Coloration Bulbs

As solution, 9 incandescent light bulbs for fluorescent had been substituted, in points that not they modify the colors of the hair, is solution contributed for a reduction of 33,3% of the energy consumption, therefore with 840 the incandescent light bulbs cost of R$294,77 was consumed monthly kwh to the one, with the substitution for fluorescent light bulbs, had monthly transferred to be consumed it 280kwh to the one cost of R$98,25.Foram also applied basic techniques of support, such as: substitution of the paper aluminum or even though its laudering in the end of the process, specific containers for each type of residue as hair, plastics, cardboard, substitution of doors and windows for a perfect ventilation and natural luminosity, installation of fabric filters in the lavatrios with intention to dilute the foam of xampus and to hold back hair, the walls had been painted of clear colors thus improving the illumination of the environment. It was possible also to place fabric filters in the lavatrios with the objective to dilute the foam of xampus and to hold back wires of hair, thus preventing the clogging of the plumbing. The paper aluminum passed to be washed being able thus to order it for recycling. The walls had been painted of clear colors, improving the illumination and preventing and excess of lighted light bulbs. The result was positive, therefore beyond contributing for the support it turned reason union enters the group of workers. From this study, it was possible to open new horizontes for the proprietor, visa the economy that is possible to generate from simple techniques for the improvement of the environment.