Operational Problem

Meanwhile, Today research and development and construction technologies make it possible to use substances that do not affect the basic properties of construction materials, environmentally friendly, can not only resist moisture, and also prevent all the negative processes of destruction of materials that remain stable for up to 25 years of microbiological background space, with subsequent prolongation during reprocessing. As a result, application of new construction technologies and materials, as well as the use of biotechnology developments in this area will solve the problem biorazrusheny, microbiological contamination. The result – improved health and reducing operating costs. One of the most important areas to stabilize and extend the operational characteristics of an object is its defense against the aggressive actions of environment (water, wind, UV exposure), resulting in degraded structures. At each stage of construction – the foundation of the unit, installation of walls and ceilings, the unit of the roof – you should take steps to significantly weaken or eliminate the causes of destruction of structures and reduce the operational life of structures.

The practice substitution urgent matters 'decorative'. Linkedin will not settle for partial explanations. Today, buildings and structures old housing stock are in poor technical condition: they are destroying microbial contamination – fungi and mold. Facelift try to hide all the problems that exist in the old fund. But in fact really only drive the problem into an impasse. Owners of expensive shops and restaurants are not even aware that the microbiological background and colonization of fungi and mold adjacent room greatly exceeds all the standards and their vigorous growth, spread through the air at risk the health of people at work and in these areas, and almost reduced to nothing costly repairs. Time goes by, the old housing stock of moral wear out. (A valuable related resource: Microsoft CMO). And, as dark spots, prominent in the bright sunlight, appear all the 'sins' of builders and designers: disparity space-planning and engineering design solutions that do not provide current level of living comfort as compared to new construction. The problem is to upgrade living quarters.

Construction Of Frame Houses

The technology frame construction in contrast to the log house in which the load-bearing elements are the walls. In frame buildings, performs this function of the entire island or laminated wood. Inside and outside the frame sheathed with sheet or molded material, and the inside is filled with insulation. There are several options for rack mounting: the starting point may be a floor on which the vertical elements are installed or post-and-beam system, which rests on the foundation. Most often used a framework consisting of upper and lower studs of the walls, pillars and beams, strut stiffness, as well as supporting elements – columns and intermediate beams, between which the door and window frames. On a foundation or base, on top of the waterproofing layer is placed and secured with steel anchors of the lower rail, made of carefully dried and antiseptized softwood timbers. Fixed-bearing and corner posts.

Cross section of the last to be not less than 5 sq. cm, the length is determined by the height of a floor, and width – thickness of insulation. On risers fit cantrail. After installing the frame sheathe, insulation and vapor barrier is mounted. The layers are placed in the following order: inner sheathing, vapor barrier, insulation, windproof layer and outer skin. Each element of the pie performs a specific function, so the lack of or poor quality, even laying one layer affects the quality of the whole structure. The inner lining of the walls serves as the basis for the finish.

It can run of boards every section and profile, drywall, DSP, magnesium and other sheet materials, approved by the sanitary standards for residential premises. In the “wet zone” (bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens) for the inner cladding moisture-resistant materials are used. Vapor barrier protects the thermal insulator from the effects of water vapor coming from the premises. This option is very important, because insulation when wet, its thermal insulation properties greatly reduced. As a vapor barrier uses a special membrane film that is installed between the insulation and inner lining of premises. For the insulation layer is windproof, protects wall of blowing, and siding. First frame is sheathed with weatherproof materials (DSP, GreenBoard), then they stuffed the membrane film and kontrbrus, and then attached the external cladding (siding, imitation timber). The outer coating has several functions, in addition to the aesthetic, providing rigidity and protection of the building structural elements of weather. The air gap provides ventilation throughout the structure, protects wood from moisture and heat insulation. Even a brief account of the principles of construction of a frame house reveals a number of advantages of such houses. First of all, the most economical construction: Wood spent less than for the construction of the log or square log houses. Light weight and stability of a frame house allows you to use lighter foundation. frame houses. Another plus of these structures – open plan interiors. The modern frame house – high-tech product. He comes to the consumer in the form of the box, which includes elements of the walls and floors, roof construction, windows, doors, insulation, fixing materials, membrane film, etc. To build a frame house takes 2-3 months, then you are ready for interior decoration.

Excellent Product

To the aid of a variety of special materials with multi-component structure and properties of the narrowly specific application, the production is carried out specialized enterprises. With the advent of product Remmers SD 1 begins a new era of opportunities for application, resistance to stress and technological characteristics. SD 1 product is applied as a standard mineral The sealing system, ie can be applied as a slurry and coating on the walls and floors of buildings. In this case, depending on the load, you can create layers of different thickness, it is also possible to apply multi-layered. After a short time after the seizure, reliable protection is achieved and the absolute sealing of the building element. Blast furnaces Sewer Collectors Mining Agriculture chimneys Biogas Plants Sewage Treatment Plants Waterproofing slurry Remmers SD 1 1-component product is mixed only with water, the highest level of adhesion to the substrate, including the glazed surfaces, exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents, in accordance with DIN EN 12 808, an extremely high resistance to mechanical stress, resistance to stress, created during the cleaning process under high pressure, up to 120 bar at 150 C heat resistance up to + 500 C completely inorganic product does not require mandatory labeling, can withstand water pressure to 5 bar. The highest level of adhesion to smooth relying solely on chemical stability in comparison with other products Excellent mechanical stability of the resistance to heat up to +500 C 1.

Priming product Remmers Kiesol elements that prevent the adhesion must be removed, for example, by sandblasting or by using the Rotec sanding machine. Remmers Kiesol primer in a 1:1 ratio with water is applied evenly to the surface. 2. Mixing Remmers SD 1 Product Remmers SD 1 is poured into 600-650 ml of pure water and stirred with a stirrer for 60 seconds. The product “mature” for about 4 minutes, after which again stirred for about 60 seconds.

3. Shpatlevanie “on cider Remmers SD 1 for packing (sealing), then the ground surface, while the reaction product Remmers Kiesol, top Shpatlevanie “in cider” is applied Remmers SD 1. 4. 1st slime layer Remmers SD 1 As Shpatlevanie alternative “to the cider” (see step 3), the first layer of sludge Remmers SD can be applied to a wide brush (in the reaction Remmers Kiesol). 5. 2nd layer of sludge Remmers SD Apply a second layer of sludge can be carried out over the first layer of slurry (see Step 4) by “fresh on fresh).

Corrosion Protection

In human life is surrounded by a variety of objects made of different materials. Many materials can corrode when exposed to corrosive environments, moisture and heat. Destruction materials due to corrosion of the international community does enormous economic damage, so the corrosion control – one of the most important tasks that must be solved to man. Corrosion protection helps to avoid destruction of materials of different materials and designs. Corrosion protection is any corrosion control coating material over a long period of time. At the present time for corrosion-resistant coating is often used a variety of coating materials (paints). The simplest option – Enamel PF-115, applied to the primed surface.

Priming can be used GF-021 primer. It should be bear in mind that should be used high quality materials, quality of which meets state standards. Only in this case, you can get long-lasting corrosion protection. Coating obtained from using paints made from low-quality low-cost raw materials can not be a good protection against corrosion. The choice of coatings for corrosion-resistant coating make, given the conditions operation and application, the timing requirements of the protective effect of (small – up to 5 years, average – 15 years long – more than 15 years). At the same time period referred to must meet the design life of the protected product. The durability of the coating depends on many factors, but one of the basic – preparing the surface for coating products. To obtain coverage with a long service life is required blasting and application of high-performance epoxy-polyurethane paint compositions, such as universal anticorrosive composition "Gremirust" in conjunction with ground-enamel AU-1-201 or with polyurethane enamel UR-1524M, as well as enamel EP-1267. These compositions are not inferior to the characteristics of imports, and in the global financial crisis were clearly preferred. Today, the production and use of anti-corrosive materials – promising activity. Developed and applied in the production of cleaner and more technologically advanced anti-corrosive coatings

The Carrier

The use of light frame structures allows for the same site area to get more living space, which affects the economic feasibility of the system; moisture condensed inside the system exterior insulation, evaporates quickly, without causing waterlogging design; Possibility store heat in the building envelope (0 C isotherm is located inside the insulating material); no thermal strains in load-bearing wall. All outdoor temperature swings seen insulation obstacle to the destruction of concrete and corrosion of steel reinforcement in the performance of load-bearing walls made of concrete. For concrete virtually no access to CO2, water and other corrosive substances and gases lack of "efflorescence" on facades; in panel construction solves the problem of protecting interpanel seams greatly increases the sound insulation of external walls; possibility to use both new construction and renovations on buildings. Like every technology or design, the system of "wet" facade has some limitations. First of all – the seasonality of works, because This technology requires a wet processes, which can be only in warm weather (up to +5 C). Facade insulation systems of "wet" type design are classified into two types: – Systems with rigid fixation of a heater on the wall ("sealed" type) – a system with flexible (mobile) fasteners insulation. As a heater in the "wet fronts" are used penopolitisrolnye plate mark 25, corresponding terbovaniyam fire safety set out in the NPB 244-97: have a group of combustibility – T1 according to GOST 30244-94 (flammable material on SNIP 21-01-97), a group of flammability in accordance with GOST 30402-96 B2 (flammable material is moderately to snip 2101-97). Calculation parozaschity walls shall be in accordance with the requirements of SNIP II-3-79 *. Values average ambient air temperatures, by SNiP 23-01-99 "Building climatology." The use of polystyrene foam on the facade of the building as recommended in the case when the cladding (the carrier or self-supporting) piece made of porous materials based on lightweight concrete.

Harmonious Lighting Key To Success In The Repair Of Apartments

Comfort and convenience of modern apartment depend on the quality of lighting, thanks to the light effect, we are able to completely change the perception of the dim interior. The possibility of new lighting systems are so broad that, depending on the situation, without any rearrangement of furniture can be transformed into your apartment in different variations. Novelty lighting equipments market does not stand still and make new adjustments of their products, thereby allowing consumers to their products to make harmonious combinations in their houses interiors of apartments offices. For a long time we are accustomed to an older, conservative design of the light flat but the traditional chandelier or the ceiling, hanging motionless in the center of an apartment or a room, floor lamps and sconces with static, once and for all the selected lines of light beams do not meet modern standards of illumination space apartment. The main criteria of today – the harmony and diversity, which can be achieved by combining the comfort of the scattered or reflected light from moving light fluxes caused by bright rays of the directional lighting. Perhaps a very long list novelty lighting market, but we will focus only on some of the most popular and interesting ways of lighting. Harmonious to the eye lighting a mild teneobrazuyuschimi properties and uniform distribution of brightness of light reflected from the surface of the walls, ceiling and floor, ceiling lights give the form of a sphere or a hemisphere.

They are not transparent and not miss the blinding light, breaking the direct rays. The scattered rays of light have the greatest factor of utility and is likely suitable for interior lighting of your apartment. The same type of lighting can create and halogen lamps, mounted on metal structures or mounted in or suspended ceilings. It is interesting to place these lights in the ends of the suspended structures to reflect on horizontal surface, and the most convenient option is the one in which they can change the angle of illumination, thereby filling the apartment in harmonious combinations.


Making repairs on a regular basis and on their own? Then you can not read the recommendations below. This is only for those who, like the author, never made repairs on their own. We have always worked on this home only dad, in fact, he never allowed home, explaining that the rest of him only in the way, and he will do everything yourself. Pick up your own home, had to deal with this problem. Has already passed the 9 months in anticipation of the beginning of this wonderful event in my life. Perhaps this is because for the first time.

Money always not enough thought in terms of design with each new scatter seen the magazine, dedicated to design and repair, as well as with each visit to a well-renovated apartment or building materials store. The choice is enormous. DESIGN This is perhaps the most crucial moment, because very often happen in apartments, which are embedded in the repair of relatively large sums, but no comfort, no joy for the eyes, these interiors are not brought. Error in most cases is the wrong choice of colors, as well as the fact that no dimensions accounted for an apartment: for small Russian apartments are selected materials (and furniture) that are designed to repair the apartments of the American standard: a large bright picture, silk or bamboo wallpaper. I have already absolutely not talking about a style that can only pick up a professional or a person with very good taste.

So I would recommend for the dreams of good repair more inclined towards moderation, perhaps even asceticism, as in this case, the details are always easier to add than to remove. Also not recommended to blindly follow other people's ideas. Temperament, tastes and lifestyles are different. You can create beautiful interiors apartment, but the problem will only be one – you do not fit into this interior, in their own home will be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Garden Site

The appearance of your garden each represents a different way. But all the gardens in common – a place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by wildlife. Every summer resident seeks to acquire a beautiful summer gazebo. As to choose the most appropriate model for such facilities to the site? How to translate ideas into reality? How to make this element of the garden plot is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing? First you need to define the purpose of construction: why put up a conversation in the garden. To become an ideal place to relax, it should be possible to meet the needs of all households. The direct appointment of gazebos in the garden today – expand the functional space holiday home and remove the burden from the veranda, living room or kitchen. Therefore, it is important to provide a device roads and trails that will connect the house, gazebo and, if necessary, household premises. If you plan to install inside the gazebo table and bench, this must be taken into account already in the initial calculation of the size of the structure.

If you plan to place the gazebo next to the barbecue or grill, it is to consider when choosing a site for construction of pavilions to subsequently do not have to trim interfering branches or plants. Garden arbor can serve not only as a place of rest, but at the same time be a bright decorative spot in your garden. To do this you need to consider design design pergola, its location on the site, as well as its functionality. There are many factors that should also be taken into account: the microclimate site mobility of soil, light and shadow angles of incidence from the adjacent buildings, fences and tall trees at different times of day. The most important condition for choosing the site for construction of pavilions – a beautiful view from it.


Upon completion of all preparatory works (leveling walls, putty, wallpaper pasting, etc.) can begin to paint the walls. Surface quality requirements for color putty walls (without wall for painting) is the same as staining the ceiling (even, smooth, no scratches, surface). It should be remembered that the matte latex paint requires less surface quality than the glossy. When painting walls putty (no wallpaper under painting) should be applied three coats of paint, and the first layer is the ground. As a primer you can use latex paint, which is expected to paint the walls of the main, though most preferably use recommended by the manufacturer of the paint primer. When painting the walls with wallpaper with only two coats of paint (primer is eliminated).

Step 2. Work gloves Gloves. Pour latex paint into a clean bucket (recommended to use a 16-liter plastic buckets firms 'Terraco' with a lid). Adding water, electric mixer with paddle drill "mixer" to bring to the consistency of 'milk'. Attention! If you run a thick paint that dries show more intense staining of bands the joints. White latex paint, for example POWERTEX can be tinted to the desired color using the color scheme, such as Kohler 'Mixol'.

If you are working with Kohler (liquid or powder) should be pre-diluted with water-based paint in a shallow dish, such as a glass ( 100 ml). Gradually add the mixture to the main paint (mixing with a mixer) to achieve the desired intensity. Approximate consumption latex paint for walls (the room with the ceiling area of 16 m ) is equal to 6 or 7 liters. Wait until the foam settles. For painting the walls need to roll with fur fur platen (a roller to coat Nozzle 'PAINTER'S CHOICE' of a light green material for all dull colors. Polypropylene double base resistant to water, solvents and will not crack. For the average surface roughness. Width 22.5 cm, has the effect of 'orange peel', height 16-18 mm nap), brush brush. Soaking water-based paint roller to perform with the bath-bath paint, with paint in a bucket, pour in before the tub, mix with a mixer. Before you start painting the walls should be saturate coat latex paint roller, that is, roll it in a clean, flat surface, such as the back of the unnecessary wallpaper, laid out on the floor (rather 1-1.5 m ). When painting walls putty (no wallpaper under paint) to control the uniformity of staining of the surface (the thickness and texture, blending colors) need more light. In this case, use a cartridge with electric light bulbs with Chuck (Energy-saving lamp of white light at 15 watts, it is recommended to use the shade). Unlike incandescent lamps, more secure and virtually no heat the cartridge. Further highlighting the work surface when painting walls with wallpaper backlight bulbs do not need.

Upland House

In addition, Broken fence triggers off the wind and after its sharp decline. Since the vortices are formed which destroy the soil and greenery. Defining style fencing. Experts advise to choose a fence that will match the style of construction, which actually will ogorazhivat.Esli you are the owner of a small one-story house, then it will be enough wood fence or a fence from the grid. The main purpose of the fence in this case is simply fencing the area from accidental intrusion.

If you are the owner of a large family house, then your options are: a fence of corrugated, welded metal fence, wrought-iron fence. If the house is brick, it is best to fence and was a brick. But at the same time it can be combined, combine elements of different types of fence. For example, if you make the columns of bricks, and the spans of wrought iron gratings or corrugated. Durability.

You must determine how long you expect to use the fence. Keep in mind that no matter how careful you are not treated with a fence made of wood, over time, it still would have to handle or change. Options of other materials are preferred, if you're aiming for longevity of the fence. The height of the fence. If you have decided on the type of fence, you should think about his height. If you have a fence from the grid, you need not do it very high, because it will not be pretty. If you want to use a solid fence to escape the gaze of strangers, it should be the determination of its height and also take into account the position of the plot. If you are on Upland, the angle of the smaller, and can not do a very high fence. If you're in a valley, you will need an increase in height.