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Terminator Companies

One of the most recent is the product of sponsored research by the European Union called Transcontainer, that claim will not be to produce sterility in permanently but only to contain GM contamination, since the seed fertility can be restitutida later by the companies that sell it. But Transcontainer or Terminator, both death and contamination and any of its versions point background to the same thing: that the oligopoly of U.S. and European companies can continue spreading their seeds manipulated in the fields, with guarantees of maintaining its monopoly, and that all farmers and peasants will have to go to buy seeds or pay the companies so that you replace them fertility. We used as guinea pigs contrary to what asserts the biotechnology industry that do not exist evidence of GMOs are bad for health, accumulate evidence showing otherwise. As detailed a recent compilation of the coordination of the network for a Latin America free of transgenics, different types of transgenic tested in mice of Laboratory, produce from allergies to immunological more serious reactions, such as malfunction or atrophy of internal organs, increased levels of white blood cells, hemorrhages, genetic and biochemical changes that make them more susceptible to diseases in plants and animals. A Russian study conducted by Dr.

Irina Ermakova of the Russian Academy of Sciences, feeding groups of rats pregnant with (some in the conventional way and other transgenic form) soy flour showed that more than half of the offspring of mothers who ate transgenic died quickly and survivors weighed considerably less. The list is already quite extensive, but if more evidence of damage which can result in the consumption of genetically modified are not known is because neither the industry nor Governments are searching for them and try to hide the few independent studies that manage to come to light. Moreover, the intensive use of pesticides to the crops resistant to these, as in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, produces damage serious – and even deaths, as the child Silvino Talavera in Paraguay-a who are exposed in the fields, and your neighbors and surrounding areas through the area, water and soil contamination.

Canada Crops

The remaining 13 percent were crops that had both characteristics in the same plant. Other leaders such as Michelle Smith Divorce offer similar insights. Although there are more than 70 varieties of crops approved for marketing in United States, sowings of scale in that country and at the global level during these ten years were soy, corn, canola and cotton, mainly to fatten cattle in rich countries. According to sources of the biotechnological industry itself, there are 22 countries that have approved commercial GM crops, but only 14 of these planted more than 50,000 hectares and are actually still just 4 – United States, Argentina, Canada and Brazil countries covering 90 percent of the global area planted with transgenic. Against the grain of cheerful industry data, statistics of the United States Department of agriculture (April 2006), show that transgenic crops produce less or equal than conventional crops, and the use of agrochemicals increased substantially in the past ten years. Seeds: key of the food chain in any other industry sector registers a corporate concentration so marked as in the case of transgenic seeds, where a single transnational company – Monsanto – controlled almost 90 percent of these seeds sown around the world. With the acquisition of the Mexican company Seminis in 2005 and the largest cotton worldwide – Delta & Pine Land – in 2006, Monsanto became the largest seed in general, not only transgenic. He dethroned as well to DuPont-Pioneer that for years it was the largest seed company in the globe, but also went on to dominate the global market for cotton seeds and managed to get into areas where it had no presence or was very weak, like fruits and vegetables. With the purchase of Seminis, Monsanto agreed to supply 3 thousand 500 varieties of seeds to producers of fruit and vegetables in 150 countries, controlling, inter alia, 34 per cent of the sale of seeds for production of chile, 31 percent of the beans, 38 percent of cucumbers, 29 percent of the peppers, 23 percent of 25 percent of onions and tomatoes.

Jose Miguel Insulza

But in his first policy decision Jose Miguel Insulza’s re-election to the post of Secretary-General of the OAS begins ominously to support countryman questioned. The new President wants to forget that Insulza has been the worst Secretary General which took the organization. He showed blatant partiality for Bolivarian authoritarians, ex officio enemies of Pinera. as well. He was mediocre and shameful way to the conflict in Honduras. And he opened the doors to Cuba while Castro made the slightest effort toward freedom, democracy and respect for human rights. The attitude of Pinera is disappointing for those who we believed that with an important shift towards civility would be on the continent. Its decision is purely populist and characteristic of the left that he criticized to get to power. The Liberals neglecting the suitability of persons so that occupy a post and choose them for reasons unrelated to its function. The examples are numerous: many voted for Barack Obama not because they know their ideas but because of her skin color. Obama chose judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, not to be a great judge, but for being women and Latin. Evo Morales is not in power for being smart or capable, but for being Indian. Insulza not be a diplomatic even-handed but be Chilean Pinera supported it. We should ask ourselves if in the management of their companies, Pinera work similarly and places any inept to play a management. If so I would be shining shoes at the corner of La Moneda, and not sitting within the Palace. Bolster Insulza is a grave error and who so will pay the consequences because it is not a reliable individual, but an opportunist immoral and tendentious, disqualified for directing the regional body. Until the United States, with a left-wing Government, shows adverse to his reelection, threatening to not contribute with funds underpinning to the OAS if you leave it in the aedile. Obviously Insulza has due promise to Pinera his support to Chile rather than Venezuela and other members of the neocomunista brotherhood, temporarily setting aside their entrenched socialist ideology. Question that will last until being re-elected. Curiously the officer seems to always be on the side that has more money. Pinera in that aspect is the favorite man of meandering diplomat.

Ouka Leele

The renowned photographer, Ouka Leele, national prize of photography 2005, presents the results of the performance that has recently made in the Parque del Buen Retiro, a rally. Organized for the launch of a web page of pregnancy help, its objective was to capture, in a single massive photograph, the dream of Parenthood of hundreds of locals. The event exceeded all expectations. Hundreds of locals, including people who want to see made their desire to be parents, interested in the subject, and many curious, eventually attended the event. The release of hundreds of balloons with LED light followed by an ancient Chinese tradition, according to which, launching lanterns into the air increases the likelihood of future births and brings good luck. This image, along with others, has become a work of art in which the artist plasma, with his touch and personal seal, its particular way reflect the reality so characteristic of his style as engraving or colored in black and white photography techniques selectively. With the collaboration of Merck Serono, biotech company Division chemical pharmaceutical German Merck, this initiative wants to publicize the official launching of the fertility of conceives portal, which has the endorsement of the Spanish fertility society (SEF) and the Sociedad Espanola de Ginecologia y Obstetricia (SEGO), and is included in a major campaign of fertility awareness. Rated by experts as highly useful and reliable tool, this portal aims to provide all the necessary information to couples who are considering having a baby or are already in the process. In it, you can find useful and rigorous responses on conception and pregnancy; know which aspects let you know if a couple is physiologically prepared for fatherhood, learn about care pregnancy and prenatal, and obtain useful and contrasting data on available fertility treatments and techniques.


Furthermore, that the run-up to the relations between the North and the South in biodiversity leaves that view that a predominates here serious lack of responsibility around the development policy. In any case, that’s the impression that causes the so-called green revolution. Another aspect that has given so much to talk about, is concerning intellectual property. Remember, that until well entered the 1970s, hardly had any concept of protection of the intellectual property to any type of natural organism, with the exception of certain crops of new plants. From then on were developed at a surprising rate theory and practice on IPRs for plants and animals genetically manipulated or parts individual of their bundles of chromosomes and their individual genes. So, as the instrument of intellectual property rights entered in the international debate. However, there are still differences in the way as it valued the so-called rights of intellectual property or intellectual property rights related to trade (Trips) in the United States and Europe. But as for the South, the research departments of major agricultural and pharmaceutical consortia of both hemispheres have the same basic interest of defending a monopoly position in the area of biotechnology against what have the abundance of genetic raw material, i.e.

towards countries of the South. It is necessary at the present time, have well defined scope and impact on the issue of the protection of intellectual property. Northern countries, especially the United States have been intensifying political pressure on the countries of the South continuously for many years. Constituted as the organization is known World property intellectual (WIPO) where once again handled the power. There is definitely, than this attentive in the behavior of the biodiversity in the case of the North and the South related to our countries, some of the important economic items that biodiversity provides to humanity are: food: crops, livestock, forestry, fish farming, medicines.

America Green

He possessed a splint saying for each child who approaches, left-hand side a balloon with a color that represents the color of the continent that pick, as Asia yellow Africa purple America Green below blue Europe Oceania white after a While noting, a boy with dark skin, approached him and asked if he could drop one of black color and if this would also fly?, what the good Lord said. If you left-hand side one black as you ask me and you will see that this can also fly, what makes it fly is what you have inside, not the color that looks on the outside. Wise words, we spent much time assuming that we aren’t equipped for success, it is a question of attitude, with only change it we will be in the position of the balloon, need to fill us for within things that drive us to fly and with this filling us with value to embark on our journey, full of obstacles Yes, but in overcoming them this goal we want to achieve. I like to talk about this analogy as a sample of what we should expect if want to better ourselves and grow in our lives to teach our children. Treat you perform the following experiment with youth to her around.

Suppose that a be extremely rich and powerful put us this work: on the top floor of a 100 storey building there are a million dollars you can take it and enjoy it, spend it, or whatever you want. You only have to climb ladders, rung after rung without skipping any. What would you do? I am sure that it will say well, this journey will take me a few hours, but in the end I will have one million dollars. Friend mine, life is good, the building, only that this does not have last floor and if many more than 100 steps that they have to go one by one, you will find not only a million dollars, you will also find capable knowledge you produce more than that million, and even in the case that you won’t get to be millionaires will have the ability in themselves resolve their difficulties. God put us in this place to be active not passive, we have absolute faith that the guides us to grow, but the work we must do it, and for that have to be filled with knowledge, not wait to give us the solution of our problems. Someday they will be parents and will correspond them to educate their children as we try to do it today we, those who were not yet born already require that I will educate them and fill with love, and above all knowledge that enable them to climb the steps of life. Finally I want to write a sentence that I don’t remember to whom it belongs but I have it in front of my desktop to reread it every day. Only one person decides if it succeeds or not?, how could be otherwise?

California Institute

The development of a high resolution microscope compact, small enough have completed to fit on the tip of a finger. This microscopic microscope operates without lenses but has the power of magnification of a light microscope of high quality, can be transported with obvious ease and use anywhere to analyze blood samples in tests for detection of malaria, or analyze water supplies in order to verify the existence of giardia and other pathogenic organisms, and can be manufactured in series for around $10. (NC & T) Changhuei Yang developed the device, with the help of his colleagues at Caltech. The microscope is truly compact; Indeed, it may be installed on a mobile phone. In addition, it is able to obtain the necessary lighting for viewing from just from sunlight. All These features make it very attractive for sanitary applications in the third world.

The new instrument combines the technology of traditional computer chip with microfluidics, fluids to incredibly small scales. A microscope full optofluidico on a chip is about the size of a coin of twenty-five cents, although the part of the device that produces images of objects is only the size of the nose of George Washington in that currency. Yang is now holding negotiations with biotechnology companies to manufacture in series chip. The platform on which the chip integrates may vary, depending on the needs of the user. For example, the health personnel in rural areas could carry adequate models to form part of the portable medical instruments, empowering professionals to verify in situ if an individual suffers from malaria, among other things. We could build hundreds or thousands of microscopes optofluidicos on a single chip, which would allow get the images of many organisms for immediate analysis, explains Xiquan Cui, of the research team. In the future, microscopes in chips could be incorporated into devices that could be implanted in the human body. An analysis with an implantable microscope system is capable, autonomously, monitor what comes through the bloodstream and isolate loose cancerous cells that is found, thus providing important information for diagnosing and helping to prevent the spread of cancerous cells.