss her, do you dare to take your home, dare to talk about that attractive girl that you see every day pass. While you try and you dare to get what they want, much closer you’ll be get the success you’re looking for no matter what pass. Anda and dare if things go well, brilliant!…If things go badly brilliant! .always keep your positive mental state. Dare to accept that you have a problem, difficulty or fear, and that you can overcome it quickly for always following the Councils of experts in the subject. Original author and source of the article.