Painting work properly painted walls look is often much better than the laminated walls, to the same apartment where the wallpaper instead of a painted wall looks more modern. For painting of different surfaces used aqueous formulations of paints and synthetic. For the preparation of certain colors and combinations of colors used by selecting Colerne book. When painting walls requires special tools and materials for painting works: brushes, rollers, spatulas. Brush – the main tool of painting works. Rollers are used for painting details. Spatulas used for puttying surfaces.

The technology of painting works before painting the wall surface is cleaned and shpaklyuyut. Fillers, stacked on a metal pan, spatula strokes separate 2-5 mm thick is applied to the surface and well leveled. Putty should only prooliflennye surface. After drying putty sanded coarse-and fine-grained sandpaper. If you are working brushes, brush held perpendicular to the surface. The paint should be applied in one, a shade in the perpendicular direction.

Paint roller surface follows. Roller dipped in a bath of paint and squeeze it on net, set in a bath at a certain angle. Then begin to color, keeping the roller perpendicular to the surface. Each band, applied by roller, should overlap the previous 30-50 mm. On the consumption of paint by pressure on the roller increases. At the junction of different colors and Kolerov to give the walls a finished form, assign panels. To do this, the place of removal of the panels namelennym discourage cable line. To it puts the line of a facet of the painting and fine brush applied to a thin straight line. See also: other – articles and advice