Pyrotechnic Compositions

Pyrotechnic compositions equip the following types of funds for military purposes: 1) Lighting equipment (bombs, artillery shells, aerial flares, etc.) used to illuminate the area at night conditions, 2) fotoosvetitelnye means (fotobomby, fotopatrony) used in aerial night: and for other purposes, and 3) tracer means making visible the trajectory of bullets and shells (and other mobile objects) and thereby facilitate sighting lo quickly moving targets, and 4) the means of infrared radiation, used for tracking the flight of missiles, and as decoys, 5) nighttime signaling (cartridges, etc.) used for signaling, 6) daytime signaling (cartridges, etc.) used for the same purpose, but in the daytime, and 7) incendiary (bombs, shells,. and many bullets etc.) serving to destroy military enemy targets, 8) masking tools (smoke bombs, shells, etc.) that are used for smoke screens, 9) for different purposes and missile range, using solid fuel pyrotechnic, 10) training and simulation tools that are used as the maneuvers and exercises and in combat situations. They mimic the action of atomic bombs, explosive shells and bombs, as well as various events on the battlefield: gun shots, fires, etc. and this may disorient the enemy's surveillance service; 11) tseleukazatelnye tools (shells, bombs, etc.) indicating the location of enemy targets; 12) pyrotechnic gas generators are used for different goals. Pyrotechnic compositions are also used in various areas of the economy.

By the pyrotechnic compositions of military include the following: 1) Lighting 2) fotoosvetitelnye (fotosmesi), 3) Tracer 4) infrared radiation, and 5) incendiary; 6) night signal lights, 7) Color of smoke signal, 8) masking smoke 9) solid pyrotechnic fuel, 10) bezpazovye (for moderators); 11) gas-generating, 12) igniter contained in a small number stve all pyrotechnic devices; 13) Other: simulation, whistling, etc. Many compounds used in a variety of means, so For example, lighting is often used in formulations for fireworks pyrotechnics, smoke masking compounds can also be used in training and simulation tools, etc. Pyrotechnic compositions can also be classified the nature of the processes occurring three of their combustion. Flaming compositions 1. Beloplamennye. 2.

Tsvetnollamennye. 3. The compositions of the infrared radiation. Heat the 1. Thermite-incendiary. 2. Gasless (malogazovye). Smoke compounds 1. White and black smoke. 2. Colored smoke. Substances and mixtures, burning through an oxygen. Metals and metal alloys. 2. Phosphorus, its solutions and alloys. 3. Mixture of mineral oil. 4. Various substances and mixtures, illuminated in contact with water or air.