Microsoft Windows 7

Whichever curiosities those that can be spoken of the most recent operating system of Microsoft Windows 7, just by to say that the 21 of October Windows Phone 7 will be sent to the new moving body (the lazamiento sera through all the global networks of trade of Microsoft Windows). For that reason today we will teach to you like improving the yield of Windows 7, with some simple tricks which we will detail them step by step to you. 1- Faster change of Windows When maximizing or diminishing a window in Windows 7 one becomes by means of a series of effects and animations that when deactivating them we can secure a better yield in the system, for it we do the following thing: * We go to beginning and we wrote SystemPropertiesPerformance and we abrimos the element to it that appears to us. * Later we selected to the eyelash visual Effects * We deactivate the option To animate the windows when diminishing and to maximize * To accept. 2- Accelerating the starting of Windows 7 By defect, Windows only 7 uses a nucleus of our processor to initiate, if we counted on a processor of more from a nucleus we can remove benefit to this: * We go to Beginning and we wrote Msconfig and we pressed Enter * Later we selected to the eyelash followed Starting of Options Outposts * In the option I number of Processors we introduce I number of nuclei of our processor, generally will have 2, 4 or up to 8. * We select To apply and To accept. 3-Eliminate the sources that you do not use The sources (fonts) especially the TrueType use something of resources of the system. That is why if we want that Windows works of fast form but, is necessary to solely use the sources that really we needed.