Red Bull

These three characteristics gave foot to that its name was born: Ray-Ban, a species of game of words that comes to mean in English something as well as " prohibited to rayos". Red Bull: The Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz is associated at the end of the Eighties of the century last with a Thailander industralist who sold a drink in the powerboats to avoid that the conductors fell asleep to the steering wheel. In the design of his mark it appeared a bull and a sun. And from Red Bull is born here. Later it adapted the flavor to the European taste creating a drink that expresses power, energy, force and value. Another version is that the drink contains a called component " taurina" and of there the name of Bull (bull in English). Scalextric: In 1947, the British industralist Fred Francis made tin plate small cars that worked with a clock cord machinery, denominated Scalex.

The prototypes advanced later, with the incorporation of the power supply. Thus Scalextric was born. Schweppes: Swiss Jacob Schweppe (without " s" end) began in 1783 selling mineral water in Geneva. Sony: The president of the company, Akio Morita, created east name in 1946 being based on the Latin word " sonus" (sound) and in the song " Sony boy". Sun: Three engineers found on 1982 Sun (Stanford University Network) to make servants who ensure communications between great computers of companies and the conservation and transfer of data. Talgo: The name of the train standard of the Spanish railroads has the initials of: " Articulated train light Goicochea Oriol". The creator of this technological miracle was the engineer Alexander Goicochea. A dangerous idea in which the industralist believed Jose Luis de Oriol. Tampax: The American doctor Ear to him Cleveland Haas of Colorado (the United States) patented east invention the 19 of November of 1931.


Pour water into it bordered on, put on the car and make sure that fluid does not go to the border. If, however, comes, then this side and to lift. You can also use level. Someone as comfortable Consider the connection of an automatic washing machine to the Communications. Required connect to the backbone of cold water and provide a separate outlet for release of waste water.

The water inlet hose connected to water supply permanently, through the tap for 3 / 4 inches (for reference: 1 inch = 2.54 cm) water inlet hose is going to complete machine, I recommend to change for reinforced. Firstly, this hose is a reliable (if it is, of course, not the production of the East – Asian countries), in – the second one can choose the desired length. In our case we changed the 3 tube until came to the conclusion that you need to buy a good hose. To seal the threaded connections can be applied tape FCMs (from Teflon sealing material). Or, if you're a conservative – to apply the 'grandfather' method – oakum and oil paint (do not hide the fact that this method is reliable). Connecting to the sewer network. In the designs of most models of washing machines is limited to the maximum and minimum height of the exhaust pipe location. For connection to the sewerage system the apartment can be an additional siphon or the end of the exhaust pipe can be mounted on board the sink or bathtub.

We are first and did: put the hose in the bathroom, but a couple of once he jumped – Extra fee of twenty gallons of water from the floor – make sure you connect the drain hose to the sewer. Connecting to the mains. Firms manufacturers to provide the necessary degree of protection for electrical safety. For this purpose, household appliances provide neutral, ie connection zero protective conductor to the housing unit. Vanishing provides complete protection against electrical shock, so it need to perform where it is provided by the manufacturer. Protective earth conductor is always isolation of yellow-green color. The figure shows the wiring diagram for a washing machine outlet. To correct perform zeroing need to reach an additional protective earth conductor. It must be isolated, and its cross section should be like a phase wire. protective earth wire to the neutral bus switchboard. Protective earth conductor along the phase conductors to the installation of washing machine. Strictly prohibited to connect protective earth wire to the open paved gas pipeline networks, as well as systems for water supply, sewerage and heating systems. During the repair or replacement of electrical wiring should be taken into account the need to advance laying the third wire for this purpose there special wire with three strands. For the safe operation of the washing machine electric system should be designed for the current is not less than 15 A. Well, the car finally connected! Before the first wash to get rid of the car on idle (without washing).

Educational Researcher

Some had seemed to be something bothered by not operacionalizarem in way more concrete the tasks that could carry through in the future with its pupils. One is about a very common concern, that they bring for discipline them to all in this phase of its formation and relation which would be premature to give the type of answers that they desire. The educative use of a powerful way as the Internet has of being equated in function of the concrete pupils, the real conditions of work and the pedagogical project of the school and the group to discipline where the professor if inserts. Moreover, the future professors had developed new perspectives on the use of TICs in the mathematical education and some appreciation for active methodologies of work to promote the learning. Both are important aspects of the necessary professional knowledge for the education of the mathematics. The TICs only tools auxiliary of the work are not.

It is a basic technological element that of the form to the social environment, including education of the mathematics. As such, they influence the evolution of the knowledge and the professional identity of the mathematics professor. The future professors need to develop confidence in the use of these technologies and a critical attitude in relation they. They need to be capable to integrate them in the purposes and the objectives of the education of the mathematics.

Manifesto Of Alexandria

Libraries and information services contribute to the proper implementation of an inclusive information society. They are trained for intellectual freedom giving access to information, ideas and works of imagination in any medium and across boundaries. They help to preserve democratic values and universal civil rights impartially and to oppose any form of censorship. The exclusive function of libraries and information services consists in responding to the issues and needs of the people. This serves as a complement to the general transmission of knowledge by means of communication, for example, and makes the libraries and information services are vital to an information society open and democratic. Libraries are essential for a well informed citizenry and a transparent Government, as well as for the implementation of e-Government. They also create capacity among citizens with the promotion of information literacy and giving support and training in the use effective information resources, including information and communication technologies. This is especially critical for the promotion of the development agenda, because human resources are fundamental to economic progress. Table%29’>Naveen Selvadurai.

In this way libraries contribute significantly to addressing the digital divide and the resulting inequalities of information. They help to realize the development goals for the Millennium, including the reduction of poverty. The libraries will do many more things with modest investments. The value of the benefits is at least between 4-6 times the investment. Pursuing the goal of access to information for all, IFLA supports balance and fair play in the reproduction rights. IFLA also is implicated vitally in the promotion of multilingual content, cultural diversity and the special needs of minorities and indigenous peoples. IFLA, libraries and information services share the common vision of a society of the Infortmacion for all adopted by the World Summit on the information society in Geneva in December 2003. That vision promotes an inclusive society based on the fundamental right of human beings both to access to information as to its expression without restriction, and that each one is able to create, access, use and share information and knowledge.

IFLA urges national, regional and local governments and international agencies to: invest in libraries and information services as vital elements within their strategies, policies and budgets for the information society; Improve and extend networks already existing library for the maximum benefit of its citizens and communities; Promote open access to information and tackle the problem of structural barriers and other access; and recognise the importance of information literacy and vigorously support strategies to create a competent and literate population that can advance and benefit from the society of the Global information. Source: compiled by. Javier Mejia T. original author and source of the article

The Bank

Of the same form they have acquired the power – to traverse of the vote a novel social class denominated politicians, whose half of economic sustenance it marks the acquired governmental position to it, independent of the obligations and the historical responsibilities that they entail. It is known that they are two tasks different the access from the labor position from maintaining itself in the same the greater possible time, therefore refining is had the system popularizing a sector of the bank of being able in varied referring personages – or caudillos, of different cultural groups they follow that them. Taking root the distributive pyramid downwards, a more lasting and reliable establishment is obtained, being generated everything a graft system of being able without concentration that simulates to the virtual networking, releasing to all Web of national social consequences, since each occupant of a step takes care only of its personal sub-group, not reaching the view further on of the banking horizon. This particular systematization of the State, governs to the novel one was of the globalisation, producing giant geologic pores in the patriotism hope and well-being, decreeing inequalities and instability like emergent landlord, leaving to the drift the perspective and the opportunities, to throw breadcrumbs of illusion in the proselitistas visits only during the political campaigns. We discover the emitted promises to fail to fulfill when the volume of works surpasses the personal well-being, familiar or group, since to influence within a society it requires of certain very particular intrinsic power, that is debilitated day to day when the reiteration of the same promise grows in the emitting voices until becoming inaccessible to the pragmatic logic. Original author and source of the article..

Two Days In Istanbul

Was going to write about something else, the more distant past, but the continuation of Turkish subjects were asked to write about Istanbul. Was true I was there only once and not long, but talk about that time to see. Tickets to Istanbul were purchased from Aeroflot in late January during the May holidays. Preparing a birthday gift, so when choosing a country and time, guided by the fact that no one will need to take time off and do a visa. And cost tickets are not very expensive compared with other cities, that is not so pitiful it was to spend the money on a short two-day trip. Flew on April 30 on Friday after work. At that time, decided to go to Airport by train, so as not to meet with gardeners. Flying in 23.15, to fly 3 hours, arrived in Istanbul in the morning local.

Taxi somewhere for 18-20 euros brought us up to Taksim Square, which was to settle our hotel. At 2 am in Istanbul were tube! And walking down the street crowds. I understand that on Friday, but that is so. As a result, the taxi driver dropped us off in the area and showed which way to go to the hotel because all stood up and pass it on impossible. The reason for all this ugliness was simple. In Turkey, as well as in Russia celebrate May 1 demonstrations and folk festivals, and since the night was something obstructed. A Taksim Square – is the main place in town for such events.

GSM Manufacturers

Many motorists choose car alarm with bond (with pager) are trying to find and choose a car alarm as much as possible with a greater range of action, one car alarm on the box says 1000 km, while the other even 1500 km, all these distances are measured somewhere far away in the field of radio interference and power lines, in reality, the range of all modern car alarms in urban areas about 300-400 meters for example from 25 floor to the entrance, it is restricted to the small size remote control transmitter and batteries valid keychain. But do not worry, for lovers of long-range communications, many companies began to manufacture GSM Manufacturers alarm systems. When you install GSM car alarm system, you will be able to fully manage and control the car alarm from his mobile phone and receive messages cmc of the causes and areas of operation car alarm on your mobile phone within range of its GSM network operator ie you always bidets in touch with your car where ever you are in the country, in another city or even in another country. Sending and receiving messages control car alarm occurs through the communication channel GSM. Management of alarm systems on-line by using commands entered from the telephone with direct dialing or sending SMS messages. Execution or not executing any commands you send a voice message is confirmed or SMS response, respectively.

Monitor the status of car alarms and receive alerts triggered car alarms in the invasion of car. Signal transmission from the car alarm button on the phone programmed. Ability to listen to the car interior on or disarming the car off Operative preliminary or main level shock sensor Remote start and remote stop of the engine (for systems running the engine) Enabling antiogrableniya (Remote engine immobilization) Request current state of the car alarm notifications that are sent by alarm module: Dial the programmed number of notification and open the doors, hood, trunk, turn the ignition off brake or foot brake is pressed, the alarm level of the main shock sensor and additional sensors Russian-language voice message, Alert opening doors, hood, trunk, turn on ignition is switched off or the brake foot brake is pressed, the alarm level of the main shock sensor and additional sensors by SMS c Russian-language text, alert to disconnect the battery or reducing the battery voltage below a certain threshold SMS. Professional installation of car alarms, parking sensors, tinted with the transition.

GPS Monitoring

The use of satellite monitoring system in companies with own fleet has obvious superiority. In this age of progress and technology, new scientific developments rapidly pouring into our lives. Among They recently very common nanotechnology and all satellite control systems. Thanks sputnikovmu monitoring is possible through gps tracking of the location of objects to contemplate special importance. Ships, aircraft and other military targets relate to this in the first place. gps monitoring recently has been applied to solve more routine tasks such as monitoring traffic. Gps tracking system produces satellite gps monitoring, turning control of vehicles (monitoring of transport) in the most convenient procedure. Fleet management, logistics optimization and many other necessary tasks solved through gps satellite tracking.

Babbitt should not go into details of those. processes and technical know-how to operate those systems. Satellite monitoring of transport distinguished by the fact that each car equipped with a tiny device and a dispatch center for observation. In this center via satellite to transmit information, which specifies the parameters of the machine. for example where there is a car, how much fuel and consumes others can not help but see that the gps vehicle tracking, and processes that are associated with them are extremely successful in most areas of industry. Soon the use of gps monitoring will not be limited only transport, and will be involved in other industry sectors.

How To Choose A Towel In An Age Of High Technology

How important to you in our time everyday hustle minutes of relaxation and recovery. And how much like after a bath to feel the unimaginable softness and comfort. So, you took a bath or a relaxing shower. And your "new" towel was ugly and bad, and there is nothing like the softness and comfort. Although he was only six months or a year.

But the towel – is something that touches your skin every day, and not very good, when instead of the expected comfort tenderness and lack of moisture, you get a How did select a towel, which gives a feeling of softness and comfort, are delighted with its appearance more than a year, and of course absorbs moisture and generally excites you desire to use this towel? The most important criterion for selection of towels can be considered as the material of which it is made. You might say that everything is clear, it's cotton. But let me we have been living in the 21 century, and in the world the textile industry there is a variety of materials and innovation, on which a person uneducated little he knows. The material is not accidental is the main criterion for choosing towels, since he defines that will feel your skin, and as the towel will absorb the water. Will it be similar to the touch of tenderness to the touch of a young mother to her baby, or bracing, and massage your body after an active day out? Or they will invigorate you, in the early morning after a sweet dream.

Humanity Ibiza

Both ports of the island are in the city of Ibiza (Eivissa) and San Antonio (Sant Antoni Portmany). The marine companies offer regular connections with ferry to Barcelona, Valencia, Denia and Palma de Mallorca. How to move to me in Ibiza Ibiza it is an island of small dimensions, the island only has 45 km in length and 25 km in width, no destiny within his territory is more than one hour in car, that on the other hand, becomes the unique option to be able to visit the attractiveness of the island, since many of the enclaves are difficult o’clock, and by all means the vehicles public do not arrive. The road network of Ibiza is quite basic, and although the highways that arrive at the main population centers are in excellent state, to enjoy best Ibiza, and to arrive at their remote coves and escarped beaches, caves and hills, it will be necessary to lead by highways of earth, and ways. So asegrate when to gather your car of rent to keep good local maps that secret destinies indicate the best accesses to those , and if you are of the very adventurous ones, you do not reject the option either to rent to a vehicle jeep in Ibiza, perhaps him serves started off much. Sites of interest in Ibiza Beyond his world-wide known macrodiscotheques that due to their popularity usually are visit forced for the tourists, read Pach, Imsomnia, Space, Eden, Is Paradis you must not marcharte of the island without have visited: * Dalt Vila: that it means high part of the city: One is the old District, that is walled and is where are the vestiges of ancestral cultures.

The wall made, construct it Felipe II in century XVI, to protect to the city of the pirates and the Ottomans. It is of Renaissance style and in her is engraving the shield of Corona de Aragon. In the interior, noble houses, the Cathedral are located, the Archaeological Museum In 1999 UNESCO declared Patrimony of the Humanity. * Monographic museum of the Puig de Molins: (Roman Way, abre from 10 to 19 h.): it is the best European Museum on Punic Art. * The Necrpolis de Puig de Molins: it is located underneath the Museum.

They constructed the Phoenicians to it in century VII a. J.C., closely together of the city. And it has been from the antiquity the cemetery of Ibiza. * District of the Penya and the Pump: this district is located right under the Dalt Vila and has much acclimates nocturne and diurnal. * Beaches and Coves: to the South Cove d' Hort, Cove Tarida and Playa d' in Bossa in Sant Josep de Talai; to the North Talamaca Cove, It is Viver, Figueretes, Llonga Cove in Sant Joan: He pierces Sant Vicen, He pierces Portinaitx and Cala Xarraca. ; Sant Eulalia: Plage Santa Eulalia, Plage of Is Ru of Santa Eulalia Cala Mariners, Cove of S' Alga. Have a good travel