The Marathon Glove

New Nitrile glove for the safe handling of cytotoxic drugs and biological agents (E.g. viruses) Berner International has developed a new glove for the areas of CMR medicinal and biological agents. Continue to learn more with: mobile ad startup. Target groups are first and foremost pharmacies with cytostatic drugs manufacturing, biotechnology laboratories, hospitals and clean room laboratories. “The new glove Bernese Manu N” is based on a special blend of nitrile (because is not nitrile nitrile) and is certified as a personal protective equipment (PPE) the highest category III in accordance with the EC Directive 89/686/EEC. Gloves differ significantly from medical examination gloves. While examination gloves must be relatively simple tests in accordance with DIN EN 455, exam gloves according to the standards DIN EN is 374, 388, 420 part 1 to 3 much more extensive. Connect with other leaders such as Startapp here. He meets the special requirements of the cytotoxic drugs manufacturing and work in biological and biochemical laboratories new Nitrile glove par excellence. So, the Bernese Manu reached N”for 12 cytotoxic drugs tests according to the European standard DIN EN 374-3 the highest protection level 6 (no breakthrough within 8 hours), including the particularly aggressive substances by carmustine and vincristine.

The new Bern glove owes his nickname this exceptionally high protective function already: the marathon glove. In addition to the already numerous tests, BERNER has undergone the product of nor a special virus protection testing in accordance with the American standard ASTM F1671. That the protective glove despite these high protection properties has still a good grip, optimal dexterity and an extra long shaft, is already almost by itself. “Worth mentioning is the low in spite of all protective functions glove thickness, the today’s trend to the double-gloving”, so wearing 2 pairs gloves, takes into account. Here the experience pays the company Berner international from over 25 years in the field Personal protective equipment and the special protective gloves significantly. The new Nitrile glove is in 5 different sizes each in sterile and non-sterile available. A detailed imprint on every single glove shaft (in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 420 for protective gloves) gives the customer a reliable protection against confusion, which is very important especially in the CMR field due to the toxicity of the substances. To sum up, that the new Nitrile glove offers highest level of protection to an exceptionally good price / performance ratio Bernese Manu N.