According to Foot. Robert these devices are eminently practical and can give good services. The Telauxiofono device is last word, on telephony with wire, not only for the vigor and inteligibilidade with that it transmits the word, but also because, with it, if the effect of the telephone get all ' ' high-parlatore' ' of teatrofono. With this notable difference, that if treating to the teatrofonia, is enough one alone transmitter, for greater that is the number of the concertantes. Moreover, with ' ' Telauxiofono' ' , the problem of the limitless telephony will become a practical and economic reality. For its time this device revolutionized the transmission of instrumental sounds and voices human beings.

' ' Caleofono' ' , as the precedent, it also works with wire, and it is original because, instead of touching the bell to call, it makes to hear the articulated or instrumental sound. He is very appropriate for offices. ' ' Anematofono' ' , with which, without wire, one gets all the effect of the common telephony, however with much more clearness and security, visa to function still same with wind and bad weather. This device is admirable, for the entirely new laws that disclose. ' ' Teletiton? , species of phonetic telegraphy with which, without wire, two people can themselves be communicated, without they are heard by another one.

I believe that with this system it will be able to be transmitted by means of the electric energy the great distances and with much economy, without she is necessary to use of wire or conducting handle. This system invented for the Foot. Landell, does not use none of the devices or parts until today imagined, for other scientists, for this end. This new system invented for the Foot, Landell considers an accurate resolution to the problem of the telegraphy without wire. Edifono? finally it serves to dulcificar and to purify the vibrations parasites the fonografada voice, reproducing it the natural one.