Light Devices

The devices of light of unique wavelength (shaving laser) and those of pressed light intense (fotodepilacin), are those that more popularity they have, given the increasing demand on the part of the patient for the definitive elimination of the hair. Unfortunately, these devices are very different as far as their capacity to provide the indications announced for this treatment. As much in the reduction of indirect effect like the answer reliability, the laser of light of unique wavelength is superiors to the devices of pressed light intense. In addition those to pressed light intense put under the skin of the patient to unnecessary wavelengths of radiation. Also it affects at the levels of yield, those of pressed light intense are inferiors to those of light of unique wavelength. Concretely, the treatments of hair elimination realised by equipment of pressed light intense bring about a greater incidence of complications and provide results generally inferiors in comparison with deal with those of light of unique wavelength. devices of light of unique wavelength are easy to use, comfortable insurances and, and with a perfect operation, besides having an integrated cooling system that causes that the treatment is less annoying.

By the experience of our technicians and the satisfaction of our patients, the laser of light of unique wavelength is the ideals for the elimination of the hair. The laser of light of unique wavelength in our opinion are superiors to those of pressed light intense when they are compared for the elimination of the hair.


Perhaps today they appear critical to my work, however soon it will understand that it will be of great importance the elaboration of the same for eventual changes who knows even though governmental; Umbelino affirms that: ' ' On the other hand the pupils are trained not to think on what he is taught and yes, to repeat purely and simply what he is taught. What he means that they do not participate of the process of production of conhecimento' '. (Umbelino-2008, p.24). What it means to say that they do not participate of the process of production of the knowledge they are the methods and techniques of education used in classroom that has been very traditional, where the professor transmits the knowledge tecnicista and the pupils only receive the message transmitted without contesting. Finally, it can be defined is that the education of Geography as a set to know that they not only occupy the concepts proper, but the social contexts in which if they apiam. To teach in the perspective of the construction knowing of them is not only to dominate contents, but to have, at the same time, a conceptual speech organized with a proposal adequate of activities, searching to surpass the obstacles of the learning. Consideraes Final This article is fruit of varied comments throughout the years I find where me in this school and I come observing the real situation of the same one.

Quarrels these that enrich in them to each day, in leaving conscientious of these varied events in the scope of geography and from this to take as responsibility to develop a project of research in classroom suggested to the top, always looking for to relate with studious authors as reference for the development of the same. Therefore, we must be always searching in our lessons the learning expectations, so that it can be safe of our knowledge. Remembering that this project is important for the enrichment of ours to know, taking care of the necessities disciplines that it requires. development of this project is constructive and efficient, and searchs each individual to reflect on the education applied in the public school through a good practical formation and. Thus, he is necessary that the professor if places more as mediating between these to know, giving sensible to both as integrant of elaborations that if complement, thus creating, an environment of failures in meeting between the experiences of the daily one of the pupils and to know systemize for science.

Fischer Articulation

Also was had that spirit of work and patriotism, because it was not alone working for the National Siderurgical Company, but also for Brazil.? ' ' (ALBERTI, 1999). Pink Maria Bueno salient Fischer same an important point regarding the knowledge technician, to be being directly influenced for ideals that pululam inside of a historical perspective, after all of accounts: ' ' things ditas' ' , therefore, radically they are moored to the dynamic of being able and to know of its tempo.' ' (FISCHER, 2001). If it cannot forget the functionality this citizen that speaks, inserted in one coadunada contextualizao to a conjuncture, recurrent to a manifest process that if in a dynamics that exists before its knowledge the respect, as displays Bakhtin: ' ' Any articulation, of more significant and complete that is, constitutes only one fraction of a chain of verbal communication ininterrupta.' ' (BAKHTIN, 2004: 123). This ininterruptabilidade presented for Bakhtin, presents a lingustica construction that does not have to be conditional for an articulation stanches, but composing a bigger, resultant reality of processes that they are linked inside of a historical perspective, that is, changedding throughout the time, composing a language human being that folloies the social transformation and adapta the conjunctural insurgncias that will be presented in elapsing of History. Still focando the nationalistic speech that was presented and reed-echo in diverse social spheres, if it cannot leave to mention the call at the beginning patriotism, conceived of the last century in accordance with a model European who would bring in the bulge the nationalism that would come a posteriori in regimes ditatoriais, but yes, with a called sophistication ' ' patriotism consitucional' ' , as exposition of Jrgen Habermas: ' ' they demonstrate that a culture politics on which principles are taken root constitutional does not have by no means that to be established in the fact of all the citizens to partilharem a common language or the same ethnic or cultural origin.