GSM Manufacturers

Many motorists choose car alarm with bond (with pager) are trying to find and choose a car alarm as much as possible with a greater range of action, one car alarm on the box says 1000 km, while the other even 1500 km, all these distances are measured somewhere far away in the field of radio interference and power lines, in reality, the range of all modern car alarms in urban areas about 300-400 meters for example from 25 floor to the entrance, it is restricted to the small size remote control transmitter and batteries valid keychain. But do not worry, for lovers of long-range communications, many companies began to manufacture GSM Manufacturers alarm systems. When you install GSM car alarm system, you will be able to fully manage and control the car alarm from his mobile phone and receive messages cmc of the causes and areas of operation car alarm on your mobile phone within range of its GSM network operator ie you always bidets in touch with your car where ever you are in the country, in another city or even in another country. Sending and receiving messages control car alarm occurs through the communication channel GSM. Management of alarm systems on-line by using commands entered from the telephone with direct dialing or sending SMS messages. Execution or not executing any commands you send a voice message is confirmed or SMS response, respectively.

Monitor the status of car alarms and receive alerts triggered car alarms in the invasion of car. Signal transmission from the car alarm button on the phone programmed. Ability to listen to the car interior on or disarming the car off Operative preliminary or main level shock sensor Remote start and remote stop of the engine (for systems running the engine) Enabling antiogrableniya (Remote engine immobilization) Request current state of the car alarm notifications that are sent by alarm module: Dial the programmed number of notification and open the doors, hood, trunk, turn the ignition off brake or foot brake is pressed, the alarm level of the main shock sensor and additional sensors Russian-language voice message, Alert opening doors, hood, trunk, turn on ignition is switched off or the brake foot brake is pressed, the alarm level of the main shock sensor and additional sensors by SMS c Russian-language text, alert to disconnect the battery or reducing the battery voltage below a certain threshold SMS. Professional installation of car alarms, parking sensors, tinted with the transition.

How To Save Diesel: Myths And Realities

When the price of diesel increases, it is necessary to put into practice some strategies that allow to save fuel. In this article we give you some tips to economize and destroy some popular myths. The fact that the price of diesel has increased in recent months leads us to assume different strategies to save. However, ignorance about how it works engine and a series of myths in this regard, prevent us economize everything that we could. The operation of the motor diesel diesel engine operates at half of revolutions than a gasoline engine by which consumes much less. However, the logic of work is always the same: the number of revolutions is directly related to fuel consumption. This means that everytime you step on the accelerator, increase the number of revolutions and with them more diesel you consume. The key to save lies in stepping on the accelerator when really necessary and upload speed just to make the shift. In this sense, you must bear in mind that when diesel engine it surpasses 1,000 rpm, has time to change gear. Remember that if you keep the short gears for too long, the engine speed will increase and this will consume more fuel. Some myths that prevent the savings in the popular imagination still remain a number of common misconceptions about the operation of the diesel engine. For example, two of the most widespread myths make reference to which is necessary to warm up the engine before starting the car and that is better not turn during brief stops because this will damage and spent more fuel. The truth is that new cars diesel engines have technology that allows them to start immediately so it will not be necessary to wait for a few minutes with the engine running. On the other hand, these motors tend to be resistant and are not damaged when turned off and turned on in short periods of time. In addition, turning the engine off and on does not consume more fuel that let the engine turned on while you are doing a relatively short stop.