Upland House

In addition, Broken fence triggers off the wind and after its sharp decline. Since the vortices are formed which destroy the soil and greenery. Defining style fencing. Experts advise to choose a fence that will match the style of construction, which actually will ogorazhivat.Esli you are the owner of a small one-story house, then it will be enough wood fence or a fence from the grid. The main purpose of the fence in this case is simply fencing the area from accidental intrusion.

If you are the owner of a large family house, then your options are: a fence of corrugated, welded metal fence, wrought-iron fence. If the house is brick, it is best to fence and was a brick. But at the same time it can be combined, combine elements of different types of fence. For example, if you make the columns of bricks, and the spans of wrought iron gratings or corrugated. Durability.

You must determine how long you expect to use the fence. Keep in mind that no matter how careful you are not treated with a fence made of wood, over time, it still would have to handle or change. Options of other materials are preferred, if you're aiming for longevity of the fence. The height of the fence. If you have decided on the type of fence, you should think about his height. If you have a fence from the grid, you need not do it very high, because it will not be pretty. If you want to use a solid fence to escape the gaze of strangers, it should be the determination of its height and also take into account the position of the plot. If you are on Upland, the angle of the smaller, and can not do a very high fence. If you're in a valley, you will need an increase in height.