PMI Entertainment

On the Course the modern entertainment involves ways and vehicles of communication and an ample gamma of directed services for sale them cultural products. It is used, still, one sophisticated infrastructure for the suppliment of the necessities generated for events or the proper points of sales. The offered course destines it the formation of professionals directed the management of the diverse segments of the entertainment. It is divided in six modules: Audiovisual, Editorial and Fonogrfico, Events, Tourism, Communications digital and Development of Projects, approaching the main sectors of the industry of the entertainment with an ample quarrel on concrete cases of success of companies or professionals of each sector. objective top To the ending of the course, the pupils will be apt to act in areas of companies directed to the entertainment, either in the activities of development of entertainment projects, as well as in the management of the production. white Public top Professionals whom they intend to develop and to manage projects directed to the entertainment sector. Not the superior academic formation is demanded (ingression by means of curricular analysis).

The course will approach best practical the relative ones to the management of projects of the market, on the basis of PMI (Project Management Institute), as well as also to the specific areas of performance of the professionals, offering at the same time, a brought up to date and convergent vision more of the diverse sectors of the entertainment. top Program 1. Lesson Inaugural 2. Introduction to the Management of Projects 3. Initiation and Planning of Management of Projects 4. Execution, Control and Finishing of Projects 5. Final project 6.

Sector Audiovisual 7. Financial mathematics 8. Beddings of Marketing 9. Sector Editorial and Fonogrfico 10. Negotiation and Administration of Conflicts 11. Sector of Fashion 12. Leadership and Work in Team 13. Cultural sector of Dramatical Arts and Centers 14. Strategy of Companies 15. Sector of Events 16. Techniques of Presentation 17. Infraestrutura 18. 19 Legal aspects. New Medias horria Load total: 240 hours/lesson top Coordination Prof. Julia Levy top Date of Beginning FGV BOTAFOGO: Date of beginning: 22 of October of 2011 Schedule: Saturdays, of 9h to 16h50min