Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra

Posted in News on October 19th, 2017
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For the production of Leberzellsuspension, vital human liver cells from non-transplantable donor livers are isolated and then processed to a drug. To do this, Cytonet has developed proprietary, optimized process. This procedure guarantees Cytonet standardized liver cells from consistently high quality that meet all safety aspects. Also, Cytonet can draw on many years of experience […]


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The Cytonet group is active in the field of medical biotechnology Mannheim, March 24, 2010. The Cytonet group is active in the field of medical biotechnology and new customer of the Mannheim agency magnolia. The agency designed a new claim for Cytonet first, developed a brochure and a presentation. Cytonet in the cell therapy is […]

KOINOR Opts For The New Bpi Publisher

Posted in News on September 14th, 2017
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Cross media publishing by bpi solutions in the furniture industry which has 1953 enterprises KOINOR is developed from humble beginnings to one of the most important manufacturers of upholstered furniture in Europe. High standards for quality, beauty, design, value and reasonable prices have brought KOINOR on course for success. The area contains approximately 50,000 square […]

Therapeutics Fund

Posted in News on September 8th, 2016
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KG, wants to RAPID a Introduce AIDS therapy in the form of nasal sprays in the U.S. market. In a second phase, planned for 2013, Pharma wants to deliver RAPID this product also in Western Europe. In a third phase, the product in other countries is introduced so the information of the Leontis equity fund […]

Successful Kick-off Event Of The Emission House Faraman

Posted in News on June 21st, 2016
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With its annual opening event the issuing House Faraman on 17 and 18 January has launched 2013 fiscal year. Hotel approximately 110 interested financial advisors from all over Germany followed the call at the RAMADA Magdeburg. The focus of this year’s event was the question of how to improve the quality of financial advice for […]

Christmas Is There

Posted in News on May 26th, 2015
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Online-shop Zarsen.de celebrates 10th anniversary and presents its customers home shoppt it is best: who wants to pounce when this year’s Christmas shopping in the mass or want to waste no precious time in the queues, buys his Christmas gifts on the Internet. First address in terms of consumer electronics and appliances is now ten […]

Environment Fund

Posted in News on May 20th, 2015
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…Makes more garbage… The new Ventafonds participation, eco-energy of Environment Fund 1 invests in recycling the future. It is a crux. The production of plastics is expensive. The chemical synthesis processes need valuable resources such as petroleum, coal, natural gas. Five percent of world’s funded oil flows in the manufacture of plastics. At the end […]

Latest Technology

Posted in News on May 19th, 2015
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For nearly two decades a fully integrated work environment not 20 miles from Munich’s notion of the industrial area TechnoPark Munich the TechnoPark in the Munich-based East was Southeast of the heart one of the first commercial areas of Munich 1990 and was a pioneer in this sector. Already at that time had the initiator […]

Software statisticsBRAIN

Posted in News on January 19th, 2015
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Intelligent weighing, data and communication technologies interconnected all operational functions Balingen, February 11, 2010 – by goods receipt, processing up to the marking of packaging units: in meat processing plants, the weight is a key operational size and an integral part of the process and production engineering. It informs about the provision of the material, […]


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And at the agritechnica 2011 in Hannover moved the biogas company MFB, BKW and Dr. Friedmann with one of the agency designed the attention booth. In the year 2012, ADVERMA has orders for trade shows in the pipeline now again for seven major trade fairs. These are: EuroCis (Europe’s leading technology trade show for the […]

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