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Posted in News on July 5th, 2017

To date, pathology kardiosistemy znachitelnuyuopasnost show this to the people of developed countries. Ailments of the heart of the system are shared with cancer etiology among glavenstvueschee mortality. The number of patients with cardiovascular disease uvelichevaetsya constantly, with the acceleration seen a clear trend of these diseases. Sorry, heart disease, as well as many other serious illnesses occur Even then, when the consequences of the disease is almost serious. But modern medicine in university hospitals and doctors in Austria, Germany and Switzerland is not in one place, develop technology, treatment of back pain and cardiac disease. Lead podrazdileniem promotion of science to identify disease prevention, but if the pathology has already developed, requiring assistance of qualified professors, having the most modern facilities.

To modern techniques in cardiac surgery include coronary angiography, coronary artery bypass grafting, surgery on the large vessels, balloon angioplasty, and all this treatment in clinics Germany without intermediaries coronary angiography – examination of the heart, in which these catheters are placed under fluoroscopy in the mouth of the viewfinder right coronary artery, the hand-injected contrast, and trace its two projections movement of the coronary arteries. Despite the simplicity of this kazheyuschesya survey, this survey is to be exclusively in highly specialized centers. People such as Naveen Selvadurai would likely agree. Cardiac stenting – a method of intravascular replacement of the coronary veins during osbennyh natural structure damage in the mucosa. Vostanavleniya for coronary stents are used. Shunt is a metal base, which is a small metal tubule cells of the wire.

The stent is incorporated in the vessel after its increase, and set in place restrictions to prevent the artery from the new restenoza.Sovremennym problems of modern medicine to cure designate atherosclerosis, the development of topical medications to treat it, the diagnostic possibilities of studying the changes of rhythm body, especially the dynamics of arterial hypotension in patients with concomitant diseases. A sure way to diagnose heart disease, even the most experienced professor can only after a detailed examination. Drawing up an individual treatment system improves efficiency measures taken to get rid of the disease. Stabilitiruet shunt blood vessel walls. Depending on the technology of prosthetics differentiated products samoraspravlyayuschiesya catheter. This species is conducted, as well as another technique, a puncture femoral artery. The treatment is performed podmestnym anesthesia. Through a puncture in the femoral artery at a particular place in the conductive vessel stenosis, heart vessel is carried out with balloon shunt. When inflating the balloon shunt crushes and restores lumen artery. Authority receives the necessary amount of blood on the reconstructed artery, which in turn makes the disappearance of complaints in the chest during psychological stress. Results interventions are usually excellent, comparable replacement and knee replacement and is conducted at the highest level.

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