Upon completion of all preparatory works (leveling walls, putty, wallpaper pasting, etc.) can begin to paint the walls. Surface quality requirements for color putty walls (without wall for painting) is the same as staining the ceiling (even, smooth, no scratches, surface). It should be remembered that the matte latex paint requires less surface quality than the glossy. When painting walls putty (no wallpaper under painting) should be applied three coats of paint, and the first layer is the ground. As a primer you can use latex paint, which is expected to paint the walls of the main, though most preferably use recommended by the manufacturer of the paint primer. When painting the walls with wallpaper with only two coats of paint (primer is eliminated).

Step 2. Work gloves Gloves. Pour latex paint into a clean bucket (recommended to use a 16-liter plastic buckets firms 'Terraco' with a lid). Adding water, electric mixer with paddle drill "mixer" to bring to the consistency of 'milk'. Attention! If you run a thick paint that dries show more intense staining of bands the joints. White latex paint, for example POWERTEX can be tinted to the desired color using the color scheme, such as Kohler 'Mixol'.

If you are working with Kohler (liquid or powder) should be pre-diluted with water-based paint in a shallow dish, such as a glass ( 100 ml). Gradually add the mixture to the main paint (mixing with a mixer) to achieve the desired intensity. Approximate consumption latex paint for walls (the room with the ceiling area of 16 m ) is equal to 6 or 7 liters. Wait until the foam settles. For painting the walls need to roll with fur fur platen (a roller to coat Nozzle 'PAINTER'S CHOICE' of a light green material for all dull colors. Polypropylene double base resistant to water, solvents and will not crack. For the average surface roughness. Width 22.5 cm, has the effect of 'orange peel', height 16-18 mm nap), brush brush. Soaking water-based paint roller to perform with the bath-bath paint, with paint in a bucket, pour in before the tub, mix with a mixer. Before you start painting the walls should be saturate coat latex paint roller, that is, roll it in a clean, flat surface, such as the back of the unnecessary wallpaper, laid out on the floor (rather 1-1.5 m ). When painting walls putty (no wallpaper under paint) to control the uniformity of staining of the surface (the thickness and texture, blending colors) need more light. In this case, use a cartridge with electric light bulbs with Chuck (Energy-saving lamp of white light at 15 watts, it is recommended to use the shade). Unlike incandescent lamps, more secure and virtually no heat the cartridge. Further highlighting the work surface when painting walls with wallpaper backlight bulbs do not need.