Professional Futurists

experts use this methodology that allows to transform data into information that can be useful for managers to make their decisions. It is not any activity, requires constant training in technological language, and that is why they can sell your expertise on the subject. In turn, according to a study conducted by The Association of Professional Futurists, organism composed of 20, 000 professionals of various disciplines, in the market are being detected new requirements which will result in different for developing knowledge. Here is a list of some posts that could be in the sights of companies by 2015. -Chemistry to another level. Laboratories need personnel trained in sterilized material, adjust appliances, perform analysis, prepare the test tubes, organize and preserve biological specimens, understand quality standards in companies, between other tasks. Will require a graduate of this race, that makes a specialty in the topics described. -Genetic counselor medical.

General practitioners and patients will need to an expert who will advise them on the best trends of treatment to the pathology of the person according to their genome. These professionals must combine studies of medicine and biotechnology. -Nanomedico. It will be a physician with training in nanotechnology capable of developing and using devices that improve health. It is a more complex profile, you can combine studies of medicine, robotics engineering, biotechnology and Biomedicine.

-Agro-farmaceutico. Based on genetic modification, these professionals could work in activities such as vegetable crops and breeding of animals with therapeutic substances. -Technician in energy efficiency. You will be responsible for guidance on how to reduce energy consumption in businesses and homes. It will advise on the best location of the buildings and the most suitable material to use in function the temperature and the weather conditions in different regions. -Manager of communities. The companies will need who advise them on their participation in social networks; Select the most appropriate corporate profile forums and analyze the contributions of users. This professional needs to dominate, at least, English and various skills technology to move in these communities, with a corporate twist.