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Users enjoy the freedom to create all possible reports; Core user can realize almost infinitely many analysis scenarios with multidimensional queries. And of course, it is possible to observe several domains and subdomains in a comparative analysis environment. And the SiteAnalyst allows even more: new item, caters to the increasing number of differentiated management responsibilities in companies by the new version offline and online marketing technology links. “The motto for this could be better selected BI ready”. Continue to learn more with: Technology Investor. The high performance of the SiteAnalyst derives from the fact that the latest cloud and business intelligence software uses technology. Verzugsloses, simultaneous Besuchertracking is this possible in real time. Web analytics software can be so much more and will by other modules to the perfect online marketing tool. The intelligence of Web Analytics allows the company, its visitors in manifold way simultaneously to their site visit the help and support to offer, which acutely need them if you want.

Live chat systems, online market research and user-specific content offer the visitor not only support; they strengthen customer loyalty and show that the company at the highest levels of service-oriented acts. We report on the possibilities of the entire suite of the NewElements constellation in a follow-up post. More information: since its inception in 2005 new item GmbH that specialises, to develop innovative Internet technologies and to offer services. It provides an instrument their customers, with which they use the Internet as a successful sales, marketing, service and communication platform. Furthermore the new element GmbH operates a Web platform for the marketing of IT training since 2008 successfully. The new element GmbH is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany and employs over 25 people. Managing Director is Mr Atasoy Altinci. The NewElements constellation represents a conceptual implementation of a comprehensive online marketing and sales instruments in modular form.

Key instrument is the newly developed WebAnalytics software SiteAnalyst. It allows the analysis and evaluation of Web data with regard to mission-critical question in any way. SiteAnalyst also serves as a control center of the marketing activities through the visualization of Internet users in real time on the Web site. Visitors via professional live do the option chat to talk or live get this functionality to provide support, or to provide (DynamicContent) visitors specifically with the desired information. NewElements constellation covers functional as the complete online sales and marketing process.