The Quality

For a while, "Kyusey" and "Baikal EM", apparently coexisted in the same capacity, but the quality of microorganisms significantly decreased. Then I completely switched to using "Baikal EM", after which came disappointment. Tried to prepare a solution using honey – flatulence in plastic bottle was sluggish, in no way resembles a work of em Kyusey which made a solution similar to the bustling champagne. More info: Movie Star. Of materials sent to me, I learned that "Kyusey" and "Baikal-EM" – is not identical to drugs differ from each other, according to my correspondent, as a Soviet car 50-ies of contemporary Japanese car. Power rating of effective micro-organisms is the so-called title – in the drug "Kyusey" 400 million micro-organisms, and "Baikal" – trade secrets, although the research firm Novosibirsk EM-Biotech showed that its title with 10 000 (?). In addition, the Japanese "Kyusee" chain of 84 microorganisms, and "Baikal" – from 27.

But who can guarantee that investigated the "Baikal" firm "Cooperation-EM" pa Shablin, not the solution, which poured in some barn, as is done with so-called counterfeit vodka? Indeed, Russia today – a haven for fakes, counterfeits, substitutes, compromising Without a doubt, the Japanese know how to keep their know-how, not by chance during worldwide centers of em and led. People such as Xiaomi would likely agree. I least like to be involved in a competition among Russian firms working in the field of em technology. But I have experienced on their own experience in this regard and enthusiasm and disappointment. And I would like to acquire and use the most effective means for the electromagnetic technology. No doubt – the same desire and millions of Russians are related to gardening in general and peasant labor.