Modern Equipment And Printing .

I think you will agree that the ideal printing press shall be equipped with modern facilities. In addition to large capacity, high performance and efficiency of new technology has another advantage – it reduces the impact on the production of so-called "Human factor". It is along this road is always going and go best western typography. They are there to this pushing the high cost of labor and benefits package, which guaranteed by local law, and we have this factor comes into play only now and then only in large cities. Many respected my printers, for example, still believe that if five hand punching crucible presses are better than one shtantsmashiny (three times cheaper and twice the performance). In doing so they lose sight of their hand crucible together with a paper semi-occupy much larger area and provide no assurance the produced quality and timing of orders. That serious customer after a couple of mistakes just go into the next printing with automatic equipment. As a result, it became clear that the benefits of the new four-color pocketbook machines are reduced to save about 20 minutes on each makeready.

That on the one hand it would seem nonsense, we sometimes printers after a successful edition longer. But on the other hand, if you count the money, it appears that the owner of the new equipment in the year may receive more than $ 300,000. This is more than cover the difference between the old and the new car, and plus he will okuplennoe modern equipment and the reputation of the operational high-quality printing. Automated modern equipment is expensive, but that it requires more skill operators, but if you want your printer is considered as good and you go on really big clients, there is no other way of development. Takes time wizards, high-quality full color printing on Romayorah. The print quality must always meet the most stringent standards should be fitting stowed in the allotted time standard.

The same concerns and regulations on waste paper and other consumables. We must not only withstand the requirements of the standards but to exceed them. Perfect typography should undertake and promise to make our clients only what is really sure. This concerns the quality of work performance, and price and timing of their execution. Thus, besides the high quality printing ideal clients get even the minimum execution time of their orders, and objective tool for monitoring their implementation. Central to every print shop is not the equipment and techniques, and personnel. Our ideal printing in this context is no exception. Printing unique is they have to do, its staff: Director of Printing, middle managers, executives and ordinary workers.


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