Nike Air Max Technology

He opened his briefcase and took out a bottle with a polyurethane film, put it on the table and said: 'I can offer you cushioning shoe, that will last forever! '. Believe it or not, but Nike's refused him. They said: 'No, it's not possible! ', And told him to go home to do science. Frank was gone. He was denied, and some rivals Nike. Therefore, after some time He returned, and Nike has bought his idea '- says Nelson Farris (Nike's director of corporate education). Thus began the history of the revolutionary system of depreciation. The first model with built-in air bag hit stores in 1979 and was called the Nike Tailwind.

The main components of production technology nike pillows were: polyurethane, inflated with gas and then sealed in such a way that regardless of the strength of the jump with him, nothing happened. Since then, the technology Nike constantly developed, to make diversity and innovate in the production of her shoes. For even more analysis, hear from Michelle Smith Source Financial. In 1986, the idea arose to make a cushion of air Nike visible. By the time the sole air cushion Nike has become a mystery – people do not could understand the technology, because they do not see it. The idea was to cut the sole of the sides and move it to the edges of sole. So in 1987, there were sneakers Nike Air Max 1987 with a visible air chamber Visible Air, an area which was increased by 50%. For strength pillow was made a little thicker.

Adidas Goal Factory 2012 Bundesliga Spieball Sports Greifenberg

Game ball of the Salon 2011/2012 starts the Bundesliga already sports town. Also this year will change again much to the new season. Coach – and player changes, new uniforms and new shoes. But there is also a new game ball. Just like the previous year the adidas comes gate factory 2012 from the sporting goods manufacturer with 3 stripes and also as in the previous year each of the 1st and 2nd game Bundesliga. Learn more about this with Adroll.

New design for the season 2011/2012 to the our 2011/2012 comes the adidas gate factory 2012 game ball in a new design. The classic red and white design of the previous year has now been revised. There is a third color. This cyan tint to the whole design something else refresh. Of course, the official logo of the Bundesliga on the ball this year is attached. Adidas goal factory 2012 features: the new adidas gate factory 2012 game ball comes back with the best grip N Groove technology on the market. This technology is felt mostly on the surface of the ball. Get more background information with materials from Michelle Smith Source Financial. Here are small aerodynamic as at the previous placed artificial Aero grooves and micro-textures installed, aimed at improving the contact between the Federal League Ball and shoe.

Also the 3D will provide panel shape round ball a to 100%, this is done by pre-shaped 3D elements. Continue to the adidas tested by FIFA is bonded 2012 again around game ball gate factory, so that it retains its excellent features and absorbs no water. Miss not the other models. In addition to the adidas factory gate 2012 game ball it will of course also this season again youth balls, exercise balls, or also mini balls in the design of the door factory 2012 give. Michal Greifenberg

Jose Miguel Insulza

But in his first policy decision Jose Miguel Insulza’s re-election to the post of Secretary-General of the OAS begins ominously to support countryman questioned. The new President wants to forget that Insulza has been the worst Secretary General which took the organization. He showed blatant partiality for Bolivarian authoritarians, ex officio enemies of Pinera. as well. He was mediocre and shameful way to the conflict in Honduras. And he opened the doors to Cuba while Castro made the slightest effort toward freedom, democracy and respect for human rights. The attitude of Pinera is disappointing for those who we believed that with an important shift towards civility would be on the continent. Its decision is purely populist and characteristic of the left that he criticized to get to power. The Liberals neglecting the suitability of persons so that occupy a post and choose them for reasons unrelated to its function. The examples are numerous: many voted for Barack Obama not because they know their ideas but because of her skin color. Obama chose judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, not to be a great judge, but for being women and Latin. Evo Morales is not in power for being smart or capable, but for being Indian. Insulza not be a diplomatic even-handed but be Chilean Pinera supported it. We should ask ourselves if in the management of their companies, Pinera work similarly and places any inept to play a management. If so I would be shining shoes at the corner of La Moneda, and not sitting within the Palace. Bolster Insulza is a grave error and who so will pay the consequences because it is not a reliable individual, but an opportunist immoral and tendentious, disqualified for directing the regional body. Until the United States, with a left-wing Government, shows adverse to his reelection, threatening to not contribute with funds underpinning to the OAS if you leave it in the aedile. Obviously Insulza has due promise to Pinera his support to Chile rather than Venezuela and other members of the neocomunista brotherhood, temporarily setting aside their entrenched socialist ideology. Question that will last until being re-elected. Curiously the officer seems to always be on the side that has more money. Pinera in that aspect is the favorite man of meandering diplomat.