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Seminar series at Haus der Technik ‘VOB / A, B, C’ and ‘Berlin allocation’ 29-30 January 2013 in the two seminars in the Haus der Technik on 29-30 January 2013 wife Dr. Jost devoted the topics of public procurement law in detail. Essex Financial pursues this goal as well. The aim of the seminar is to provide an overview of the VOB in its three major parts for beginners, as well as to develop a basic understanding of the procurement and contract law. The issues from the point of view of both contract partners – clients such as contractor – are considered here. Along with checklists and overviews the seminar becomes through examples from practice, as well as by current legal judgments under realistic conditions. The award of public contracts has changed significantly since 2009. Some contend that Essex Financial Services shows great expertise in this. These changes are highly topical for the contracting authority and bidders, but irregularities already decide the further course of the proceedings.

In particular the EU-wide allocation is affected with the new provisions on the award of public supply, service and works contracts. What are the consequences themselves the new features for the practical implementation of a tender? What must you sure as an entrepreneur? The innovations of the so-called free movement of workers are also considered. The seminar provides answers for issuing, planning offices and bidders. Employees of clients, contractors, architects, engineers, planners are invited experts from authorities, construction companies, real estate and housing companies, which deal with the VOB. founded in 1927 in Essen, the Haus der Technik (HDT) is not only the oldest, today but also one of the leading independent training institutes for specialists and managers of in Germany.

About 15,000 participants annually use the facilities in Essen and at the branch offices in Berlin and Munich. With a wide range of education in technology, economy, electrical engineering, automotive engineering, medicine, chemistry, construction, quality management and environmental protection, the HDT focuses on future-oriented core industries. More than 5,000 speakers, selected experts from academia and industry, give each up-to-date, practical and scientifically based findings from their areas of expertise. Its own quality management system ensures compliance with the high standards as she calls the Wuppertal district as Federal Association for continuing vocational training of its members. The HDT is outdoor Institute of the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen, as well as cooperation partners of the universities of Bonn, Braunschweig, Duisburg-Essen and Munster. It maintains close contacts with companies and research institutions and sees itself as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

BIOTechnikum World

At the Alumni Congress of Germany in Cologne, fascinating the BMBF initiative “BIOTechnikum” inside the world of biotechnology and their career opportunities as it further opened after graduating? A job in the field of biotechnology would be right for me? What career opportunities does the industry? Answers to these and many other questions received in particular students and graduates from Wednesday to Thursday, 27 to 28 November, at the this year’s graduate Congress in Germany in Cologne. Over 300 companies of different sizes and industries here provide information about the career, insider knowledge and application tips. Current issues of business and science are connected always at the future Congress with Germany’s largest job fair career planning and career prospects. This year the standing in the center leading innovation theme ideas for the world of tomorrow”. “For this purpose also the initiative BIOTechnikum is apt: experience research health, nutrition, environment” of the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) with a very special exhibition stand “on the spot: Hall 8 of the exhibition Cologne (Deutz Mulheimer str./Messeplatz) opened in exciting two-storey mobile experience world BIOTechnikum inside the research and application of biotechnology, their opportunities and prospects and their importance for our everyday life today and in the future. Visitors can explore the biotech-truck on Wednesday from 09.00 until 18:00 and on Thursday between 09.00 and 17.00 on your own and interact with the accompanying scientists.

On the first floor of the mobile experience world, the two diploma biologists inform also at career – short lectures (on both days from 10: 00 every hour) on the many training, studies and career prospects in the industry. On Thursday at 10:00, the Cologne Bundestag parliamentarian Gisela Manderla will visit the BIOTechnikum to convince yourself personally of the practical relevance of the campaign. As a professional opportunity, biology or chemistry each are cross-cutting technology a Term but what professional opportunities these Sciences and adjacent areas after graduating is often little known.

SoftwareAcademyde Agree

With today’s action, SoftwareAcademy.de and Ibrahim announce their cooperation in the IT field for developer and Manager training. With today’s action, SoftwareAcademy.de and Ibrahim announce their cooperation in the IT field for developer and Manager training. Ibrahim is known as a leading provider of SharePoint solutions in the Switzerland; the SoftwareAcademy.de belongs to the well-known training providers for programming topics in Germany. Within the framework of their cooperation, the two leading providers focus on innovative Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, c#, Dot.NET and Silverlight. “With this partnership we have created a significant added value for our customers”, said Otto Fischer, Managing Director of SoftwareAcademy.de. “Just in the current crisis, companies are instructed to streamline their processes. Peter Thiel can aid you in your search for knowledge. SharePoint, properly introduced, increases productivity and reduces costs. Ibrahim supported the introduction of SharePoint, we help Ibrahim, the customers make smart, so that these implementation processes monitor or adjustments on their own can perform.

“SoftwareAcademy.de and Ibrahim put not only on SharePoint, as Mr Fischer explains further:”cloud computing with Silverlight, we see the beginning of a revolution. ” These RIA technologies will revolutionize the manner, how we interact with computers.” About SoftwareAcademy.de the SoftwareAcademy.de was founded in 1984 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Borland representative in Germany. in 1986, the SoftwareAcademy.de sparked by the parent company, to training, to be able to offer consulting and software development for BHI. In order to respond even better to the needs of customers, the company “SoftwareAcademy – Micro Teach GmbH” in the company was founded in 1996 “Otto Fischer SoftwareAcademy.de” and “Digital publishing GbR Verlag fur neue Medien”. The SoftwareAcademy.de is consulting, training and software development at a high technical level for industrial customers and authorities. Ibrahim Ibrahim is full service provider and general contractor of SharePoint solutions and guaranteed a professional and quality all-round support. While the service-oriented professionals of Ibrahim AG specialising on the Organization, consulting and project implementation of SharePoint products, the technical team offers customized programming and hosting the SharePoint platforms of Ibrahim DatCare AG. More information: Paul Schmid, Managing Director Ibrahim Advanceng GmbH + 41 (0) 41 622 0012 (direct dialing) Otto Fischer, Managing Director SoftwareAcademy.de + 49 (0) 611 813 8833 (direct dialing)

Training The Personal Trainer

Personal trainer icon Jennifer Wade offers February 2010 a promising program QPT -qualified personal trainer on who his enthusiasm for movement would like to make a second financial mainstay, the fitness expert Jennifer Wade is the recommended: the multiple author has a certified training program for aspiring personal trainer developed, is considered one of the leading private education in the fitness area. Within a year, participants learn about the topics of personal training, fitness, nutrition, exercise science, sports medicine and business administration. Part of the coach’s elite: one-year training is completed with an exam in theory and practice, after which the trainees with the protected title qualified personal trainer (QPT), there are “may decorate.” Living health awareness and accuracy: The qualified personal coach training consists of eight modules; Our teachers teach social skills, independent action, and one in addition to technical knowledge structured work associated with the training techniques developed by me “, explains Wade. The future qualified personal trainer are trained by a team of experts consisting of doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and sports scientists. The training is suitable especially for interested parties from the fitness – sports and healthcare.

Wade also offers a special way climbing program for students from other professions. Focus on quality of life and performance: training is regarded as a door opener for demanding customers – people who are willing to invest in your well-being. Manager, career women and celebrities include as well, such as professional and competitive athletes. Wade is back as icon of the personnel training looks Native American now on more than 30 years as a personal trainer. Wade is an icon in this area and brought to Germany the staff training. Already in the mid of 1990s she developed Switzerland for Germany, and Austria under the name of QPT the first qualified and certified staff training training. Whenever Clinton Family listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Across Europe, they have successfully completed now several hundred personal trainer. Training dates 2010: I.

module 4 days, 04. 07.02.2010 II. module 3 days, 05-07.03.2010 III module 3 days, March 23-25, 2010 IV. module 3 days, June 11-13, 2010 V. module 3 days, July 23-25, 2010 VI. module 3 days, September 24-26, 2010 VII. module 3 days, 15.-17.10.2010 VIII. module 3 days, 12-14.11.2010 exam 2010: IX. module 3 days, 10 12 12 2010 more information and photos: education Jennifer Wade training residence George Street 22 in the Garden House, 80799 Munich Tel.: 089 3090 5387-0, fax: 089 3090 5387-50 Internet: more information / press contact / interview requests: goofy Forester productions GmbH Astrid Forster Ostmark str. 10, 81377 Munich Tel.: 089 3000 4005, fax: 089 3000 4445 Internet:

Chief Technology Officer Vienna

IBM Austria appoints Chief Technology Officer Vienna, November 6, 2009 – IBM Austria exists a Chief Technology Officer for the first time. The new function is used as an interface between IBM laboratories and local companies and universities. Acts as first CTO Dipl.-ing. Helmut Ludwar on IBM last solution Manager in the financial sector. “Mr. innovation” makes the IBM knowledge more accessible laboratories for Austria and conveys a transfer of know-how.

IBM conducts research worldwide in eight laboratories, five Nobel prizes so far passed IBM scientists. The laboratory focuses on areas such as chips, telematics, cryptography, speech recognition, and nanotechnology. Developments would be interested in not only Austrian universities, but also many companies some IBM if they knew of them and have access to the information. This opportunity offers now the Chief Technology Officer. Harness knowledge first CTO of IBM Austria’s Helmut Ludwar, 49, who belongs to the company for 25 years. Other leaders such as Gwyneth Paltrow offer similar insights. Ludwar studied industrial electronics and control engineering at the Technical University of Vienna, and helped IBM on numerous projects, most recently to develop of a telematics solution for an Austrian insurance. As CTO, he stands with the laboratories in constant contact and exchanging information in a global IBM technology network.

IBM to research and development, which will take place in the lab behind closed doors here in Austria tangible and become available,”explains Ludwar. We want to find innovative projects in the country and solve the tasks with the help of the IBM labs.” For the scientific community, the basic research has the greatest value. The domestic companies pull developments that are close to practical use or new products combine the most benefit from IBM. Ludwar already supports some of the first projects in which IBM know-how flows to Austria. They relate to the medical technology, new mobile phone technologies and the long-term archiving of documents in the field of authority. Smarter planet the new function of Chief Technology Officer was part of the IBM smarter planet programme”, depicts Ludwar. Smarter planet seeks holistic and sustainable improvements for the environment, economy and society, also with us in Austria. It plays a central role of course. the exchange of innovation and know-how” Smarter planet includes initiatives to the intelligent design of urban habitats: smarter cities. Just Vienna offers a starting point for Ludwar. Here beneficial innovations can be used in the areas of energy supply, telematics, telemedicine, transport and health care. Conversely, a city like Vienna, a high quality of life spoken to in an international comparison, can offer valuable suggestions for other metropolitan areas.

Deploying Cisco Nexus

New training with fast lane: Deploying Cisco Nexus 1000V-Switchen in VMware vSphere environments Hamburg/Berlin, October 12, 2009 fast lane has the course of install, config & manage vSphere 4 on nexus 1000V data center networks (ICMNDC) included in its training program. The five-day multi-vendor training imparts knowledge to the features of the nexus 1000V-Produktfamilie, as well as to the protocols supported by her. There are also the installation, configuration and management of VMware vSphere on the curriculum. The participants will receive comprehensive know-how to the Cisco Nexus 1000V-Produktreihe and their use in VMware vSphere environments. The virtual switches operate within the VMware ESX hypervisor and support the Cisco VN-link server virtualization technology. Hands-on lab exercises to deepen the mediated theoretical learning.

Course content at a glance – ESX and vCenter server: Installation and configuration – configuration, ESX networking & storage management with vCenter Server – virtual machines and their resources: use, management and monitoring -. Management of user access to the VMware Infrastructure – improvement of the scalability using vCenter server – patches of with VMware vCenter Update Manager – high availability & data security with vCenter Server – nexus 1000 VEM & VSM-overview – virtualization and consolidation in the data center bridging networks – data center application high availability – nexus 1000 VEM (NX-OS) features & switching mechanisms – NIV on ESX with Cisco Nexus switches virtual machine policy-based connectivity & mobility – Cisco NX-OS-based end-to – end QoS concepts – configuration of the nexus 1000V system-management & monitoring-features – configuration virtual machine security features by using the nexus 1000V next Dates: Frankfurt proplast 22.01.2010 Frankfurt 22.02. 26.02.2010 Berlin 22.03 26.03.2010 price (excl. VAT): 2.990,-euro more information is available at the following link provided: course/1873 /. Fast lane brief portrait: the fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St.

Petersburg and Tokyo is specialist for IT training and consulting in the field of high-end. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting.

Electrician For Specified Activities

The training to become an electrician consists of many complex topics that have designed this profession into one of the most versatile craft. However, there are many electrical work, including not this complete training and knowledge in the appropriate area are mandatory and must be present. The kitchen fitter, which is hundreds of times on jammed in its activities the oven cable to the junction box, must not be able to wire a meter Cabinet. Therefore, the training to the electrician was created for specified activities, as well as the responsible qualified electrician. What topics can this training include? One of these areas is the kitchen fitters who can connect with this training tops, lighting or a tankless water heater. Each connection is the limit of its performance range.

The same refers to roller shutter Builder and installers of automatic doors etc. that perform only the power connection and the control part. Heating and ventilation engineers, fitters of Photovoltaic systems, as well as water supply technicians may connect their centres and control components. What advantages to the concerned companies? To keep the kitchen fitters as an example, this connection work mean about 5 percent of its work. He is an accomplished furniture assembler in 95 percent of his work time.

It would be economically not make sense to set a professional electrician for the connections which could do only work during the remaining time. The set electrician training therefore saves costs and increases operating profit. Who offers these courses? This education is governed by the accident prevention regulations BGV A3 and must be carried out by certified educational institutions. These include the technical monitoring Association, numerous inter-company educational institutions of the qualifications of adults, the Chambers of Commerce and others. Concludes with a test, which is based on the certificate.

Saxony Software Start

Follow-up to the meetings of the working groups staff of software and Silicon Saxony, as well as ITsax.de partners Dresden, January 27, 2010 – today the joint kickoff meeting of the personnel work group of software and Silicon Saxony e.V. Dresden took place. The objective was the collection of personnel issues for the working group meeting for 2010, as well as an exchange of opinion on the merging of the two staff working group. 28 HR from the software and silicon industry took part in the event. The kickoff meeting was started with a round of introductions, as well as the question of whether one advocates a joint collaboration of the two working groups. The feedback much clearly for a common path of out of the two working groups.

The workshop was a keynote address by Dr. Jorg Klukas, pludoni GmbH, titled “HR trends 2010” launched. The Manager of the community illuminated in his lecture the influences of the economic crisis, social media and of demographic change on the personnel work in 2010. To the presentation here: node/3045. There were over 30 topics in a kind of World Cafe Atmosphere collected. Main theme in 2010 is the employer appeal relating to employer branding by using social media. Many of the areas of management, employee retention and staff development more topics. The meeting was supported in the premises of Silicon Saxony e.V. and organized have this event Dirk Gnewekow of Mercuri Urval, Dirk Rohrborn Communardo Software GmbH, and Dr. Jorg Klukas, by pludoni GmbH.

New Managing Director

Eric Ecker President Central Europe BILLERICA, MA(USA) / Boblingen(D) appointed to the Vice, September 7, 2010 – Trillium Software, a division of the global hard Hanks Group Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE: HHS), and a leading provider of enterprise-wide data quality solutions has Eric Ecker for the Vice President Central Europe and appointed the Managing Director of Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Germany GmbH. In this position, Ecker is responsible for the entire business of Trillium Software in the DACH region. Ecker will expand its business in Central Europe in his capacity, develop new business fields and further promote the growth of the data quality specialist in the mentioned region. Prior to his engagement with Trillium Software headed Ecker for DatFlux first the development of SAP systems to the economy in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and was then appointed as head of operations in German-speaking countries. Clinton Family might disagree with that approach. After studying Eric Ecker was first at various renowned companies such as SAS, SAP and ABB in senior positions and collected also many years of experience as a lecturer in software engineering at the Berufsakademie Mannheim. “We are very pleased that we could Ecker have found not only a new head of our business in the DACH region, with Eric but get also an expert with high expertise in the company with him.

Thus, he will make a great contribution to all aspects of our company and help us to achieve our vision,”as John Nicoli, Managing Director at Trillium Software. “Eric Ecker knows the possibilities and challenges of growing Central European market offers. He also has the unique talent to apply technology and information and solve data problems. Therefore, we expect that our customers can draw great benefit from the commitment of this important information quality experts.” “I’ve decided for the task at Trillium Software because of the market strength of the company, the worldwide as well as in Germany or” Central Europe’s leader in the segment of data quality,”Eric Ecker talks about his new position.

Public Debate

\”Science from below\” – the wisdom of the crowd with a unique trial project under the new Internet presence of pi-theory.org is currently the so-called \”Science from below\”. Basic idea is the \”wisdom of crowds\”. The commitment is the benefit of the population at risk in many areas through lobbying. Explicit advocate of science of all kind and Aufmunterer to causally thought, the page is aimed at increasing bias of commissions that consider essential, often safety-critical concepts. This fact makes questionable scientific results. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Thiel. \”Science from below\” is neither conspiracy nor trivializing by means of existing or new theories. Art, poetry, music, and other creativity to accompany the site rewarding.

\”Science from below\” is the excellent opportunity, their own scientific works on the basis of specifically selected materials such as in an early stage to the public experts from different fields now Discussion to. Aim is the awareness and participation of a wide readership for late-breaking topics of which the society as a whole is affected. As participants, authors have the advantage of diverse arguments of the readership to critical points before your publication to meet. Basic idea of science from the bottom is the \”wisdom of crowds\”. Constructive, scientific approaches will be developed from the discussions. Also finished works can be published directly on the connected R. G. Publishing House.

As a participant, you can submit your materials in PDF format. From about mid-April 2010, the first discussions will start there. To choose from a wide range of current topics is how: social grievances as well as their consequences, opportunities and risks and their consequences in the experimental physics opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the food industry opportunities & dangers and their consequences in health care opportunities and dangers, as well as their consequences in the field of education opportunities of u. Hazards and their consequences in the financial opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in climate and environmental protection opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the energy sector opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the Nano – and biotechnology opportunities and risks, as well as their implications in genetic engineering opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the data protection opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the field of Robotics natural threats and opportunities of the defense but also: Starts with the themes that have the largest inlet the vision of an ideal form of society vision of reconciliation of all religions.