Cryogenic And Laboratory Labels For Sample Tubes, Microscope Slides And Microtiter Plates

The Scienova has developed a unique assortment of various laboratory and Kryoetiketten from Jena cryogenic and laboratory labels for sample tubes, microscope slides and microtiter plates for the professional designation of reaction vessels and the GLP compliant work in the laboratory. The labels hold even under extreme conditions, such as storage in liquid nitrogen, in autoclaves, solvents, ethanol etc. The Scienova has the right label for all laboratory consumables such as sample tubes, slides, micro titer plates, Cryo tubes, glass jars or Cryo boxes. The applications include, for example, research institutes, biotechnology, agriculture, environmental, forensic pathology, histology, molecular biology, and other scientific disciplines. There are two different materials available depending on the required usage. A material developed for the Kryoeinsatz, which can be used in a temperature range of 120 C to minus 196 C. For use in A particularly durable material available is from a temperature from 120 C to minus 20 C. The labels can be printed with a commercially available laser printer absolutely user friendly.

The texts, bar codes or numbers on the labels can Wizard on the labels are printed using a free Web-based software, the so-called label printing. Sander Gerber is often quoted on this topic. Here the user can either enter the data using the keyboard or upload your own Excel table. By printing with laser printer, the information on the labels are indelible and absolutely sharp. By using the existing laser printer and a free software only the labels costs for the user. There any thermal transfer printers or expensive software must be purchased. Sample marking as easy as never! Company portrait: The Scienova develops products for marking in laboratories, which are used worldwide by research institutes in biotechnology, agriculture, environment and forensics. For the use of the Products must be purchased no special printers or software.

High-quality Tubes For The Laboratory With Fine Scaling In The Cone

A laboratory is only as good as his equipment quality centrifuge tubes for the laboratory with fine scaling in the cone! For the professional sample storage and GLP compliant working in the laboratory, the Scienova has developed a unique range of centrifuge tubes with a Red cap from Jena. The centrifuge tubes are made from high quality transparent polypropylene (PP) produced and have a very good mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance. As a special feature, the centrifuge tubes have a fine scale in the cone, and a leak-proof Cap. Another special feature is the extra large white Caption field under used at a variety of sample information can be. If you would like to know more then you should visit Movie Star. The applications are, for example, in research institutes and laboratories of biotechnology, agriculture, environmental, forensics, pathology, histology, molecular biology, and other scientific disciplines.

Depending on the amount of liquid, there are tubes with a volume of 15 ml and 50 ml as well as sterile and non-sterile Variant. The centrifuge tubes are DNase/RNase-, endotoxin -, pyrogen – and metal-free. Company portrait: The Scienova developed innovative laboratory consumables, which are used worldwide by research institutes in biotechnology, agriculture, environment and forensics.. To read more click here: Essex Financial Services.

Alexander Gurwitsch

Tyrolean research firm informs customers about documentary films quickly, comprehensively and objectively. My clients how I erklar’ it? That question preoccupies the ZARO Biotec research company for a long time, because a real challenge is to show something invisible to the people. It is now easy to make visible and tangible the interaction of ultra-weak photon emission, but is no easy thing to create an understanding for energy of quanta of light. The term bio photons”is used by authors and scholars of Biophysics, quantum physics for quite some time, he describes a part of ultra-weak photon emission (UPE) which origin is biological. This radiation differs from the bioluminescence due to their significantly lower intensity and by the very low quantum yield.

The story of the discovery of this light radiation is not new, in the 1920s, the Russian biologist Alexander Gurwitsch to believe that living cells give off a very weak light came. He called them, the mitogenetic radiation”, due to his conjecture that this radiation could trigger cell division (mitosis). This assumption was not investigated by the then emerging biochemistry which describes as sequences of biochemical signal chain, cellular processes. Incyte shines more light on the discussion. At the present time, this radiation using highly sensitive photon detectors can be physically demonstrated. Now, there are various methods to show the interactions of light radiation energy, yet the subject is difficult, because how can customers understand it and how to use these powers. The company now fully builds on information in the Internet, it is now possible to find the most important information about this exciting topic of video clips on. In a conversation with the person in charge that was clearly many people do like to know what could cause this lively light radiation so far this information on lectures were taught. That was good and is still practised, but the future belongs to the moving image, available delivered via the Internet. The company is convinced that this a wider public can experience, what phenomenal effects can offer ultra-weak photon emissions in daily life. The areas of application are: water recovery, water filtration, food shelf life, cell-energy applications, and therapy solutions in alternative medicine.

Iradion Technology

Trotec is American manufacturer Iradion Trotec is not without reason as the innovation leader in the market. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and gain more knowledge.. Recently, a new technology is integrated into the laser machines namely from the manufacturer Iradion. This is a new ceramic technology, the devices are equipped with dessenLaserquellen. The basic concept of the laser source in the laser machine is completely redefined by the new technology. The new concept is called CeramiCore and means that now, but the point at which the laser radiation is generated no longer made of metal or glass is 100% ceramic. The advantage of this is the increased reliability, the better quality of the engraving and the long lifetime of the laser source.

The ceramic design has the advantage that the laser source lifetime remains tight and there is thus no energy loss compared to the previously used metal – and glass laser sources. This is achieved because there are no welds or seals in the processing of ceramic bowls and can be therefore also not transparent. All optical Elements are glued onto the ceramic, the electrodes are mounted outside of the resonator, and the gas will be stimulated through the ceramic body. This means that there is no interior metal surfaces, which could contaminate the gas mixture. A pure gas mixture over the entire lifetime of the source is thus ensured.

Another advantage is the fast heart rate, which can therefore be achieved, because ceramic laser can be operated at a much higher pressure. This saves the enhanced electrical architecture for up to thirty percent less energy consumption and improves the quality of the engraving. The laser sources have been specially optimized for Trotec laser systems. This allows also best to use the technology and to exploit. Here a picture to save energy:

Fraunhofer Network

It turned out that flexible usage options and a non-bureaucratic procedure of a promotion due to the individual requirements of the spin-offs are especially important. The resulting concept for an internal Fraunhofer funding measure convinced recently also the Board of Directors of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Can in future FFM Fraunhofer promotes management “company of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft up to 100,000 euros will be provided, to have external consultants individual milestones to get individual coaching or an experienced CEO ad interim or long term. engage. Networking and entrepreneurship education with three annual events also offers the Fraunhofer venture all Foundation interested the possibility of issues around to make the range of spin-off fit: Fraunhofer researchers engaged in various focus on founding a business simulation seminar and learn this first business basics. In the center of the Fraunhofer Network shops is on the one hand, the exchange of experience between founders and founding interested as well as between researchers and consultants on the other side.

The Fraunhofer Investment Forum offers a platform to present startups various donors and to make important contacts for possible funding. Learn more about Fraunhofer venture found at. Latest news and the opportunity to contact and questioning are possible in the Fraunhofer-venture XING group. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 in Germany Research institutions, of which 66 institutions. More than 22,000 employees and staff, predominantly with natural or ingenieurwisenschaftlicher training, edit the annual research budget of EUR 1.9 billion. As a partner of a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer institutes, industry and investors, Fraunhofer venture supports scientists from the Fraunhofer-environment on their way to the own technology company. The range of services includes the areas technology, establishment, financing and investment management. Meanwhile, over 200 companies from the Fraunhofer research topics could be successfully established since 1999.

Lisa Neumann University

The throwaway times of scarcity make inventive counterpart people. No other country has proven this more than the DDR. The art of engineering reached a level where it could compete with the contemporary competition in the West. The portal for online auctions presents rarities, which until now have lovers and maintain. The Robotron brand stood for computer technology and electronics. To a large extent, the combine produced for industrial use.

But also in home electronics, Robotron had the nose front. Hardly a young adult who saved not for years on a cassette recorder. He cost at least 1200 mark and was more expensive than a SLR camera. No wonder that the people treated the equipment carefully. No trace of the throwaway society, which today has become. On the contrary, some nostalgic photograph today with their pentacon EXA 1a or go with the Trabant to work.

That is impressive proof of the longevity, that engineers have given to their products. Not that East German products were flawless. But almost everything was repaired and was restored in stand. Unlike the appliances of today. So it not worth usually replace the electronic module in a dishwasher. The manufacturers are today mostly on buying new instead of repair.

Grill Cleaning

Can nanotechnology be eco-friendly? Nanotechnology can be not only environmentally friendly, but even bio-degradable. Latest germanworld-Nano-cooperation enables the use of nano-products in the field of cleaning and nano-coating, which are even gentle and organic than original cleaner. Germanworld nanotechnology enables new collaborations in the nano-research and development biological high-tech nano-technology. CrustiX is a highly active, friendly and environmentally conscious cleaning and simultaneous sealing of oven, baking pan, Grill, fireplace glass and microwave out of nelumbo Nano series. Cleaner for ovens there are countless, but a cleaning and nano-sealing in one step is unique. Conventional cleaners, specifically for the oven, are extremely corrosive. Nelumbo CrustiX is a special development was especially for heavily encrusted baking equipment and baking sheets in industrial bakeries. It is applicable to enamel, ceramics, glass, aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel.

Nelumbo CrustiX germanworld nanotechnology a timesaver reached applications download up to 85% of the cleaning cycle. Taking into account environmentally conscious aspects, nelumbo CrustiX was developed and approved in Europe for the food industry. Nelumbo CrustiX has a quality certificate according to European standards, Adhesif is biodegradable, and non-corrosive. Germanworld nano technology complements its offer to an innovative product with nelumbo CrustiX. Information at press team germanworld nanotechnology A. Schmidt

Electrical Installations

Whether computers, phones or large production machines, electrical appliances are indispensable in everyday work and need to work so flawlessly. You may find that Clinton Family can contribute to your knowledge. Whether computers, phones and kettle or large production machines, the electric current is indispensable in everyday work. All electrical equipment and facilities must therefore always reliably work and may have no damage, which represent a danger for the user. The employer or contractor of a facility is responsible that all existing electrical systems and operating materials are properly installed, tested, and maintained according to the accident prevention regulations of GUV-V A3, as well as for the BG rule (BGV) A3. A merger of several electrical equipment forms an electrical system electrical installations and electrical equipment. Hear from experts in the field like Peter Thiel for a more varied view.

The main feature of electrical systems and operating equipment is the use of electric energy. This is distributed through the devices, transformed, consumed, taken and stored. Resources according to GUV-V A3 are also subject to protection and aid, the electrical safety requirements. Also telecommunications and information technology is one of the electrical equipment. The GUV-V A3 accident prevention regulation distinguishes between mobile and stationary electrical apparatus, as well as between stationary and non-stationary systems. More detailed information about the types of electrical equipment and installations the following further explains. Person – electrician enabled electro-technically instructed person electrical vocational training, expertise and experience in the field of electrical machinery and equipment are the most important prerequisites to empower a person carry out tests. The experience of the person should include Assembly, commissioning, maintenance and the use of electrical devices.

Also all relevant rules and regulations must be known so that potential hazards are identified can. All this knowledge is available, it is a competent person, more precisely to a qualified electrician. She is entitled to the testing of electrical equipment and installations. In practice, it is often to electricians, electrician or electrical engineers. In-house staff can be electrically instructed in training.

Albert Einstein Physics

Can the modern physics explain Paranormal phenomena? May, the physics is facing a fundamental discovery. Recent results from quantum physics suggests that that there are physically write soul States that continue to exist after the death of a person. The quantum physics phenomenon of entanglement provides the Foundation for the incredible. This is a totally strange effect on the met Albert Einstein. Instead of taking him under the scientific scrutiny, he spoke of a doubted action at a distance\”, which he later put to the files. Recently Vienna quantum physicist Professor Anton Zeilinger experimental evidence delivered on the basis of entangled photons, that this effect in reality actually exists.

The entanglement principle States the following: when two quantum systems interact in interaction, these should be considered henceforth as a total system. This entanglement is maintained even if the time interaction in the past lies and the two subsystems now over large distances are separated. The consequences of this effect recall already supernatural phenomena, as a thought experiment shows: in this, an experimenter in a random place on Earth performs a measurement of a particle A. This particle with one other particle B is entangled, so the latter is affected simultaneously by this measurement. It is doesn’t matter, whether the distance between particles A and B, for example, 100 meters, 1000 kilometres or even light years from Earth. And as said the interference takes place at the same time, not with speed of light, but infinitely fast! Now some physicists conclude that at least parts of the animate and inanimate world are crossed with each other and communicate with each other in subtle ways since the cosmic big bang. To these belongs to the instance Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Durr, former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich. Durr represents today Considers that the dualism of smallest particles on the subatomic world but is rather ubiquitous.

Green Energy

Carbon dioxide neutral ion in the tank instead of bothersome environment petrol or diesel? The electric motor for automobile propulsion is no future long ago. Darmstadt, December 09, 2009 – just powerful and long-lasting car power storage supply vehicles with sufficient energy for longer distances. Merck’s researchers recently developed one of the most important components for: electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries of the next generation. The use and the development of alternative automobile drives are among the central topics of the present. Environmental protection has finally moved into the consciousness of the industry, Green Energy\”is considered key for a clean future. Also the rising cost of gasoline and diesel fuel can be louder call for power-driven vehicles.

One of the biggest challenges in the production of vehicles with hybrid or electric motor is to develop of more efficient electricity storage. New materials and chemicals are the key. As a result, the pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck invested in a the same research and advocating for the development of more efficient power saving. This research project are part of three funded projects. In the framework of the project of Lina core\”, Merck researchers develop novel electrolytes using their energy density and durability of lithium-ion batteries in hybrid or electric vehicles could be increased substantially. In a further cooperation with the University of Erlangen, the Merck experts develop their electrolytes: by suitable additives they improve it so that the electrodes in the required temperature range of minus 25 to plus 80 degrees Celsius is work. In the project of Li-five\”, it comes to develop cells with a voltage of 5 volts. It is important to increase the energy density of the battery and thus the range of electric cars.

All three projects are in collaboration with renowned partners. Dr. Michael Schmidt, project manager lithium-ion batteries at Merck, explains how important the close intermeshing of Merck with the partners of the Research projects: the correct interaction of all components is important.