Industrial Revolution

Half of 6,000 native languages spoken in the world today are likely to disappear in the next 100 years, with her knowledge and techniques of management of the biological diversity of the Earth (LURI, IUCN, UNEP-1992) disappear 200 million indigenous people (5% of the Earth’s population) maintaining biodiversity levels, are the custodians of biological biodiversity of the Earth. Natural survival is the struggle for their habitat. The loss of their ecosystems means the disappearance of biological culture. The importance of the Amazon forest, lies not simply in the effect of abundant rains, nor the intense insolation or rich soil that consumes the forest. Do not.

Forest participates in climate, conforms it to through evapotranspiration, the fixation of carbon (on average, seventy tons per hectare), redefining the relationship of incidence of solar radiation with the refraction of that power (albedo). It intervenes not only in the hydric balance of the region with evapotranspiration as a thermal equilibrium, but it contributes to the dynamic balance of the global climate. Threatened critical areas are located in tropical forests (Mittermier-1992), occupy 1% of the planet’s surface and represent 12% of tropical forests that still exist (expected his disappearance in 40 years), harboring between 30% and 40% of the Earth’s biodiversity. Life is also responsible for the dynamic balance of the planet. the Industrial Revolution. He began to use solar energy accumulated in mineral form, as fossil energy, produced in millions of years of geologic time. Once again, biological life, through an artifact created by man, it interferes in the conditions of dynamic balance of the planet. (Effect greenhouse, ozone layer) by testing their limits. Logic business, private, collides head-on with these principles where the atmosphere is the place of living of what is different, where nature and culture are a contradictorily and complex structured whole.Meanwhile, if the market shows skilled to find mechanisms to reward investments in accordance with its potential risks, not the case with regard to environmental risks.

Dealing With Fraud

The most effective way to help eliminate fraud or chargeback is simply call the customer. A further confirmation that the phone is definitely recommended for large operations. If you process a fraudulent transaction, not only lost the funds, but the product / service as well. A phone – even if it is international, it will save a lot of problems in the long term. What if you find that a transaction is suspicious? Contact your authorization center and let them know you are concerned about the transaction. Consider the transaction and give you advice. You should also call the customer to request additional information (copy of driver’s license or passport as an example). Check the IP address of the sign-up and see where the world. Is it matches the address of customers, at least for the country? Send a confirmation email to the customer to verify your order. It may be good policy to only accept orders with identical Customer and billing addresses. Perhaps wish to consider international orders, as protection against these consumers is very minimal and not accepting that it might be a good choice for your web hosting business. Placing fraud alerts, buttons and images on your web site and order forms will help discourage any person trying to place a fraudulent order. Make sure the client in advance that you are recoding the IP address and will notify agencies of law enforcement if necessary. You may not protect you in all cases, but ultimately will help reduce the number of fraudulent orders. This article may be published by anyone as long as a live link back to is provided.

Universities Education

SUMMARY This article in the distance argues the Education and the Evasion in the course of Visual Arts offered by the System of Open University of Brazil – UAB in the modality in the distance of a Polar region of the UAB. For such, a general boarding with definitions of Education as well as of Evasion in this segment becomes in the distance. One understands that the Education in the distance estimates the construction of knowledge mediatizado for technologies of the information and communication that the construction of the knowledge has for objective. In this direction, it is intended to argue the possible reasons of the Evasion. From theoretical studies and general comments of the course in question it has the possibility in the distance to identify the existing challenges in the learning; relating the involved agents in the Education and Distance to the o use of the miditicos resources gifts in this virtual context. Word-keys: Education in the distance, Technology of the Information and Communication and Evasion. INTRODUCTION It is verified, today, that the majority of the Universities of the state and federal net is contemplated gratuitous courses in the modality in the distance offered by the system of the Open University of Brazil – UAB.

Although the courses of the system of the UAB to be offered gratuitously in the modality in the distance, great part of of them possesss Evasion. Ahead of this context, it is pertinent in the distance to argue and to analyze the context of the courses offered in the modality; to reflect the use of the Technologies of the Information and Communication in the learning process; as well as the o paper of the tutor and the professor in the process of dissemination of the knowledge. Despite the described one exists above problematic, the Open Education and in the distance is each more present time in the context of the modern societies, being an education modality that comes taking care of to the emergent demands of the new educational paradigms.