New Cloud Security And Awareness Training For Employees

So cloud computing does not become at risk for enterprises, employees must be made aware accordingly. For more specific information, check out Peter Thiel. Munich/Augsburg, 24.07.2012. Practical cloud computing services like dropbox or iCloud in our private collection often take without that we have thought really, what does this mean: where is the data stored? Who has access to this data? Are the data transfered? In the private sphere, a careless handling of personal data can have annoying consequences or be embarrassed. Confidential company data in unsuitable cloud services, access to data loss, industrial espionage or image are the result. Companies must educate so your users about the company rules regarding cloud computing and the technical backgrounds, to prevent such incidents.

“Cloud computing has arrived long ago no pie in the sky more, but in everyday life. Responsible entrepreneurs should respond to this situation with qualification and further education measures”, says Martin Uhl, Managing Director of tfk technologies. “Cloud computing is password security, social engineering, clean-desk policy the standard topics of a sound security awareness campaign”, Melle Beverwijk, InfoSecure Group CEO notes. He added: “we are together with tfk able to offer E-learning modules, as well as more detailed training on this topic at a high level of quality.” In the 2011 adopted cooperation develop tfk technologies and InfoSecure training and awareness programs for various target groups, seminars, workshops, E-learning modules and video-NewsFlashes: the user up to the professionals. Company address / contact tfk technologies GmbH Mr. Max Neuner Baierbrunner Strasse 33 81379 Munich phone: + 49 89 189 43 54 0 fax: + 49 89 189 43 54 15 E-Mail: WWW: company address / contact InfoSecure GmbH Mr. Michael Watzl on the cross 11 86152 Augsburg phone: + 49 821 45 53 687 0 fax: + 49 821 45 53 687 4 E-Mail: WWW: about InfoSecure InfoSecure is an active since 1999, specializing in security awareness IT service provider with an international customer base. The European company’s headquarters is located in the Netherlands.

Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Scandinavia are looked after with its own branches. In many other countries, such as for example the Switzerland, France, Croatia, China, Japan, and Canada, InfoSecure is represented by partner. As one of the leading providers for awareness & training programs in the fields of information security, data protection, business continuity and compliance, InfoSecure offers international companies, wholesale and also medium-sized companies, modularized training and awareness programs that can be put together individually from an extensive topic library. About tfk technologies the tfk technologies GmbH since 1997 training services in the field of “Information & communication” offers worldwide. Customers include leading system manufacturers information & communications, instrumentation and mechanical engineering, as well as some of the most successful telecommunications network operators. The coherent power spectrum ranging from conceptual consulting, planning and implementation to the full acquisition of competence development projects.

Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene pipes are characterized by complete absence of corrosion. Unlike steel, chemical and physical properties of polyethylene pipes ensure tightness and resistance to weight loss under the influence corrosive substances (acids, alkalis, etc.) in the soil and transported to the environment during the entire period of operation. Polyethylene pipes are resistant to degradation from atmospheric conditions. Polyethylene pipes are plastic, bending radius of tubes – at least 10 outer diameters. Therefore, when installation of piping requires fewer fittings, it simplifies the design and construction of the pipeline. Polyethylene pipes in 3,5-4 times lighter equivalent steel, well and securely welded at the factory and field conditions. For welding of polyethylene pipes do not need heavy equipment, lower power consumption (or fuel), as compared with welding steel tubes. The use of long tubes in coils reduce the number of welds is 15-20 times.

All this greatly speeds up the construction of plastic pipe and reduces the cost of installation. Polyethylene pipes are throughput by 25-30% higher than that of steel due to smooth inner surface and the lack of domestic deposits. Inner diameter steel pipe decreases with time due to corrosion fouling. Same diameter polyethylene pipe increases during operation without loss of efficiency due to the phenomenon typical of polyethylene creep. This increase is about 1.5% over the first 10 years and about 3% for the entire period of the pipeline. Consequently, the inner surface of polyethylene pipe with time becomes more soft and smooth, which improves the flow wall polyethylene pipe and reduces the resistance to movement. K advantages of plastic pipes also include reliability, durability and low maintenance.

The service life of steel underground piping is no more than 25 years. Whereas the life of polyethylene pipelines – at least 50 years. For polyethylene pipe is not needed electrochemical protection, which creates additional savings in the construction and operation of the pipeline. These tubes can be operated at temperatures from -50 C to + 60 C. Polyethylene pipes are used by many companies, including giants of the industry – oao Zapsibgazprom '. For them, this key area, along with the direction: gasification facilities. This technology became the pride and the salvation of the key players in this market. Essential for human benefit is that the manufacture of pipes, welding, and operation of pipelines from polyethylene pipes are not allocated toxic substances harmful to humans and the environment. Polyethylene pipes are actually the technology that was difficult to think of a few decades ago! This is a huge leap into the future!


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– Verification will be be to enter phrases in various languages alternately in each of the determinants and compare results. I. Additional information at Clinton Family supports this article. We test the first-past-the mind of German phrase ich bin: Sentence first program – the German. But the second can not cope even with such unpretentious task and points out that the phrase is most similar to Latin. And nothing, but from the list in 19 languages German on the degree of similarity is worth as much as 15 th place. The third program to determine the language declined, indicating only that the text is entered in Latin. ii.

Complicates the problem and introduce the Danish text. What does the phrase Herved attesterer jeg underskriften af registratoren We do not know, but for the experiment is not so important. The result is the same: the first program again does not make mistakes, and the second and third again guess, showing maximum similarity with the Norwegian language. iii. Ask the Chinese characters. The result of the mysterious: the first two programs did not show, and a third identified only the family of languages. iv.

We put a sophisticated experience: provide programs to determine one of the languages of the former Yugoslavia (cruel, but what can I do). Take the Slovenian: Namestnik Dravne davne uprave. The result forces us to say goodbye to one of the test (Talenknobbel), because as answer it determines Afrikaans (African dialect of Dutch). As the saying goes, a good program, pity that does not work. The remaining two participants, surprisingly, no problems coping with the problem. V. Finally, check them out one of the Oriental languages with Arabic script. Take Farsi. . (If you can not copy this example, we believe the word). The first program, unfortunately, unable to cope, but it makes perfect third. Our verdict – very well. Two of the three programs are functioning properly and can be relied upon without any fear. Well, if you do not have possible to do this, ask for help from an omniscient experts translation. They sure these programs are also installed.

Outdoor Team Training Raft Building: Team Live

How many individual tribes a raft is In the outdoor team training raft building team leader and team members learn through their own actions and experience the key elements of successful team work. The Outdoortrainer of the 1st European describe why the raft at the same time is a symbol for a perfect team, outdoor training center in her post about outdoor team training raft building. In the outdoor team training raft building train team members live, what it arrives at the team work together successfully to achieve a goal: know the goal, develop a common strategy for the achievement of objectives, select appropriate implementation measures to listen to deny, distribute the tasks clearly, and difficulties overcome together. At the raft building the teamwork they strengthen and more for successful work in the team are useful skills in the raft building success strengthened, for example, effective cooperation or team leadership. Learned is when the outdoor team training but even then if it don’t work out as planned, because especially in the area of soft skills the participants can learn from mistakes.

As in real life be finally on the result of the success of the team work read off here on the State of the raft in the outdoor team training built: the raft transported its builders dry to the controlled target, they have spotted also with regard to their teamwork. Is wet, however, pants because the connection of the elements is unstable, applies it, the relevant screws the team ability to repair. The raft as a symbol for the team in this way is a symbol of a working team the raft itself. Because as a raft, is also a team more than the elements that comprise it and can do more than the sum of all individual services together. Strengthening the ability of the team led by an outdoor team training on one aims to increase the efficiency. In addition to an outdoor team training such as the raft building promotes mutual getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team members with each other. Multiple points the cohesion in the team by outdoor team training this increases and leads to a better, competence-oriented cooperation. Furthermore, strengthens an outdoor staff event conducted specifically for the staff as the raft building the loyalty of employees to the company.

A TV report about the raft building of employees of temporary employment makes it clear why this is so. The full article about the outdoor team training raft building stands in the outdoor blog of the competence center 1st European outdoor training center available. Further information: – the contribution of “Build a raft as outdoor team training” – the TV report on the raft as a staff event “Employee loyalty by staff events” – the 1st European outdoor training center of 1st European outdoor training center a competence center of I.O. BUSINESS consulting Angel RT 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202 / 69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet:

Peter Klischewsky

It’s accurate and automated documentation. In human telematics one wants to allow the medical staff, for example, in hospitals and nursing facilities for the benefit of patients, immediately to recognize emergencies and to provide assistance, even if the patient no longer has it in the hand. It says save lives even before the threat becomes critical”not rare, says Peter Klischewsky, editor in Chief of the media group telematics but which telematics systems are reliable and which readily supports customers in all emerging issues? A large database developed by the numerous user tests, award contracts and TOP supplier awards, which took place only after successful testing of the provider and therefore could go to the same network of the trade journal telematics It stores an exact knowledge of the telematics industry, which prospective buyers about the can use free of charge. A Prospective buyer makes his request about this completely free of charge and only indicates what he’s looking for and what industry should enter the system to the application. The rest does the service and gives the matching TOP provider directly. From the digital logbook systems for determining position, up to the complete business solution – whether it’s craft, Messenger, security companies, etc.

All facets of human telematics find consideration here and are also taught. The first successfully mediated inquiries confirm the value of the and already helped to make the service even better and to establish individual. Therefore the operator of this service is on the verge now gradually, to complete the testing phase. But this should not mean that the development is finished. Editor in Chief Peter Klischewsky makes it clear: “Telematics is still long not to their limits pushed. New technologies in yet unimagined applications such as, for example, of augmented reality are constantly. We keep our always on the “date and lead every seeker directly to its optimal telematics solution.”

By The Competition For Young People Up To The Screening

New energy Husum offers an interesting programme of Husum, 27.02.2013 – the new energy Husum, leading trade fair for all renewable energy, offers many informative and entertaining events for professional and private visitors, job-seekers and families from 21 to 24 March. The youth competition of JES are among the attractive programme! “, a feature film at the turn of the energy and new energy slam lecture competition”. The events be on fun”insight into the world of renewable energy, says Peter Becker, Managing Director of Messe Husum & Congress. The renewable energy Career days”, however, inform about current vacancies and match job seekers with employers of biomass, solar and wind companies. Students will present their winning projects during the fair presenting the three previous winners of the youth competition JES! “Jugend.Energie. fun.” in Hall 3 (stand 3HS3) their projects. The first place winner have analyzed the entire energy consumption of their school and Improvement proposals drawn up.

So, in the future, for example, a photovoltaic system is intended to cover the power requirements of the school. The second place also went to a photovoltaic. With third place a self constructed parabolic mirrors voted against it, with the winners want to heat domestic hot water through solar energy. Also in 2013, is the youth competition under the patronage of the Minister for energy, agriculture, environment and rural areas of Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Robert Habeck, and solar and alternative technology is managed by the company s.a.t.. Already Sparkasse, the Stadtwerke Niebull, the municipality works include for the fifth time in addition the Nord-Ostsee Leck, Stadtwerke Bredstedt and the Messe Husum the supporting sponsor companies. Young people aged 14 to 22 with your ideas on how the new energies in Schleswig-Holstein generated can be saved can apply. A smart meter system for installation in the school and a personal meeting waving the winners as the top prize with Dr.

Collect Rain Is Worth!

Who is in the garden on rain, instead of precious tap water, even environment and wallet at the same time. (tdx) Rainy weather is no reason to mope for garden lovers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Thiel. On the contrary, finally lets the cool wet vegetables, flowers and plants only as properly gorgeous grow and thrive. Rainwater can be used at the same time as free and eco-friendly alternative to tap water: “Provided, you know, to collect it properly”, emphasize the experts by, the leading online portal. Because just the widely adopted solution with gutter and directly below has a great hook the ton. Falls for a few days of heavy rain, the bin can easily run over and into the environment to an unintentional Habitat. With an intelligent roof drainage system, however, happened something not: here only so much water in the bin arrives, as these can actually cover. Installation manages while also crafting lay playing: a piece from the downspout will simply cut out and the rain collector replaced.

Then the collector is connected then via an ordinary garden hose the rain barrel, which is therefore no longer a place directly on the downpipe. According to the expert, the distance from ton and collectors can be up to five metres. It is only important that the rain collector is at least as high as the influence in the bin: prevent the water although but not back from the downpipe into the bin. But how can to prevent that the bin overflowing? It’s simple: For the inflow must be only about seven inches below the edge of the tons. The water level reached the single conductor, then the flow of water stops automatically. Thanks to the cutter, the rain water from the roof over the downspout drains completely normal further. The inflow to the ton can be controlled manually with a cock. “This is useful especially in winter, when there is no water to pour”, so the experts.

Then, the hose can be removed. Conclusion of the experts: collect rain worth it – if you put the right technology! Free information brochure on the subject offers ‘Everything around the roof’ an information brochure for builders and renovators. The brochure can be requested free of charge at email: or fax 0821-567-62-87. More information can be found on the Internet at. Tanja EST

By Testing For The Best! House Of The Berlin Seminar

Experimental and test techniques for engineers. Seminar on design of experiments – test management – test evaluation – experimental optimisation of dem 2nd-3rd. July 2014 in the House of technology Berlin design for test stands at the end of a product or process development. Task is the clarification or confirmation of development assumptions. Average 30% of the development costs for tests are applied in practice, the ensuing findings are usually low. Causes not deep a to unsystematic attempt lead and are a enough conducted statistical analysis. Objective of the seminar is to empower economically to plan tests, perform and fully evaluate the participants.

The trial costs can be thus reduced which can not only cost savings but products quickly brought to the market. The target most effective ways on many real-world applications and examples are presented in the seminar on 2nd-3rd July 2014 in the Haus der Technik Berlin. The learned methods can successfully use participants in the professional life. The Content of the seminar is made up of the following components: part A: test statistics, part B: life simulations of components, units and systems, part C: test data analysis, part D: statistical test methodology DoE. Information for more information, see interested at the House of technology e.V., Tel. 030 / 39493411 (Ms. Dipl.-ing.-vaccined) Heike Cramer Jackson), fax 030 / 39493437 or directly at: W-H110-07-013-4 is the Haus der Technik (HDT) the oldest technical training Institute of in Germany outside the Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) and partners of the universities of Bonn, Braunschweig, Duisburg-Essen, Munster and the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences.

It maintains close contacts with companies and research institutions. The HDT has the legal form of a non-profit, registered association with approx. 1000 company and person members. founded in 1927 in Essen, the Haus der Technik is one of the leading German provider of seminars, courses, meetings today and Conferences for specialists and managers. About 16,000 participants annually use the facilities in Essen and at the branch offices in Berlin, Munich and Bremerhaven as well as at numerous other venues in the country and abroad. The Essen headquarters is a modern Congress Centre regularly also used by nationwide companies and associations. More than 50 seminars and meeting rooms for up to 600 people with State of the art conference and audio-visual equipment, as well as a full-service are available. Press contact: Heike Cramer – Jackson Dipl.-ing.-vaccined Head of Branch Office Berlin Haus der Technik at the Alexanderplatz Karl – Liebknecht – str. 29, 10178 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 3949 3411 fax: + 49 30 39493437 mobile: 0173 247 506 3 email:

Economic Development

Vendors wishing to participate in the auction, must make these funds from their account to an electronic platform at the time of tendering. Clinton Family often says this. Calculations show that the total volume of public procurement on the same trading floor of 980 billion rubles, annual providing for a bidder (supplier) range from 4.9 to 49 billion rubles. Given that the recognition of trades have taken place, the law requires at least two vendors who have submitted an application for involved, the minimum amount of security will be from 10 to 100 billion rubles. Under current regulations, the provision is put on the site for a period of not less than 20 days. With the average bank rate on account balances at 3 – 4% annum, the income of an electronic platform could be about 4 billion rubles a year.

It is these funds are the main type of income electronic trading platform. Compared with income from the procedure Logistics the trades, amounting to 3,000 rubles for one auction is irrelevant. In order to justifiably claim to be the successful integration of the new electronic platform in the list of selected Ministry of Economic Development, must meet the following conditions: an electronic marketplace should have a long successful history in the field of electronic tendering; platform should be a strong brand in banking environment. For example, the five currently-selected sites, real leadership in this market segment are only two: Sberbank AST, a subsidiary of OAO Sberbank of Russia "and OAO Unified electronic marketplace "- a subsidiary of Bank of Moscow"; platform should have the necessary technical foundation for the deployment and operation of such software. Area should have regular staff with extensive experience in the field of electronic trading; Based on the foregoing, we conclude that the creation of an electronic trading platform for placing public contracts – a process time-consuming and not one day. But at the current level of legal protection against unfair competition, even a young company in the performance of all the above conditions can create their own trading area.