Some Aspects Of Sites

Availability and popularity of the Internet have created a huge and still unresolved problem of protecting the sites. Many sites are a concentrated expression of human thought – the result of intellectual activity – in different areas. In other words, intellectual property rights. Primarily, this area of programming, design, marketing, logic, and innovation in their respective fields activities. Almost all this value is very weakly protected, including the fault of the authors and owners of sites. Violations of the site carried out by various methods. Basically, the following: Hacker attacks, viruses, and malware, hacking techniques sayta.Spetsialnye Internet marketinga.Krazha software, text and graphic content.

To protect against hackers, viruses, hacking site has special programs and receptions IT-technologies. These issues are devoted entire books and they are engaged in professional institutions. The special techniques of internet marketing techniques are leading to a lowering of the rating the site and its popularity. This is so called black PR – spreading false information and advertising, fake ads, creating clones of the site, the black reference. Combating this is a very difficult and involves special tactics and strategy.

Common sense struggle is to improve the ranking and popularity of the site. The winner is the one with more financial means, ie money and patience. To resist the theft of content can be programmatically and legally with the rules copyright. Protection against theft website content software is mainly to prevent the possibility of isolating and copying the content site. However, experienced users and programmers to circumvent these obstacles is not easy.