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According to Lakatos and Marconi (1995: 106), the methods can be subdivided in methods of boarding and methods of procedures. In this study, two boardings are used to define and to classify the methods, thus we have the procedure and boarding methods. 2.1.1. Method of boarding During the research work, the author follows the method: Hypothetical method – deductive? initially it was considered by Popper, it is supported in the problem solution and in the formularization of hypotheses, allowing to deduce things from the tested hypotheses, it wants to say, if it initiates for the perception of a gap in the knowledge concerning which it formulates hypotheses and, for the deductive process, it tests the occurrence of fenmenos enclosed for the hypothesis. Supporting in this method, it was possible that from the raised hypotheses, with the field work allowed to collate the reality with the gotten data thus allowing to give a conclusion that the impact of the prescription of garbage tax is not satisfactory. 2.1.2. Method of Procedure Of some methods of considered procedures, in the present work, the author only used the following procedures: ) Monographic: that according to Lakatos and Marconi (1996: 151) is, ' ' …

a specific or particular study on subject of enough representative value and that it obeys the rigorous methodology. It not only investigates definitive subject in depth, but in all its angles and aspects, depending on the ends the one that if destina' '. For ours in case that, the subject of the garbage prescription and its impact in the garbage retraction are a subject of enough value because afecta the all municipal one of urbe of the city of Nampula. b) Comparative degree: It consists of investigating things or facts and explaining them according to its similarities and its differences. Thus, through this procedure, it was efectuou comparison of the prescription colectada for the EDM-ADN with the canalized one in the CMCN and was evidenced that they are not absolutely equal values, a time that does not have reconciliation of this prescription between both institutions.

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