Operational Problem

Meanwhile, Today research and development and construction technologies make it possible to use substances that do not affect the basic properties of construction materials, environmentally friendly, can not only resist moisture, and also prevent all the negative processes of destruction of materials that remain stable for up to 25 years of microbiological background space, with subsequent prolongation during reprocessing. As a result, application of new construction technologies and materials, as well as the use of biotechnology developments in this area will solve the problem biorazrusheny, microbiological contamination. The result – improved health and reducing operating costs. One of the most important areas to stabilize and extend the operational characteristics of an object is its defense against the aggressive actions of environment (water, wind, UV exposure), resulting in degraded structures. At each stage of construction – the foundation of the unit, installation of walls and ceilings, the unit of the roof – you should take steps to significantly weaken or eliminate the causes of destruction of structures and reduce the operational life of structures.

The practice substitution urgent matters 'decorative'. Linkedin will not settle for partial explanations. Today, buildings and structures old housing stock are in poor technical condition: they are destroying microbial contamination – fungi and mold. Facelift try to hide all the problems that exist in the old fund. But in fact really only drive the problem into an impasse. Owners of expensive shops and restaurants are not even aware that the microbiological background and colonization of fungi and mold adjacent room greatly exceeds all the standards and their vigorous growth, spread through the air at risk the health of people at work and in these areas, and almost reduced to nothing costly repairs. Time goes by, the old housing stock of moral wear out. (A valuable related resource: Microsoft CMO). And, as dark spots, prominent in the bright sunlight, appear all the 'sins' of builders and designers: disparity space-planning and engineering design solutions that do not provide current level of living comfort as compared to new construction. The problem is to upgrade living quarters.

Construction Of Frame Houses

The technology frame construction in contrast to the log house in which the load-bearing elements are the walls. In frame buildings, performs this function of the entire island or laminated wood. Inside and outside the frame sheathed with sheet or molded material, and the inside is filled with insulation. There are several options for rack mounting: the starting point may be a floor on which the vertical elements are installed or post-and-beam system, which rests on the foundation. Most often used a framework consisting of upper and lower studs of the walls, pillars and beams, strut stiffness, as well as supporting elements – columns and intermediate beams, between which the door and window frames. On a foundation or base, on top of the waterproofing layer is placed and secured with steel anchors of the lower rail, made of carefully dried and antiseptized softwood timbers. Fixed-bearing and corner posts.

Cross section of the last to be not less than 5 sq. cm, the length is determined by the height of a floor, and width – thickness of insulation. On risers fit cantrail. After installing the frame sheathe, insulation and vapor barrier is mounted. The layers are placed in the following order: inner sheathing, vapor barrier, insulation, windproof layer and outer skin. Each element of the pie performs a specific function, so the lack of or poor quality, even laying one layer affects the quality of the whole structure. The inner lining of the walls serves as the basis for the finish.

It can run of boards every section and profile, drywall, DSP, magnesium and other sheet materials, approved by the sanitary standards for residential premises. In the “wet zone” (bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens) for the inner cladding moisture-resistant materials are used. Vapor barrier protects the thermal insulator from the effects of water vapor coming from the premises. This option is very important, because insulation when wet, its thermal insulation properties greatly reduced. As a vapor barrier uses a special membrane film that is installed between the insulation and inner lining of premises. For the insulation layer is windproof, protects wall of blowing, and siding. First frame is sheathed with weatherproof materials (DSP, GreenBoard), then they stuffed the membrane film and kontrbrus, and then attached the external cladding (siding, imitation timber). The outer coating has several functions, in addition to the aesthetic, providing rigidity and protection of the building structural elements of weather. The air gap provides ventilation throughout the structure, protects wood from moisture and heat insulation. Even a brief account of the principles of construction of a frame house reveals a number of advantages of such houses. First of all, the most economical construction: Wood spent less than for the construction of the log or square log houses. Light weight and stability of a frame house allows you to use lighter foundation. frame houses. Another plus of these structures – open plan interiors. The modern frame house – high-tech product. He comes to the consumer in the form of the box, which includes elements of the walls and floors, roof construction, windows, doors, insulation, fixing materials, membrane film, etc. To build a frame house takes 2-3 months, then you are ready for interior decoration.

Excellent Product

To the aid of a variety of special materials with multi-component structure and properties of the narrowly specific application, the production is carried out specialized enterprises. With the advent of product Remmers SD 1 begins a new era of opportunities for application, resistance to stress and technological characteristics. SD 1 product is applied as a standard mineral The sealing system, ie can be applied as a slurry and coating on the walls and floors of buildings. In this case, depending on the load, you can create layers of different thickness, it is also possible to apply multi-layered. After a short time after the seizure, reliable protection is achieved and the absolute sealing of the building element. Blast furnaces Sewer Collectors Mining Agriculture chimneys Biogas Plants Sewage Treatment Plants Waterproofing slurry Remmers SD 1 1-component product is mixed only with water, the highest level of adhesion to the substrate, including the glazed surfaces, exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents, in accordance with DIN EN 12 808, an extremely high resistance to mechanical stress, resistance to stress, created during the cleaning process under high pressure, up to 120 bar at 150 C heat resistance up to + 500 C completely inorganic product does not require mandatory labeling, can withstand water pressure to 5 bar. The highest level of adhesion to smooth relying solely on chemical stability in comparison with other products Excellent mechanical stability of the resistance to heat up to +500 C 1.

Priming product Remmers Kiesol elements that prevent the adhesion must be removed, for example, by sandblasting or by using the Rotec sanding machine. Remmers Kiesol primer in a 1:1 ratio with water is applied evenly to the surface. 2. Mixing Remmers SD 1 Product Remmers SD 1 is poured into 600-650 ml of pure water and stirred with a stirrer for 60 seconds. The product “mature” for about 4 minutes, after which again stirred for about 60 seconds.

3. Shpatlevanie “on cider Remmers SD 1 for packing (sealing), then the ground surface, while the reaction product Remmers Kiesol, top Shpatlevanie “in cider” is applied Remmers SD 1. 4. 1st slime layer Remmers SD 1 As Shpatlevanie alternative “to the cider” (see step 3), the first layer of sludge Remmers SD can be applied to a wide brush (in the reaction Remmers Kiesol). 5. 2nd layer of sludge Remmers SD Apply a second layer of sludge can be carried out over the first layer of slurry (see Step 4) by “fresh on fresh).

Corrosion Protection

In human life is surrounded by a variety of objects made of different materials. Many materials can corrode when exposed to corrosive environments, moisture and heat. Destruction materials due to corrosion of the international community does enormous economic damage, so the corrosion control – one of the most important tasks that must be solved to man. Corrosion protection helps to avoid destruction of materials of different materials and designs. Corrosion protection is any corrosion control coating material over a long period of time. At the present time for corrosion-resistant coating is often used a variety of coating materials (paints). The simplest option – Enamel PF-115, applied to the primed surface.

Priming can be used GF-021 primer. It should be bear in mind that should be used high quality materials, quality of which meets state standards. Only in this case, you can get long-lasting corrosion protection. Coating obtained from using paints made from low-quality low-cost raw materials can not be a good protection against corrosion. The choice of coatings for corrosion-resistant coating make, given the conditions operation and application, the timing requirements of the protective effect of (small – up to 5 years, average – 15 years long – more than 15 years). At the same time period referred to must meet the design life of the protected product. The durability of the coating depends on many factors, but one of the basic – preparing the surface for coating products. To obtain coverage with a long service life is required blasting and application of high-performance epoxy-polyurethane paint compositions, such as universal anticorrosive composition "Gremirust" in conjunction with ground-enamel AU-1-201 or with polyurethane enamel UR-1524M, as well as enamel EP-1267. These compositions are not inferior to the characteristics of imports, and in the global financial crisis were clearly preferred. Today, the production and use of anti-corrosive materials – promising activity. Developed and applied in the production of cleaner and more technologically advanced anti-corrosive coatings

The Carrier

The use of light frame structures allows for the same site area to get more living space, which affects the economic feasibility of the system; moisture condensed inside the system exterior insulation, evaporates quickly, without causing waterlogging design; Possibility store heat in the building envelope (0 C isotherm is located inside the insulating material); no thermal strains in load-bearing wall. All outdoor temperature swings seen insulation obstacle to the destruction of concrete and corrosion of steel reinforcement in the performance of load-bearing walls made of concrete. For concrete virtually no access to CO2, water and other corrosive substances and gases lack of "efflorescence" on facades; in panel construction solves the problem of protecting interpanel seams greatly increases the sound insulation of external walls; possibility to use both new construction and renovations on buildings. Like every technology or design, the system of "wet" facade has some limitations. First of all – the seasonality of works, because This technology requires a wet processes, which can be only in warm weather (up to +5 C). Facade insulation systems of "wet" type design are classified into two types: – Systems with rigid fixation of a heater on the wall ("sealed" type) – a system with flexible (mobile) fasteners insulation. As a heater in the "wet fronts" are used penopolitisrolnye plate mark 25, corresponding terbovaniyam fire safety set out in the NPB 244-97: have a group of combustibility – T1 according to GOST 30244-94 (flammable material on SNIP 21-01-97), a group of flammability in accordance with GOST 30402-96 B2 (flammable material is moderately to snip 2101-97). Calculation parozaschity walls shall be in accordance with the requirements of SNIP II-3-79 *. Values average ambient air temperatures, by SNiP 23-01-99 "Building climatology." The use of polystyrene foam on the facade of the building as recommended in the case when the cladding (the carrier or self-supporting) piece made of porous materials based on lightweight concrete.

Modern Stained Glass

Stained glass windows and gothic the unanimous opinion of experts the best in the world are the French Gothic stained glass. France remained superb examples of art making stained glass. Cathedrals and churches, let us today to see the unique technique of past masters. Notre Dame, the cathedral of Chartres, Bourges, and others hit its magnificent stained glass windows. Photo. 1 Stained Glass in Notre-Dame. However, the history of creation stained glass is not so clear.

Reaching its zenith during the Renaissance, stained gradually lost their importance in the construction of buildings. And only in the XIX century stained glass windows have regained popularity, gaining aesthetic value for architects and clients. Stained glass and modernity today because of its unmatched beauty and modern technology for manufacturing stained glass windows have become part of the arsenal of Architects. Today, stained glass are made of colorless and colored glass or plastic. Individual parts of stained glass paint today silicate paint, stained glass items are reinforced with aluminum tape. Drawing is pasted on a plastic or a glass base, which is covered by a sheet of transparent material. The whole design of stained glass is placed in a safe glass. Using this technology allows you to create stained glass windows, which not only natural, but artificial light look great.

Photo 2. Stained glass windows in the interior of a modern home. Stained glass windows are now actively used as interior walls and ceilings. Well stained-glass look as ornaments for windows, glass doors, solid planes of the walls. Original use in a variety of lighting systems: the ceiling, domes, vaults. Light passing through stained glass, turns its color and creates a special emotional atmosphere in the interior. Stained glass windows look great as a piece of furniture: doors, decorative facades, etc. Photo 3. Stained glass for the door. If you decide to order the windows for The process of making stained glass at home worked out and includes several steps. Step 1. Prepare sketches of several options, among which the customer chooses the one you like. Step 2. Ready-made color solution, which is approved by the customer. Step 3. Image is digitized on a computer in accordance with the size and production technology of the original. Step 4. Using a special machine on the glass contour, echoing approved drawing. Intervals pour colored polymer varnish. More information about the article you can read on our site: Stained Glass: the thought of antiquity and modern technology.

Bathroom Decorating

Before you purchase a plumber for the toilet, it is important to choose a model before the trip to the store. Otherwise you risk getting lost among the huge variety of porcelain and earthenware, vertical and horizontal systems plum, shapes, sizes and colors of the cup product. To begin, carefully read the existing supply in the market. Not all manufacturers of plumbing involved in the sale of toilets, can offer faience that meets international standards of quality and operational safety. We propose to draw your attention to such brands as Laufen (Switzerland), Cezares (Italy), Cersanit (Poland), Roca (Spain), Duravit, Keramag (Germany), Jacob Delafon (France ). Please note that not all of the above mentioned manufacturers belong to LUX. No, just a sound approach, innovative technology and highly qualified professionals able to provide an environmentally friendly product having a certificate of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, hygienic certificates and other certificates of compliance of countries that sell the product. All of this can guarantee a really high-quality and reliable product.

Depending the size of your bathroom, you can opt for the traditional floor model, or buy a toilet suspended type. This toilet will save space and decorate the bathroom. Someone may seem that this model is not stable, but it is absolutely not true! The grid is a toilet designed for weight over 400 kg. Therefore, the choice is obvious hung WC with insufficient space lavatory. For economy of space you can use the system of 'hidden barrel, where all the drainage systems are installed directly into the wall, which carries the flush button. For those who have the tank is part of the interior design ideas, manufacturers offer coupled WC, or a model where the tank can be a separate element of the design. In this case, the choice depends on your taste and design features.

Now it is necessary little to say about the system flush. In order to determine the model of the toilet, you need to take into account the location of the communication in your home. As a rule, older homes are using oblique flushing in new buildings meet horizontal well, and in private houses is more typical vertical. Based on these features, you can make the right choice. Flush directly into the toilet bowl may be a direct, inverse (or circular), the cascade and shower. The latter species differs from previous ones in that water enters the bowl at a certain angle and creates a funnel that allows you to more thoroughly wash the bowl. Cascade and reverse flush using European producers, considering these types of the most silent, reliable and efficient in the use of water. Choosing the toilet, prices may vary depending on manufacturer and material manufacturing. Most are available in price category bowls of Russian producers, the production of Polish stamps Cersanit, Czech sanitary ware Jica. All of these models meet basic quality standards and have a pleasant appearance. Swedish, French, Italian, model toilets are more expensive and have more features for ease of use. So the choice depends on your designer's imagination and budget.


What are "pitfalls"? Stretch ceilings can be divided into two groups of leaf material from which they are made. Distinguish suspended ceilings: – a polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane. (Slipso) – soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC), (all brands of stretch ceilings) There is no question that all the suspended ceilings have more or less the same advantages over standard ceiling finishes. It is easy to install, no dirt on whitewash and debris, durability (manufacturers give a guarantee of 10 years or more to the canvas), for the duration of ceilings retain their color and integrity, require no maintenance (a few years later tarnished surface simply wipe with a damp cloth to return the original form), vlagostoytokst (if you floods neighbors) will never appear mold, sound absorption and noise reduction; opportunity to create the necessary form and hide any engineering services and technical accuracy of your ceiling and much more. Why do Clipso? (Read more about the benefits) of seamless fabric stretched ceiling Clipso (Switzerland) Today it is the current offer on the market suspended ceilings. Advantages over the ceilings, PVC set, do not think that bad PVC ceiling, just technology is not standing still and is always evolving. Stretch Clipso ceiling mounted without heat gun, as they consist of a knitted polyester fabric weaving complex, covered with polyurethane, which in turn gives the material strength Clipso.

To be punctured or cut to exert a certain force, so that you can safely install a child and are not afraid of flying toys …. Room to 4.8 meters in width is delayed without seams. Special training room for mounting ceiling Clipso not required, a maximum if is better to push the cabinet in the center of the room. Ceiling mount can be at any stage of repair. Establish any number of lamps, chandeliers, ceiling cornices. I think the problems with them should not be at all or what, they do not support combustion, have an international certificate of fire safety M1, eco-friendly, have a hygienic certificate are not afraid of heat and cold 60 and -40, can be mounted in a cottage, balcony, etc., are not afraid of moisture can be mounted in the bath and basins. The choice is yours!

Kitchen Furniture

The choice of kitchen furniture made to order for every hostess – a special process. Since this purchase does not belong to the category of cheap, we all try to approach it with utmost responsibility. However, starting the search process best option, you may encounter an infinite number of nuances that can confuse even professionals. Let's look at the highlights of this choice. First, keep in mind that ready-made kitchen consists of a set of cabinets, shelves, table tops, cornice moldings. The number of combinations of options depends on your imagination, the size of the kitchen, as well as the proposed budget. However, please note that the value of total order often affects the size of the product. Typically, companies producing such furniture, mass-produced products with certain parameters.

Deviation from these parameters also affects the price of the finished product. Since non-standard countertop with a deviation of 5 cm, can be twice as expensive as its standard 'girlfriend'. The same applies to the drawers, shelves. Secondly, you need to know what cabinets and hinged boxes are made from the shell and the facade itself, which, usually focuses buyer. Housing products are made of particle board, but the facade can be made of: – wood – particle board – MDF. To date, each of the above-mentioned options have the right to life and choice depends mainly on the financial capacity buyer. DSP – the cheapest material, but modern technology allows for minimal release of hazardous substances (which was the main complaint about earlier on this type of material) and to improve the quality of its consumer (eg, due to border the edges with aluminum frames, which reduces the swelling of its high moisture content are often present in the kitchen).

Great Invention

More and more inventions of science are used in everyday life, successfully fitting into it. Was revolutionary, for example, the invention of the so-called artificial stone, which has a hardness of this stone. Now even countertops are made of artificial stone, and they differ in ease of maintenance and durability. And these countertop for the kitchen can be bought easily. Currently, most widely known countertops made of Corian starona and out. Used in the manufacture of countertops staron has high strength, which is important, because the kitchen countertops are usually very widely used, not every material can be so long serve.

Used in the production of kitchen countertops corian, everything else is highly flexible, which allows you to give him the original shape without compromising strength. Countertops corian – a new word in designer art that has become synonymous with style and innovation. Consumers are increasingly kitchen countertops made of artificial stone, made from high quality material that they are aesthetic, ecological and durable. Buying a kitchen countertop made of artificial stone, you will be able to forget for a long time changing the kitchen table, because of stone countertops will last a very long time. The same is justified making cast stone window sills, window sills are an excellent store heat, are waterproof and high strength. anzGI%20U.S.%20Emerging%20Growth%20Fund’>Charles Brandes has to say.

Sills are made of acrylic stone, Corian. Corian windowsills absolutely smooth, no cracks and pores, which prevents clogging of dust, you can simply wipe with a soft cloth, without using any special tools. Manufactured stone sills acrylic makes a real gem your home. Cast stone window sills can have any color you want just, manufacturing technology makes it possible to paint a stone in a few dozen different colors and shades. Completed Corian windowsills doing very unconventional in appearance, besides the production of seamless and repair, if necessary, as a seamless, no trace of the procedures will not. Create your windowsills artificial stone goes well with almost any material. Applying to the production of artificial stone, window sills are obtained stylish and functional. Well you can combine the windowsills and countertops artificial stone, using them in the interior of the kitchen room. Manufacture of artificial stone sinks as warranted and practical, these sinks are hygienic and durable stone. Corian sinks can be made practically any appearance, it does not affect the functional qualities, but adds elegance. Used to produce a kitchen sink, Corian has all the hygienic and epideomologicheskie certificates and opinions, it gives guarantee of safety for your health. Kitchen sinks made of stone – a new word in the manufacture of kitchen plumbing. The use of stone sinks for the kitchen is great fun for any owner. Thus, the kitchen sink out of artificial stone are the perfect solution if you are looking for a combination of quality and durability, wash kitchen in stone – the future of technology today, designed to facilitate domestic work, make it more pleasant and attractive. If the standard and boring kitchen sink stopped suit you – step into the world of custom sinks made of stone. Perfectly complement the kitchen sinks countertops made of stone.