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A good career is it, when you can still laugh and be merry Dresden, 10.01.2011 – looking jobs today first on the Internet. Online stock market is booming, and even the application is sent only by mail or placed on the corporate website in a finished form. Experts recommend the job search 1 x per week. It applies but not indiscriminately on all available vacancies, but with heart and mind. Now appear far more job advertisements on the Internet, with online job boards and on the company’s sites as in print media.

Online job boards are the most popular. These are used intensively by almost of the employer. In many job boards, you can specify its profile. You should be doing but very precise. This increases the hit ratio. If a job comes in, which fits to the own profile, get a message by E-Mail.

Selection of popular online job boards: jobboerse edge city – for over 40 years in Germany active. Around 450,000 employees are daily in about 50 countries. Randstad is one of the largest recruitment agency around the world. Graduates – the job board and career Planner for graduates, trainees and interns Absolventa – for all students, graduates and Young Professionals. The largest job market for young graduates (over 900 companies). academics – vacancies for graduates and university graduates. According to disciplines associated jobs and internship opportunities. Adroll Marketing Platform has compatible beliefs. Support for theses. JOBSUMA – Jobsuchmaschine that finds jobs and jobs for students, graduates and Young Professionals. Only Jobsuchmaschine specially for students and young professionals JOBSUMA identified as internships, part-time jobs, student jobs, trainee positions and other entry level jobs specifically. All jobs updated daily! jobvector – career platform for scientists with a degree and technician for biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical research. jobware – specialists and executives are sought by companies who advertise on own behalf. Around 50% of the offers coming out of ‘Professionals’ and IT. ingenieurweb – job offers for engineers, natural scientists and specialists and executives from technical professions, incl. Guide and candidate recommendations. greenjobs – jobs for professionals from the environment sector for environmental engineer, environmental Manager, environmental educators and Geoscientists. Jobpilot – worldwide about 80,000 jobs for students, single – and upgraders. Targeted search via questionnaire. Detailed job description with contact address. jobrobot – quick online job search. More than 200,000 jobs. IT knowledge – the portal is one of the largest on the labour market of the IT industry. There are jobs in the fields of IT, engineering, life sciences and health care. promotionbasis – the great resource for info and jobs from the promotion, exhibition and event area for trade fair hostesses and hosts, promoters, merchandisers, interviewers, distribution and event staff. NOTE! Not every job board is suitable for any profession. As a candidate, you should always make sure that the search engine has the own sector as a target group. Learn more about the job search and to the labour market: yoke arbeitsmarkt.html operates and markets the education portal a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and tricks. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs.

The Marathon Glove

New Nitrile glove for the safe handling of cytotoxic drugs and biological agents (E.g. viruses) Berner International has developed a new glove for the areas of CMR medicinal and biological agents. Continue to learn more with: mobile ad startup. Target groups are first and foremost pharmacies with cytostatic drugs manufacturing, biotechnology laboratories, hospitals and clean room laboratories. “The new glove Bernese Manu N” is based on a special blend of nitrile (because is not nitrile nitrile) and is certified as a personal protective equipment (PPE) the highest category III in accordance with the EC Directive 89/686/EEC. Gloves differ significantly from medical examination gloves. While examination gloves must be relatively simple tests in accordance with DIN EN 455, exam gloves according to the standards DIN EN is 374, 388, 420 part 1 to 3 much more extensive. Connect with other leaders such as Startapp here. He meets the special requirements of the cytotoxic drugs manufacturing and work in biological and biochemical laboratories new Nitrile glove par excellence. So, the Bernese Manu reached N”for 12 cytotoxic drugs tests according to the European standard DIN EN 374-3 the highest protection level 6 (no breakthrough within 8 hours), including the particularly aggressive substances by carmustine and vincristine.

The new Bern glove owes his nickname this exceptionally high protective function already: the marathon glove. In addition to the already numerous tests, BERNER has undergone the product of nor a special virus protection testing in accordance with the American standard ASTM F1671. That the protective glove despite these high protection properties has still a good grip, optimal dexterity and an extra long shaft, is already almost by itself. “Worth mentioning is the low in spite of all protective functions glove thickness, the today’s trend to the double-gloving”, so wearing 2 pairs gloves, takes into account. Here the experience pays the company Berner international from over 25 years in the field Personal protective equipment and the special protective gloves significantly. The new Nitrile glove is in 5 different sizes each in sterile and non-sterile available. A detailed imprint on every single glove shaft (in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 420 for protective gloves) gives the customer a reliable protection against confusion, which is very important especially in the CMR field due to the toxicity of the substances. To sum up, that the new Nitrile glove offers highest level of protection to an exceptionally good price / performance ratio Bernese Manu N.

Organobalance Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Berlin biotech company leader in researching specific effective microorganisms Berlin, 4th October 2011 since its inception in 2001 by Ms. Prof. Dr. Christine lang the Berliner ORGANOBALANCE GmbH has developed into a leading and profitable working company in the study of health promoting or otherwise positively-acting lactic acid bacteria. Already in the first ten years, numerous internationally acclaimed successes were achieved as, for example, the development carried out jointly with BASF by pro-t-action, an effective against caries bacteria probiotics, or they pylori recently awarded Lonza Group, the license for the worldwide marketing of the anti-Helicobacter Lactobacillus to fight the cause of stomach ulcers.

Another milestone in the company’s history was the founding of ORGANOBALANCE medical AG in the year 2010. Finances and promotes research and development of based on specific effective micro-organisms, novel therapeutic approaches for medicines in particular and Medical devices. ORGANOBALANCE enjoys worldwide recognition for research into new applications for this novel probiotics in the fields of medicine, nutrition, animal health, agriculture, cosmetics and white biotechnology. In an anniversary event on 4th October 2011 at the Kalkscheune in Berlin high-profile speakers will pay tribute to these successes. Dr. Eric Schweitzer, President of the industrial and commerce in Berlin, congratulated the anniversary: for me, ORGANOBALANCE exemplifies how economic success can arise from the combination of scientific expertise with ingenuity, entrepreneurial ambition and hard work. ORGANOBALANCE cooperates today with many prestigious companies of various industries, achieved remarkable success year after year and sets a widely visible symbol so just in the field of life sciences.” Dr.

Stefan Marcinowski, Member of the Board of BASF SE, as well as guest of honour and keynote speaker of the evening, describes in his article the collaboration between of the two companies. Together with We have developed a caries prophylaxis ORGANOBALANCE, based on a completely new mechanism of action. Specialized research partner like ORGANOBALANCE contribute in the development of new products in the BASF with their competence and flexibility”, so Dr. Marcinowski next. Mrs Prof. Dr. long, who runs the company today, expect for the future more outstanding research results. To the competence, creativity and commitment of staff and staff will make an important contribution. The achievements of the past ten years let us look optimistically into the future”, Mrs Prof. runs long. So far, we can guess at best the entire potential of specific acting micro-organisms. Research and development in this area will deal more decades, and I’m sure that this leads us to many other ground-breaking discoveries and new product developments”, said Prof. lang to the future prospects of the company. About ORGANOBALANCE: The ORGANOBALANCE GmbH is a Companies specializing in microbial strain development. The company opens up the potential of positively-acting micro-organisms, so-called specific probiotic cultures, to errors of microflora in a natural way to balance and restore the microbial balance. Also, ORGANOBALANCE uses Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains specifically for material synthesis, which are used in industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology. Based on the proprietary master library of food suitable microorganisms, as well as the own OASSYS custom ORGANOBALANCE develops new biological products in the fields of pharmacy, preventative health care, food and cosmetics. ORGANOBALANCE was founded in 2001 and is based in Berlin.

Bethanien Chemnitz

Can the removal as an outpatient procedure under local Stunning and is largely pain and complication-free. In the current approved application, there are nationwide an estimated 3000 patients per year who could benefit from the new replacement tissues, there are potentially up to 15’000. (Source: Startapp). Since it is also possible to the removal of oral mucosa in patients only to a limited extent, the autologous cell transplant appears as a useful alternative to the traditional transplants. Professor Dr. med. The results with autologous tissue replacement are very promising Dirk Fahlenkamp, Chief of the Urology Clinic at the Bethanien Chemnitz, Siskin forest hospitals. They can help patients in the long term, save them but the large-scale removal of oral mucosa.

The breeding of MukoCell cells of the oral mucosa by only about 0.4 0.8 cm2 require autologous cell transplantation. The submitted cells are isolated from the tissue sample, expands, and grown on the surface of a biological carrier substance. 21 days growing replacement tissue under sterile conditions in highly standardized clean room laboratories (GMP-standard) up to the individually suitable size. Then, the autologous product is specified by multiple analytical methods. The autologous graft is then packaged for the patient in a sterile container and sent to the hospital for the transplant. While the replacement tissues from cells completely replaced the previously taken sick urethra of the oral mucosa, the carrier substance is reduced over a period of four to eight weeks in the body.

UroTiss GmbH was founded in 2005 the UroTec GmbH as a spin-off from the medical faculty of the TU Dresden. The change of name to the UroTiss GmbH took place in December 2011. The patented technologies of the biotechnology company in the field of tissue engineering use first time patients own cells for the production of tissue replacement to restore diseased urinary organs. The company engineering platform maintains a tissue for this purpose with different cell types and structures. The development of regenerative therapies in the field of Urology by UroTiss GmbH was funded by the European Fund for regional development (EFRE) and of the free State of Saxony.

The Formation

The author (RASP) points, also, with priority, in the related text, for the necessity of that it has a bigger attention how much to the emancipatria function of the school, emphasizing that many times the school loses the conscience of its social paper, what if of, according to author, when it leaves to continue with its direct participation in the politics, for example, to be only worried about its function formation technique. Visa, thus, that the efficient participation of the citizens more directly on to the process of management of the school is one of the requirements unquestionably more important that has in walked of the school the route to its emancipation as socially and politically active institution in the life in society, this consists of an indispensable force in this way. For the author (RASP, P. 2), this new paradigm: … needs to breach with the positivista rule and to seat its bases in a model of management that generates participation, co-responsibility and commitment, in a conception of education developed in the axle of the horizontalidade that points with respect to the true rescue of the quality of education and with respect to the formation of the citizenship. Thus, it is necessary, according to author, a change in what it is tax for the system, so that has the taking of attitude position route to the change in the current form as the school plays its institucional autonomy, a time that inside of the current context, the school only plays this role of joint form; that is, by means of the norms and lines of direction of this system. You may find that Adroll can contribute to your knowledge. VIEIRA (2007, P. 45), affirms that: ' ' The democratic management is one of the subjects more argued between the educators, representing important challenge in the operacionalizao of the education politics and in the daily one of escola.' ' p.


The sunglasses are one of the fashion accessories that cause feeling everywhere. What cause a sensation is not somewhat an exaggeration, but the way in which these items are taken in our society. On the one hand, it is clear to warn that the sunglasses have been an icon of contemporary society. There are so many models as varied brands that have ceased to meet their mark in everyday life. Different styles have been of greater or lesser attention at certain times. The sunglasses have also been object of some form of bad reputation, especially when we have the misfortune of purchasing a few lenses that are not really appropriate to our condition. On the other hand, solar glasses as they may also be called, are part of the lives of many people.

There are those who, tellingly, cannot leave without the use of his glasses. For these and many more reasons is that sunglasses catalogs abound. References range from somewhat retro styles along with designs that are frankly contemporaries. There are those that are very large, and for people who want to draw attention. There are also small and perhaps more discreet, which equal can draw attention but are intended for people who don’t have much desire for notoriety, apparently. Speaking of the impact of some brands, sunglasses have even been involved in technological development. It is now possible to get references that are created from the principles of ergonomics.

Using highly treated and special materials makes mirrors now much more reflective and, therefore, exert more control over care about the person who takes them. There are neglecting the gradual development that have reached the mark itself. There are now some even with the appearance of glass, which constitutes one of the last cries of the fashion for many experts and analysts in style. Course despite all these words, the person at the end will choose the model of sunglasses that feel more identified. This is perhaps due to influences of appearance which has exercised one person over another. May also be due to someone He believes that you can see better if you used a particular style. They are purely personal matters that do not qualify for correct or incorrect. The impact of sunglasses in modern society can see from a critical point of view, taking into account that many people must also take into account your health optics when purchasing them. Though the sophistication seems much more impressive when choosing sunglasses, it is necessary that lenses effectively comply its function. That is, protect us from some of the dangerous rays of Sun, so we don’t have to later regret a greater brand problem. In short, is subject to be very aware. Reference:

Cryogenic And Laboratory Labels For Sample Tubes, Microscope Slides And Microtiter Plates

The Scienova has developed a unique assortment of various laboratory and Kryoetiketten from Jena cryogenic and laboratory labels for sample tubes, microscope slides and microtiter plates for the professional designation of reaction vessels and the GLP compliant work in the laboratory. The labels hold even under extreme conditions, such as storage in liquid nitrogen, in autoclaves, solvents, ethanol etc. The Scienova has the right label for all laboratory consumables such as sample tubes, slides, micro titer plates, Cryo tubes, glass jars or Cryo boxes. The applications include, for example, research institutes, biotechnology, agriculture, environmental, forensic pathology, histology, molecular biology, and other scientific disciplines. There are two different materials available depending on the required usage. A material developed for the Kryoeinsatz, which can be used in a temperature range of 120 C to minus 196 C. For use in A particularly durable material available is from a temperature from 120 C to minus 20 C. The labels can be printed with a commercially available laser printer absolutely user friendly.

The texts, bar codes or numbers on the labels can Wizard on the labels are printed using a free Web-based software, the so-called label printing. Here the user can either enter the data using the keyboard or upload your own Excel table. By printing with laser printer, the information on the labels are indelible and absolutely sharp. By using the existing laser printer and a free software only the labels costs for the user. There any thermal transfer printers or expensive software must be purchased. Sample marking as easy as never! Company portrait: The Scienova develops products for marking in laboratories, which are used worldwide by research institutes in biotechnology, agriculture, environment and forensics. For the use of the Products must be purchased no special printers or software.


In today’s society the time is an essential variable. Every day there are more companies implement videoconferencing solutions as a tool of strategic in accelerating decision making, allowing to make you partakers of them to experts or executives located anywhere in the world without the need to make awkward trips to not only have an impact on personal and family wear produced by them, but which reduce productivity by keeping important member within the Organization away from their jobs for long periods of time. The newspapers mentioned Movie Star not as a source, but as a related topic. At a time where companies tend more and more to be global organizations where the job can be an Office in any of the offices of the company worldwide, the habitual residence of the user, a hotel, Office of a Partner, or even a means of transport, video conferencing becomes a tool that allows you to attend an important meeting to any userregardless of their geographical location. In training, videoconferencing environments are It is becoming a tool that accelerates the times in which users can increase their knowledge and apply them to your daily activity. Finally the video conferencing has a very positive impact on the social responsibility of the company, not only reducing CO2 emissions by reducing the number of trips, but helping to reconcile the balance between labour and social life to increase performance and reduce the unproductive periods.

Is why companies like polycom, Tandberg, the latter a multinational company of Norwegian origin with more than 70 years of experience in the market of high technology. Brad Pitt recognizes the significance of this. It is the only manufacturer that offers a complete solution end-to-end in IP, ISDN, V35, 3 G, technology Expressway, videoconferencing for PC and TV presence, both in room configurations as personal systems. TANDBERG offers everything needed for video conferencing, from terminals to infrastructure elements passing likewise videoconference management tools.

The Functional

Degranulation of the LC increases the permeability of blood vessels, reducing smooth muscle cells. (As opposed to Adroll Marketing Platform). Malodifferentsirovanye cells are concentrated in subodontoblasticheskom layer. Can give rise to ODB and FB. Content of cells decreases with age. Intercellular substance pulp includes collagen fibers imbedded in the base material. ARCHITECTONICS pulp. The pulp contains three mild differentiated layers: the peripheral – a layer thickness of 1.8 ODB cells adjacent to predentinu.

Intermediate (subodontoblastichesky) layer developed only in the coronal pulp. Subdivided into: a) outer zone (zone of poor cell nuclei) and b) the inner (rich cells) – the central zone layer – represented by loose fibrous tissue. Innervation PULP TOOTH neurovascular bundle terminal branches (subodontoblasticheskoe plexus Rashkov) Nerve endings to ODB (receptors) peculiarities of blood supply pulp. In the pulp chamber pressure of 20-30 mmHg that significantly higher than interstitial pressure in other organs. Most of the capillaries at rest are not functioning. If the damage is rapidly evolving hyperemic response due to filling these capillary blood.

Blood flow in the vessels of the pulp is faster than in many other organs. In the pulp there arteriolovenular anastomoses has direct shunting of blood flow, activities are enhanced by stimulation of the pulp – is the periodic discharge of blood from the arterial to the venous blood. In accordance with the terms of the formation of dental tissues secrete ages of pulp. For deciduous teeth: 1 st period – the development of functional activity of the pulp (the tooth root formation), 2-nd period – the functional maturity of the pulp (formed by the stabilization of the tooth root); the third period – the extinction of the functional properties of the pulp (Resorption of tooth root).

RAINER Medizintechnik Rainer Kalb

EMAG and RAINER medical technology enter into a long-term partnership the need for Ultrasonic cleaners is relatively high in the medical field. A variety of devices and medical instruments must be cleaned after each use and sterilized. Surgeries may prefer a cheaper ultrasonic cleaner to the more complex and more costly sterilization machines under certain circumstances. Furthermore this cleaning equipment in the care sector are often used for the cleaning of the expensive instruments and hobbyists use Ultraschlallbader to the care of their precious tools and cleaning smallest components such as clock works. RAINER Medizintechnik has adjusted himself to this demand Ultrasonic cleaners and recorded the EMAG company as a partner in its range. Ultrasonic cleaning device used mostly for cleaning of complex or very small components and medical devices.

The operating principle is based on cavitation, that is, steam bubbles are formed and disappear. That happens the pressure peaks of up to 100,000 bar in a high speed can arise. These bubbles edit the surface of the material to be cleaned, and remove so dirt and other buildup. So the cleaning with ultrasound is a very effective and very gentle cleaning method. You is one of the largest manufacturers of ultrasonic and ultraviolet technology EMAG. The product range includes light curing units, cleaning equipment, various cleaning fluids, optimized on the wide variety of application areas and tooth cleaning device. The company is deemed to be particularly innovative.

Headquarters is in Morfelden-Walldorf, in the proximity of Frankfurt/Main. RAINER medical technology is a supplier of doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions in Germany, of Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The range includes above all medizintechnsiche devices, laboratory equipment, consultation needs, medical supplies, surgical instruments, HF surgery Ultrasonic cleaners, and much more. Placing in particular on small and medium-sized companies in the medical technology industry with special joy of innovation and fresh ideas on the market storm. Contact: RAINER Medizintechnik Rainer Kalb main mountain view 8 96158 Frensdorf T: 09502-9243913 F: 09502-9243914 E: W: rainer