If you wish to hire the truck, you should know some rules and conditions necessary for the smooth and proper operation of the lift. By itself, aerial (AGP) – is very low maintenance machinery, but a number unaccounted for at the preparatory stage of the factors that could easily derail the entire process. So, we list the main criteria for the smooth operation of aerial platforms: – to provide access to the entrance truck, ie, work surface should be cleaned of debris, beams and other construction stuff. You should also drive the vehicles blocking the entrance to the object. – A ground on which you will be hoist should be flat (slope of the surface did not allow more than 5%) and stable, it is desirable to pour an even layer of crushed stone (no asphalt). – You need to consider aerial route to be followed, otherwise, the lift can simply "stuck" in a narrow alley.

It is worth pay attention to the pipes and beams, which can limit the size of a passing vehicles. – To view the area where they will produce high-altitude work, may move the tower will be limited to the tree canopy or wires. These barriers usually can be overcome by choosing a different, more compact model aerial. – Before you order a rental truck, need to know the weight of cargo, which is planned to raise the height. If capacity is less than the tower, the work can be thwarted.

– At the stage of selection of special equipment for lease must specify the operator wishes to make, model truck, including the maximum heights of up to this type of aerial platforms. For example 17 or Sun aerial aerial AP 17 can rise to the level of only 17 meters above the ground, while the aerial APT 32 can operate at the level of 7-8 standard nine-floor. – If you plan execution of specific works, such as power tools, you need to arrange rental truck, equipped with cradles Electrical. – Operating rules for the truck, work at heights near the forbidden line power (must be aged at least 20 meters). We should also note that the aerial is operated under almost all weather conditions. Therefore, because of strong wind or cold should not cancel high-altitude work. However, we must understand that the manifestation of adverse weather can damage personnel, in addition, some processing operations should be performed only at a certain temperature and air rates ambient humidity. Aerial platform available for rent with driver, also a company that provides services to truck, usually a staff that is trained to work at height. Our company has aerial work permit in the city center, we are ready to assist in processing the necessary documents and provide personnel to work at height and its driver-operator.


In the production of PVC edge using two methods – rolling or extrusion. Calendering – the method of production of PVC edge, where it is cut from large sheets. In the process of calendering the polymer melts and mixed under heat and pressure formed into a calendar. Then the film is molded under pressure kalandrovochnyh rolls and passes between the roller for a stamping and cold rubber roller. Stamping device is used for imprinting the film of special items. Through the use of embossing rollers are a variety of film surface in order to achieve the desired effect, after which the rolls of film cut narrow strips. Extrusion – another method of making furniture edges of PVC, used much more often – is a way to recycle plastics continuous punching them through the melt special shape of the head, called for the production of dies.

The geometric shape of the die outlet, is precisely defines a section of the profile of the final product to be obtained from semi-finished products. Process PVC extruded edge by a special extrusion equipment – extruders or extrusion lines. The material to be processed during the extrusion process is called extrudates. More than half of the world's thermoplastic materials are processed into various products extrusion method. With this technology are polymer films and sheets, furniture and PVC edge ABS, rigid pipes and flexible hoses, vinyl siding, finally, varying in complexity of window profiles. Extrusion method is applied to the electrical wire insulation polymer, producing a hybrid molded products varied by a combination of plastics and construction used.


Notched trowel at this time are not needed, you could use either an ordinary, rather narrow, or trowel (trowel). Apply adhesive this time should not grooves, which are obtained by using a notched trowel, a small spanking (in groups) around the perimeter, the distance between them expose approximately 200 – 250 mm. Adhesive layer should vary from 5 mm to 25 – 30 mm, and it's already a given that you squeeze it a bit. Along the middle of the sheet piles are also empty, preferably in two rows through 400 mm from each other, in extreme cases – over 600 mm. The distance between the piles – 300 – 350 mm. Next page drywall placed on the pad and is aligned with the rules. Usually, test the vertical level, then apply a rule, and tapping him on lead sheet drywall in a strictly vertical position, but if you have combined instrument (usually a built-in level), then knock on it is not recommend.

Otherwise, very soon, this level will deceive you. It is better to attach it to the drywall to see what it shows clean, and slightly knock (you can just hand) in the area of the piles, which "asks" to be "drowned". That fact, and the entire second way. * Note: Depending on the situation, the adhesive can be applied to the sheet and not directly on the wall. But as In practice, the list – much easier. Method of cladding number three – for a very rough walls. He has not quite frameless, only frame is not from the profile, and the … drywall.

Let me explain. Of drywall cut wide strips of 100 mm. Exactly how much – depends on the height and width of the wall. These strips are glued to the wall around the perimeter, plus vertically every 600mm (available with 400, will not be worse). These bands called "beacons". The result is almost the same frame as the profile of just drywall it has not screwed, glued and. The plane is controlled by those same rules and levels, and reached different layer Glue strips of plasterboard for somewhere smeared a little, and sometimes – to 20 – 25 mm. If you are the beacons of the wall is strong enough, there is a chance to hide the wiring without shtrobleniya, simply attach it to the wall, only the beacons in places where it goes, is interrupted. When the glue has hardened under the sheetrock, you can begin to glue the sheets. Of Technology, drywall to the lighthouse is supposed to stick to the same adhesive plaster, which is described in the first method, but possible and on the other hand, does not become worse. On the liquid nails, for example. Will hold even better, but so much more. It is even possible to flush the foam, but without the necessary skill to do so would not advise. Foam with this method is applied at all little, and pressed drywall to be beacons is very strong, and constantly running out, within an hour. Otherwise razopret, the foam – she is. True, if done correctly, then tear off drywall from lighthouses to be in principle impossible to keep it on the conscience. But again, if you are a beginner in this business – it is better to play it safe. Because if you miss the point of pressing, and the foam still expands, forming a mound on the drywall, this is not correct out, only to break and remake.

Pyrotechnic Compositions

Pyrotechnic compositions equip the following types of funds for military purposes: 1) Lighting equipment (bombs, artillery shells, aerial flares, etc.) used to illuminate the area at night conditions, 2) fotoosvetitelnye means (fotobomby, fotopatrony) used in aerial night: and for other purposes, and 3) tracer means making visible the trajectory of bullets and shells (and other mobile objects) and thereby facilitate sighting lo quickly moving targets, and 4) the means of infrared radiation, used for tracking the flight of missiles, and as decoys, 5) nighttime signaling (cartridges, etc.) used for signaling, 6) daytime signaling (cartridges, etc.) used for the same purpose, but in the daytime, and 7) incendiary (bombs, shells,. and many bullets etc.) serving to destroy military enemy targets, 8) masking tools (smoke bombs, shells, etc.) that are used for smoke screens, 9) for different purposes and missile range, using solid fuel pyrotechnic, 10) training and simulation tools that are used as the maneuvers and exercises and in combat situations. They mimic the action of atomic bombs, explosive shells and bombs, as well as various events on the battlefield: gun shots, fires, etc. and this may disorient the enemy's surveillance service; 11) tseleukazatelnye tools (shells, bombs, etc.) indicating the location of enemy targets; 12) pyrotechnic gas generators are used for different goals. Pyrotechnic compositions are also used in various areas of the economy.

By the pyrotechnic compositions of military include the following: 1) Lighting 2) fotoosvetitelnye (fotosmesi), 3) Tracer 4) infrared radiation, and 5) incendiary; 6) night signal lights, 7) Color of smoke signal, 8) masking smoke 9) solid pyrotechnic fuel, 10) bezpazovye (for moderators); 11) gas-generating, 12) igniter contained in a small number stve all pyrotechnic devices; 13) Other: simulation, whistling, etc. Many compounds used in a variety of means, so For example, lighting is often used in formulations for fireworks pyrotechnics, smoke masking compounds can also be used in training and simulation tools, etc. Pyrotechnic compositions can also be classified the nature of the processes occurring three of their combustion. Flaming compositions 1. Beloplamennye. 2.

Tsvetnollamennye. 3. The compositions of the infrared radiation. Heat the 1. Thermite-incendiary. 2. Gasless (malogazovye). Smoke compounds 1. White and black smoke. 2. Colored smoke. Substances and mixtures, burning through an oxygen. Metals and metal alloys. 2. Phosphorus, its solutions and alloys. 3. Mixture of mineral oil. 4. Various substances and mixtures, illuminated in contact with water or air.

Alternative Energy Sources

The development of technological progress and modern society in general requires more energy. So familiar to us today, oil and gas are not unlimited and gradually dry out, causing mankind to seek alternative routes for its production. Given the ever-increasing pace of power consumption and negative environmental impact of modern fuels, an important factor in energy production is its environmental friendliness. On today provides a wealth of alternative sources of production: solar, wind, the so-called 'hydrogen' energy, tidal energy / low tides, the underground heat of the earth, etc. A common shortcoming of all these sources is a tremendously high cost of necessary equipment, technical imperfections, the geographic location of sources of energy. An important obstacle is the inadequate legislation and, paradoxically it may sound, our conservatism: we are still wary of success such as electric or hydrogen-powered car.

Scientific and technological revolution, the victorious gait included in the XX Century, unfairly shifted to second place this time-tested source of energy as biogaz.Chto is it? Biogas – a combustible gas consisting of an average of 60% methane (CH4), 35% carbon dioxide (CO2) and 5% other impurities gas, whose composition varies somewhat depending on the type of waste. It is formed during fermentation (putrefaction) of organic residues of plant or animal origin without air (anaerobically) in water srede.Dlya biogas to its further use, this process is carried out in special tanks – digesters. In the digester system is organized mixing the fermented mass, device heating and yield of gas, which is then used in a household, or for technical purposes. Over time, the number of released biogas digester is reduced and remains fluid, divided into several layers. Virtually all of the liquid is formed by the properties of valuable organic fertilizer that increases yields significantly. Its effectiveness has been proven by many research institutes of agriculture on its own experienced areas, as there are appropriate certificate. Biogas can be used: a) a household gas stoves and burners, b) in the gas-fired thermal power for the low heat production) in gas generators for What electrical power do we have? completely independent power supply! With access to the biogas plant, a farmer or villager can fully ensure its permanent agriculture ecologically clean fuel, heat, electricity, and all that – simply disposing of organic waste.

Construction Equipment

In this article I propose to touch on packaging and equipment for construction, for which it is needed and how to choose the best solution for your business. The most common products: equipment packaging allows operations such as automatic and n / automatic strapping cargo polymer ribbons, hand rail freight. Is a manual of welding semi-automatic, and lentorazmatyvateli palletoobmotchiki, and more. Rail freight polymeric ribbons – an operation with a gun, after the installation of the goods on the table, the automaton, the limit switch is activated, the machine binds cargo, pulls, cuts and welds tape. Diesel trucks are performed in different models. They are used for accurate loading of goods of any kind.

From loaders easily administered transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. Due to the high maneuverability, loaders have proven to be a large warehouse, and small businesses. Diesel trucks are much more efficient, more powerful and more economical than other types of trucks. Packing tape. Polyester packing tape has a tensile strength (1,000 kg). Packaging provides the cargo during transportation, handling and storage. Flexible packaging is designed primarily to maintain products in their original form.

PP packing tape – designed to pack as using hand tools, and using machine guns and semiautomatic. Packing tape has high strength and geometrical parameters. Brace, corner buckle – for bonding polypropylene tape to protect the cargo from the contraction of the faces used protective corners and much more. Warehouse trolleys are widely used for transporting goods of various types and complexity. Widely used in small warehouses. Company Lavsan Plus successfully operating in the packaging technology. Sale of trucks by delivery to the warehouse to the customer.