Nature Biotechnology

Apparently, in the future this will be possible. A group of scientists unless so expressed in an article published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, which announced to have developed a simple method to convert a blood group to another. This may help to reduce the shortage of blood for transfusion in various parts of the world. The researchers, led by Dr. Henrik Clausen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, identified enzymes that can produce blood group or from groups A, B and AB. The blood group O can transfusion to patients of any other group.

But this does not happen with groups A, B and AB, which only serve to people with compatible blood, due to the action of antigens. When takes place among incompatible groups transfusion reactions that can result in anemia, kidney failure and even death of the patient are presented. The new method uses bacterial enzymes to eliminate antigens, which can reach to facilitate the manufacture of universal red blood cells, which they would substantially reduce the pressures on the supply of blood in hospitals. Although the research is still in an experimental phase, it provides hope to millions of people who have blood groups for whom it is difficult to get donors.