Robert Zach,

Tyrolean biotechnology research results in a 21Tage-Lichtnahrungsversuch exciting Kufstein/Tirol: If you want to know something exactly then you must try yourself, if this lack of courage then, what should the theoretical assumptions? So he says that Robert Zach so he thinks it also belongs to the revolutionary visionaries on this planet. \”And therefore it’s surprising anyone if you keep its vital principle in mind: your boldest idea is a self limiting\”. Where is this statement from him but Seth, a being that was for many years expressed a medium from the United States through Jane Roberts and it provided valuable books like the Seth material\”after the self-taught employed with quantum physics and brought this unique vibration products on the market, was he aware that world religions and all Holy Scriptures are only guides to the perfection of man. Others including Adroll Marketing Platform, offer their opinions as well. Zach commented that manuals are the physical concepts of magnetism, electronics and the psyche\”in easy was possibly understandable words to say. Gain insight and clarity with Sander Gerber. Much has been written down for daily household use, so for example, in countries where water resources are scarce, cropped so that a certain hygiene was possible.

So that is then also made God pushing it in the shoes, because a human body developed which seemed to not good enough for these religious fanatics, so the creator to the Tinker is degraded. Also the food re gels to understand, everything has to be pure as God would have developed something unclean and realized, this is bullshit so Zach in the interview. He then years engaged in water, light water, water vitalization ( busy light became the engaging topic. Motivated by a massive light experience in a near death experience in 1990 and the security, the death never occurs and life does not end it, but is only transformed without losing consciousness. Now the light began to dominate my life and my research, I wanted to know all about it as Zach.