The Futurists

Yes, the dislocador dream of a full identification of motor and men Marinetti leans. That will be the new health, announced by the own Nietzsche and now converted into a space reduced and circumscribed, given that foreign aborts. If the man is now space to conquer we must take into account metaphysics reappears in the most unexpected way, since this postevolucionista man intervened by objects of the biotech will become, literally, a metaphysical man. Futurism was associated speed to auto. With the train and all that moved by motor.

The speed is now in electromagnetic waves. Within little Internet will come by way of electricity, not the phone. Well we can say that the speed of light is the new limit, one that we froze. There is no subjective interpretation or dissociation from objective appearances. We no longer know well that it is reality. The unit of perception of man and his relationship with what is real, is broken if it is that something we can keep calling as well. The human eye has been superseded by the synthetic image. In times of Marinetti speed amounted to decrease in time, to a savings between arrival and departure.

Now we just arrived and it is not necessary to begin with. Speed has become absolute immobility. Virilio reminds us to tell us of the initially moving man, then car and finally motil, i.e., one that has limited their movements and in whose houses soon won’t exist Windows, Windows as in Shakespeare and Pessoa in his sonnets, more only screens and cables that occupy the ancient sites of them. Already not can be said to be mean here. The transmission goes directly to making this planet one without space and distance. We need not move us, the violent air removed by machine that has failed to move the futurists has been replaced by the paradox that all It happens in this place anywhere where we nailed or fixed receivers electromagnetic waves.