The Camera

A cooling system with numerous streams directed to different sides, provides fast and uniform cooling products. Electronics and Automatics their way into refrigerators. There is models of refrigerators in which the temperature sensors determine the still warm 'newbie' who is in the camera, and send it to a strong flow of cold air. Widely used automatic defrost refrigerator camera. In refrigerators with no forced air circulation – this is 'crying wall'. In refrigerators with automatic defrost system, so the moisture from the air condenses on the back of the camera and turns it into frosting.

Periodically, when the compressor is not working, frost is melting and dripping on the outside of the channel capacity of the unit, where the moisture evaporates. Naturally, automatic defrosting eliminates the need to periodically defrost fridge to wash it. In the cold room to store products that do not require a deep freeze. It should not be packed to capacity – it is necessary that air can circulate freely between the products, then products much longer will delight you with freshness. Freezer in the fridge freezers achieved sufficiently low temperature, and it is very important that the energy of the fridge went not to the formation of coat of frost and to maintain the desired temperature of chilled foods. If the refrigerator is used Eastholme cooling No-frost, then in the chamber forced circulation of cold air so that it does not frost is formed. Moisture from the air turns into frost outside the freezer, the same frost periodically melted and vaporized.