With a proposal underneath of the arm and 4 million jobs to negotiate, ten associations had passed the last weeks in a peregrination for the Esplanade of the Ministries to convince the government the importance of its claims. ' ' If the tanquinhos and refrigerators had been contemplated, why other sectors (that also they suffer consequences from the crisis) would not be? ' ' , they inquire representatives of the productive sector. Same question made the president of the Union of the Metallurgist of So Paulo and Mogi, Miguel Towers, in the First day of May during the commemorations of the Day of the Work. It said that he asked for to the government the extension of the benefits of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) of the white line for the segment of freezers. The president of the Syndical Force, Pablo Pear tree Da Silva, affirmed that also she can demand new extension of the cut of IPI for cars, depending on the sales of the sector.

The periodical the State of So Paulo consulted ten associations of some sectors, as machines and equipment, cold storage rooms, aerial, footwear, infrastructure, textile and confections, eletroeletrnicos, software, consumers of energy and paper and cellulose, responsible for 4 million jobs. In the list of all they, the order most common, beyond the IPI, it is the disinvesting of a charge of PIS, Cofins and leaf of payment. The strategy is to bet high to have edge of maneuver in the negotiations. That is, they ask for the total exemption of tribute for, in the end, to obtain some reduction. The Brazilian Association of the Industry of Machines and Equipment (Abimaq) is in the group of the chores, as it likes to say the Government. With support of syndical central offices, it considered a special regimen of disinvesting of a charge with the commitment of the companies of maintenance of the 240 a thousand jobs.

Brazil Research

In the truth, the main decision of the Metalic was not to opt to the production exposes of steel instead of aluminum cans, rank that this can easily be imitated. What it became the Metalic most competitive was strategy for it employee, which will be seen in the next item. Before, however, it is necessary to weave some consideraes on the occured modifications in the market of metallic packings for drinks, since the time of the research of the BNDES (1998), ato year of 2002. 1,3 the competitiveness between steel packings and aluminum in Brazil for drinks after the year of 1998. Before everything, it agrees to detach that the BNDES did not carry through new research to bring up to date the statisticians of the sector of metallic packings since 1998. The data more recent than exist concerning the cited sector meet in ' ' Metalurgia&#039 magazine; ' , whose heading of the article is ' ' Embalagem' ' , from which the main information for the conclusion of this inquiry will be extracted.

In first place, the article calls attention for the fact of that the steel started to after recoup the lost market one decade of constant losses for other materials of packing, as aluminum and the PET, through an aggressive one OPENS. It remembers, still, that the steel and the glass had disputed until the decade of 80, the leadership of the market of packings and today alone it controls five percent of this market (restricted to the North and Northeast of the Country), had to the sprouting of new substitutes as aluminum and the PET (polyethylene tereftalato). It says, also, that the technological improvements gotten by the CSN had provided new reductions of 20% in the thickness of the leaf of flandres, reintroducing, in the market, light, practical and more competitive packings in relation to aluminum.

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Specialized in prestige properties, sale of empresase real estate investments of Lanois Doval Although it is certain that the real estate market is of fallen layer, continues being exceptions in the sector. Like we know that the market of the luxury has increased its sales during these years of crisis at world-wide level, the real estate sector of prestige does not remain either back. So that this segment works effectively and follows reactivated is necessary a deep knowledge of the real estate market of high level and a great experience in the communication of sale of exclusive real estate assets and of promotions. Lanois Doval counts on a trajectory of more than twenty years in the market that have allowed him, at these delicate moments for implanting a methodology of work in all the national territory based on a platform of specialized and exclusive collaboration. At a time that can be described as transitory and evolutionary towards a more demanding and competitive real estate market, and although the market of prestige properties does not accuse of the same negative form that others the moment convulso that at the moment we crossed, is essential a positioning of the product in perfect syntony with the demand, especially in assets directed to market segments that require a strategy of specialized global communication. For this reason, Lanois Doval puts at the disposal of promoters and real estate agents who wish to make agile the communication of sale or product rent and real estate assets destined to concrete segments of market, the possibility of sharing marketing strategies, not acting like a vestibule more. The company is formed now like a strategic partner of companies of the sector to that it provides an integral service adapted to his needs of communication and spreading of the promotions, properties and assets that manage.

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More information in: Email: Web About Lanois Doval Lanois Doval is an organization specialized in the management of real estate patrimonies and investments. Our high degree of specialization and accessibility allows to give the special treatment us that the management of these products entails. The management of these products I take to us to create departments specialized in marketing and communication, to offer to him integral service in the sale management of its assets. Lanois Doval acts not only like an adviser and collaborator if not who forms themselves like a strategic partner of the client to whom he provides a service adapted to its concrete needs, with total solution and quality assurance. Lanois Doval bases the value of its work on the professionalism of its human equipment, its commitment to obtain the highest quality level and its responsibility on the activities that realise.


According to Lakatos and Marconi (1995: 106), the methods can be subdivided in methods of boarding and methods of procedures. In this study, two boardings are used to define and to classify the methods, thus we have the procedure and boarding methods. 2.1.1. Method of boarding During the research work, the author follows the method: Hypothetical method – deductive? initially it was considered by Popper, it is supported in the problem solution and in the formularization of hypotheses, allowing to deduce things from the tested hypotheses, it wants to say, if it initiates for the perception of a gap in the knowledge concerning which it formulates hypotheses and, for the deductive process, it tests the occurrence of fenmenos enclosed for the hypothesis. Supporting in this method, it was possible that from the raised hypotheses, with the field work allowed to collate the reality with the gotten data thus allowing to give a conclusion that the impact of the prescription of garbage tax is not satisfactory. 2.1.2. Method of Procedure Of some methods of considered procedures, in the present work, the author only used the following procedures: ) Monographic: that according to Lakatos and Marconi (1996: 151) is, ' ' …

a specific or particular study on subject of enough representative value and that it obeys the rigorous methodology. It not only investigates definitive subject in depth, but in all its angles and aspects, depending on the ends the one that if destina' '. For ours in case that, the subject of the garbage prescription and its impact in the garbage retraction are a subject of enough value because afecta the all municipal one of urbe of the city of Nampula. b) Comparative degree: It consists of investigating things or facts and explaining them according to its similarities and its differences. Thus, through this procedure, it was efectuou comparison of the prescription colectada for the EDM-ADN with the canalized one in the CMCN and was evidenced that they are not absolutely equal values, a time that does not have reconciliation of this prescription between both institutions.