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vf, Ph.D. Examination of technical documentation in the article discussed the organization of work for the examination of technical documentation in accordance with a license to conduct rtn examination of design, engineering and technological documentation, as well as documents justifying nuclear and radiation safety in accordance with the requirements of the RD-03-13-99. Key provisions of Expertise documents are based on the application of quality management system process-system approach, involving the management of the organization and related resources as a set of interrelated processes. And although the specified examination used in the manufacture of equipment for nuclear power, its provisions can be applied in other industries. When writing this article includes the following regulations: Federal Laws of the Russian Federation: 170-FZ dated 21.11.1995 "On the Use of Atomic Energy 3-FZ of 09.01.1996 On radiation safety of the public 7-FZ of 10.01.2002" On Environmental Protection gost R iso 9000-2001 Quality Management System .

Main and vocabulary iso 9001-2001 Quality Management System. Requirements pb 03-246-98 Rules of industrial safety examination RD-03-13-99 Regulations on the examination of documents, Justify nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear installations, radiation sources, storage and (or) as a statement of all such documents are available in the open press, and the article did not contain information of state or commercial secrets. To better understand the provisions of article we recall the following terms and definitions: Industrial Safety (hereinafter – the examination) – Conformity Assessment object examination of its requirements of industrial safety, which results in the conclusion.

Technical Group

Such requirements are being phased in this country. "Tempered glass is more durable, and the destruction it crumbles into a fine crumb, – says Paul Winds, Technical Group propleks, Russia's largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – A triplex, consisting of two layers of glass and polymer matrix, not crumbling to pieces, but only a crack. Fracture of the glass threat to life both indoors and outdoors much less. " For the climatic conditions of the capital are recommended to set a single-chamber glass thickness 24-26 mm, where the external glass laminated 6 – mm, and the inner glass – 4-millimeter energy saving Planibel TopN. Such windows are not only safe, but much better to retain heat.

However, on the upper floors of skyscrapers in a strong wind and excessive insolation often justified the use of two-and even threechamber glass. Thanks much weight, they do well with wind loads, and Low-E glass reduces heat loss through windows. Filling skyscraper Figuratively speaking, the modern residential high-rise building is different from the serial panel flats about as well as modern jet Boeing from the Wright brothers' biplane. The fact that this building is equipped with a complex engineering system, which cost can be up to 10-15% of the total cost of construction. Of engineering systems, there are over thirty: for the microclimate (air conditioning, heating and ventilation), water supply and sanitation, electricity, garbage and smoke, automation and dispatch, security, emergency, fire, etc.

To control for these high-tech economy is now increasingly adopted the so-called "smart home". With a single control point can keep track of all the parameters and time to learn about the problems. In particular, such an intelligent system management systems used in building a skyscraper "Federation" that came under construction in the capital Complex "Moscow City". To ensure smooth operation of building engineering systems, including elevators, ventilation, fire alarms and pumps, typically provides back-up generators. In the case of off the central power the entire building 3-4 hours will be able to operate normally – will operate elevators, ventilation and water supply. Designed specifically for high-rise elevators have increased reliability. So, the company Liftstroy has developed a system of duplication, by which the elevator in case of failure automatically switches to the alternate controller. If a failure occurs during movement, located in the elevator people do not even feel it. Fire safety is usually raises many questions, because the evacuation of people from skyscrapers is not so simple. However, experts believe that modern high-rise buildings protect its occupants from fire is much better than typical apartment buildings. High-rise buildings equipped automation systems, fire safety, which not only put out, but also prevent the fire. For reasons of fire security in such buildings completely renounce the use of domestic gas, preferring a more secure electricity. A leading source for info: Source Financial. So whether or not to be afraid of tall buildings and upper floors? Nice view from the windows, prestige, clean air, Silence – this is only the most obvious benefits of living "at height". Even a cursory familiarity with modern technology reveals that most of the fears and doubts were unfounded. So the 25-floor modern high-rise much safer and far more comfortable than the 5 th floor of a typical high-rise buildings.

Nike Air Max Technology

He opened his briefcase and took out a bottle with a polyurethane film, put it on the table and said: 'I can offer you cushioning shoe, that will last forever! '. Believe it or not, but Nike's refused him. They said: 'No, it's not possible! ', And told him to go home to do science. Frank was gone. He was denied, and some rivals Nike. Therefore, after some time He returned, and Nike has bought his idea '- says Nelson Farris (Nike's director of corporate education). Thus began the history of the revolutionary system of depreciation. The first model with built-in air bag hit stores in 1979 and was called the Nike Tailwind.

The main components of production technology nike pillows were: polyurethane, inflated with gas and then sealed in such a way that regardless of the strength of the jump with him, nothing happened. Since then, the technology Nike constantly developed, to make diversity and innovate in the production of her shoes. For even more analysis, hear from Michelle Smith Source Financial. In 1986, the idea arose to make a cushion of air Nike visible. By the time the sole air cushion Nike has become a mystery – people do not could understand the technology, because they do not see it. The idea was to cut the sole of the sides and move it to the edges of sole. So in 1987, there were sneakers Nike Air Max 1987 with a visible air chamber Visible Air, an area which was increased by 50%. For strength pillow was made a little thicker.

DVDs Products

To form a prosperous business on the internet, it is essential to sell something, because that is what. Visit Economist for more clarity on the issue. To be successful selling something, it is essential to choose the niche (the market area in which you’re going to specialize) very well in where you are going to set up your business. There are plenty of niches in the internet, as many as interests, products or hobbies. Further details can be found at Source Financial, an internet resource. You can sell from needles, through electronic products, toys, beauty products, food, to big and bulky, such as yachts, houses and aircraft objects. You can also sell non-tangible products, which the purchaser downloads directly from your computer. This market area grows each year, and is of special interest since that the elaboration of the product is usually much less expensive (even free if makes it self) and shipping costs are non-existent! Examples of these products are digital books, CDs, DVDs, interviews, Audios and short courses, among others. Niche is a specialized market that contains a group of people with an interest or a feature in common. With this definition in mind, we must begin the task of locating the niche that interests us.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of what we want from us. It’s much easier to start from a platform where you already have some knowledge! The first thing that must be done to choose a niche is to make a list of all the topics that interest you, including your fans and interests. You can ask your friends and family what are their interests and also includes those on your list of possible market areas. Now pick up your list, and reading it, bearing in mind the potential profitability of each niche or market area. Removed from the list all the topics that you think will not be profitable. Get this step on, until only a handful of possible niches in your list.

High Tech Glasses For Security

Lieberman says the glasses will be available in the United States in June at a price ranging between 500 and 1000 dollars. V Entertainment presented a simple sunglasses equipped with the technology in the 2004 International CES in Las Vegas in early this month. To read more click here: Peter Thiel. The system uses color-coded green, yellow and red to indicate “true”, “may” or answer “false.” CES In his desk, V Entertainment analyzed the voices of celebrities like Michael Jackson to determine whether they were lying. “We are in the process of deciding whether to offer a single type of glasses – which go out of style or develop a kit that connects to almost any pair of glasses,” said Lieberman. But for security professionals, more important than fashion is how Lieberman’s technological breakthrough can change the security checks.

V’s Gatekeeper Security of the GK-1, uses LVA technology to provide an easy to use to analyze people through security checkpoints in less than 30 seconds. Go to Michelle Smith Source Financial for more information. Gatekeeper (the doorman) uses the responses to five questions “yes” or “no” pre written to provide real-time analysis and a sign “green” to clear, or “Red” for the need for additional questions. In an airport or any other security installation, LVA provides accurate and impartial means of quantifying risk, avoiding both profiling and wasted resources involved in random analysis. “The truth has a certain parameter, and have a 98 percent accuracy in determining what,” said Richard Parton, CEO of V, to Newsweek. In contrast to previous analysis of voice – tone, which simply monitored voice frequencies, the software of “analysis of the voice in layers” of the company analyzes 129 aspects of sound.

Classic, Modern And Hitech Styles

Perhaps the architects and critics would react with indignation to the considered 'taxonomy'. At the same time, we offer only a description of the prevailing today in the market system of definitions that may be useful to traders, and consumers. As well as architects and designers – from the practical point of view. Peter Thiel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To reconcile this with the system adopted by the people of sophisticated definitions, let us call these groups' pseudo-styles. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is often quoted on this topic. " And recall: correct called 'classics' – 'traditional style'.

A 'high tech' and other styles, to traditional non, called the 'modernist'. The simplest system for lighting styles used by many providers, consists of only three points: 'classic', 'modern', 'high tech'. Leaving aside the danger of misunderstandings caused by an oversimplification, we will try to describe – what do they mean when mention each of these styles. 'Classic'. About her say 'Time-tested'. By the way, a landmark 'Art Nouveau' – now, academically defined as the style of late 19 th, early 20 th century – the same 'classic'. Like the 'classicism' 18-19-th century, which is also called 'Neo'. Such are the Paradoxes of definitions.

But we do not confuse! Done soundly, antique, traditional, and without 'new-fangled frills' – means a classic. From a design standpoint, we find in the classic style of symmetry, perfect proportions, traditional forms and materials. Functionally, the design can be considered redundant: the beauty above prostetskogo desire to use the object exactly as prescribed – and here the status of the owner should be emphasized, and his taste, and firmness belief that 'eternal classic.

Technology Installation Of Interior Doors

Requirements for installation technology: 1) the gap between the floor and the door of 15 mm, a gap in the loop 2 mm gap on the porch of 4mm gap between the door and the upper part of box 2 mm gap between the door and the lower part of the box 3mm, all clearances must be smooth along the entire length of the product. 2) the indentation of the box casing not less than 5 mm (or more if the tongue touches the lock casing, or a loop in the doorway of the "Maestro"), 3) otvetku thicker than 0.8 mm should be embedded (milled), 4) the door installed in an opening according to plummet, and 5) before zapilovkoy boxes of height to fathom the level of the floor and put the height in view of the curvature of sex, in order to box, PunBB forum and clypeus not hung in the air, 6) The plat shall maximum adjacent to the walls, the angle 45 on the plat as well as the corners of the cartons must be washed down and fit perfectly 7) the door is attached to the 4-D screw on each side, attached to the casing nails or studs on the agreement with customer with a mandatory minimum sizing in 4 points (each item) 8) PunBB forum is made to the wedge, taking into account the curvature of the walls, as PunBB forum and casing after cutting planed and fitted plane, 9) is gap not exceeding 30 mm or put timber (purchased by the customer), 10) Fittings must be milled perfectly, 11) tank foam designed for doors 3-3,5, 12) performed with a phased dismantling of the old sawing box manual saw and, if necessary fasteners are cut off the old block grinder, 13) master must periodically clean the workplace and make a big trash on the landing, 14) boxes must nasverlivat drill 6 and 8 mm podpotay, including nasverlivat when assembling boxes, respectively, drill 6 and 3 mm, 15) before installing the jamb and the boxes need to pick up their doors to match, 16) opening if it is possible to be closed casing width and height, 17), tie locks, hinges, response elements performed exclusively by specially equipped Frazer, If you used the services of our competitors, and your master can not or can not perform the work specified means adhering to the established technology or does not understand it – be sure whether his qualifications stated!. Adroll may help you with your research. . .

Technical Expertise Buildings

Today the real estate market is soaring. This is understandable, because the market economic sphere ensures the chance to earn enough large sums for the purchase of earning assets. And exactly the same as in the the early twentieth century, one from among the most promising and profitable assets provided to real estate, including the so-called tenement houses, to the same extent and at the moment it is home ownership is one of the list exclusively promising long-term ramifications of investments. However, the current construction of buildings is different than just a significant selection of the most diverse materials and technologies, and addition and a substantial range of competency skills of workers. Therefore, before you purchase a property house or building, we need quality construction expertise. And that's worth noting that the technical examination of the buildings should rely on qualified experts own classes. Only companies that have solid experience in such matters and all the necessary certificates of quality, able to provide you with a truly solid quality of the proposals of this type of service. So, you're going to buy a building for its application as a residential, business or industry.

In any case, would require a special technical inspection. Apart from the fact that the survey designs of buildings provides a complete understanding of the subject matter of infusion of money, it still enables the outset to get an idea of the possibility of improving the rooms, systems communication and the potential construction with such a facility. Consequently, this kind of survey provides a chance to fully explore the potential capacity of this facility. Consequently, in extent to which a more reliable structure in all its aspects, the more likely that it really is not just a successful and profitable use, and in addition successfully resold later to invest resources in a more lucrative plan. Because it was an investment in real estate is becoming one of the most important number on the size of money-capital investment, it must be extremely careful approach to the issue examination. An important point in the implementation of works on the examination of the buildings is a term survey of buildings. It would be desirable could not be more clearly draw attention to this matter, because the current stage is compelling in the whole complex of works on technical inspection of buildings. Only a careful and attentive attitude to the option of inspection of the structure will produce an investment really profitable for you personally. Contributions in real estate is rightly called one of the numbers of the highest quality. If other investments in the state a lot to change in value, the shelter is almost always in price, while the cost of this only increases with age. and if we make from the outset the right choice, your cash investment will bring considerable financial success, and specifically to you, and are able to be profitable subject for your children.

LED Technology And Entertainment

The lamps in the outdoor area to go a new direction. High-end LED lights these days, brighter and more progressive than most halogen bulbs. These come with no filament to burn out and not only energy efficient but also reliable and entirely up to 10,000 hours. Light without end, and reliable, with only a low energy consumption. Learn more at: Michelle Smith Divorce. In terms of different LED lighting burner draw already past. LED lighting dramatically by 65 feet to cast into darkness. However, slows after 25 seconds, the Myo XP automatically the power to prevent heat damage from the three-watt LED.

But even throttled it is still as strong as the Halogen. Not only at long distance, but even at close range, which has always been a wide range of scattering LED. Thus, the lights still shine clearly centralize, some manufacturers of light emitting diode from the factory. This Light concentration, however, can not adjust progressive. Unlike in the Myo XP. Here Petzl accesses an ingenious trick to deliver clear how close good light.

A lens converts concentrated hard spot light in bright flare. The largest LED advantage is only on the condition. This proves the impressive Silva, in the last set of batteries for a whopping 10 hours high beam. Dimmed it reaches even 60 hours, she is beaten on this point by the Petzl Myo XP. 230 hours for this LED lamp is more than enough light to go tent or building. For comparison, the frugal bulb delivers just for four hours of light, with the same number of batteries. Her physical condition. The handling of the lamp to be right. Very ergonomic, the large rotary switch indicates the third Myolite This model also spoiled with a comfortable seat Nothing expressed or jammed, usually you do not notice that you wear a lamp. The facilities offer different lamps only the bare minimum, an on-off switch and two light intensities. Other models offer not only more light levels even a flashing signal for emergencies as well as an excellent glare protection that prevents the LED light through the lamp housing on the nose and cheeks of the wearer falls and hides him so. Even more one looks forward, but a battery status display of lupine head lamp, which displays the remaining operating time and thus warns against sudden power failure.

Technical Fact

Products made of polyethylene have purchased a huge spread in our time. Only through proper technical factors, the material began to be used so extensively. Polyethylene is not affected by corrosion, resistant to Effects both high temperatures and small, has high density at fracture. Let us consider in more detail, what products are made from polyethylene. For even more details, read what Michelle Smith Source Financial says on the issue. Metal pipes are gradually moving out of use. First, They have a huge weight, the second to cause a lot of difficulties during use (the replacement pipe in whole or hotel components of the pipeline). Now widely used in the construction of plastic pipe, as she own technical characteristics far superior to metal pipe.

Polyethylene is resistant to the effects of various chemical compounds. Pipes made from this material are not only used for transportation water but other liquids or gases. Products made of polyethylene acquired widespread use in irrigation and drainage systems. For these purposes, the pipe with a corrugated surface. Another such pipes are used in road construction in order to reduce the inflow of groundwater to substandard sections of roads.

Since water can form voids under the road, the site of what may form blockages. Another material that widely used in the construction of a three-dimensional geogrids. These products have a cellular structure, the holes are filled with special materials. Quite often they are used for road construction in order to prevent erosion of soil, mostly on the slopes. Also, the bulk of the lattice is used for reinforcing earthworks, which provides great structural strength. Products made of polyethylene used in economic purposes, even for snow removal. For example, snow shovels, will be a perfect thing in any home. It's light, comfortable and most importantly, it does not stick to the snow. Is to provide hotel group plastic products for cars – namely, lockers, mats in the living area, and much more. And now dwell on any product detail. Lockers – it is fitting wheel arches. During the ride the small stones, wood chips that fall on the wheel will obbivat the paint on your car that after a time will damage the body. Because in the scratched place (chips, scratches) will hit the water, and this can lead to rusting of the surface. To avoid this majority of both foreign and domestic cars and installed in wheelhouse – lockers. Be sure to take care of the cleanliness of the car. Mainly in autumn and winter period is necessary to pay special attention. Because the cabin will be exposed to dirt, leaves, snow and other debris. In order not to contaminate the interior trim is best to use pads in the salon. So any time you can get a rug wash and put back into the salon. And the comfortable and convenient. The same applies to the mats for the trunk. On the car carrying anything, so in order not to spoil the trunk, it is better immediately after the acquisition of cars and to acquire such an item.