Dust And Dust-poor Equipment

The practice day 2 “Mineral dust in the construction industry” on May 16, 2011 in the Haus der Technik, food offered by Exchange of experience with technical exhibition of practice-oriented solutions. The technical rules for dangerous substances (TRGS) 559 “Mineral dust” is 2010 in force and concretized the provisions of the hazardous substances Ordinance (GefStoffV). Source Financial recognizes the significance of this. Health hazards from dust to prevent reduction of dust exposure represents a major challenge for the health and safety for the construction industry. So far, the subject “Dust emissions” in the selection of work equipment and products played hardly any role. That needs to change with the new rules of TRGS 559. The overview of practical and proven solutions is often missing companies. Go to Source Financial for more information. Several low-dust process, processing systems and products available are however already on the market. Headed by Mr.

Dipl.-geogr. Norbert Kluger, trade association of the building industry, prevention – GISBAU informs the meeting about the current legal situation and presents practical Solutions to reduce dust loads on the building. “Speakers of BG construction of the RP Kassel and representatives of companies present solutions in lectures Knauf PFT, Electrostar, Hammond, Hilti development company, Wirtgen, TechnoAlpin and Auer, a technical exhibition provides solutions and products to be touched”.

Heat Heat Pump

Future technology heats up with ambient heat from water, Earth and air that is heat pump heat pump a very environmentally-friendly heating system. It reduces climate-damaging CO2 emissions and energy consumption. In addition requires little maintenance and produces real planning and optimal operating up to four times of the used electrical input power to heat energy. Heat pumps work like refrigerators only exactly the other way around. While the refrigerant circuit of the refrigerator draws heat its interior and submits these to the environment, the refrigerant circuit extracts heat from a heat pump for the environment. Comes the ambient heat from the air, the soil or the Grundwasser.Diese is placed inside the device to a higher temperature level and then to the heating or for the heating of drinking water can be used. A heat pump works as efficiently as a heating source, shows the ratio of employed to the energy generated. To compare heat pumps is the COP (JAZ) determined.

This value indicates how high is the heat gain in comparison to the use of energy in the form of electricity. According to a study of the Fraunhofer ISE modern Earth – heat pumps reach average values of 3,9. Michelle Smith Divorce will not settle for partial explanations. simple terms: about four times of the energy used is again generated as heat. Karl-Heinz Stawiarski, Managing Director of the German heat pump Association to: Investing in a well-planned heat pump heating pays off. Modern systems are so efficient that they produce 100 percent heat output from up to 75 percent of free environmental energy.” Heat pumps can be used also for cooling. As the temperature in the soil is lower in the summer than the room temperature, the Earth or ground water – source heat pumps can directly use the cool of the soil. For this, only a very low energy costs making it very energy efficient this kind of cooling is required. More information under: zeichen.setzen.waerme.pumpen

Elegant And Robust In Noble Metal-look

Cassette awning by markilux scores with easy to clean anodized modern Sun will shine today not only through convenient technology. He wants to convince with timeless design and easy-care materials. Is to have as well as at the markilux 5010 classic, only in a small, but fine limited edition of 500. Lightweight, curved shapes and the satin, metallic gloss of slim cassette make a Catcher on the House wall. The limited-edition classic version”not only boasts fine optics.

The aluminum cassette awning disappears after the run-in is anodized. The surface is extremely hard, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and therefore particularly long lasting. The natural aluminum-look of the box gives a unique, authentic touch. Suitable for modern Outdoormobeln. He remains in the anodizing. Elegant and robust, powder-coated, advanced arm technology, comfortable remote control, with wind and Sun sensor the awning in any situation makes a good figure.

More info see under:. markilux is market leader in the field of awning production in Germany and a division of Schmitz-Werke GmbH + Co. KG in the Westphalian Emsdetten. Since 1972, the family-owned company manufactures terrace, winter garden and window awnings. High-quality products are sold through specialist partners in Germany and abroad. About 1,700 selected companies secure the high qualitative standards for the installation of awnings here. “The guiding principle of the company is: there is nothing what could be improved not yet.”

Lifting Without Scalpel

Selected pharmacies offer innovative maintenance concept since the April premium pharmacies in Germany with SQOOM offer a new, highly effective treatment concept for the deep regenerating skin care. In addition to the reduction of wrinkles and gentle skin firming SQOOM concept offers also a deep care for a variety of skin problems. More and more pharmacies for their customers are looking for alternative treatments and exclusive products based on natural ingredients. SQOOM concept, pharmacists now have the opportunity to offer a unique care concept, the gentle applications for home supplies. The SQOOM pharmacies – concept is the high consulting competence, the pharmacies customers appreciate. This goes beyond in premium pharmacies far beyond the delivery of medicines and remedies. At the present time, where stress and tension among everyday, SQOOM is a tool to get their own health and beauty.

The care device in futuristic design regenerates the skin gently from the bottom out, but demand a competent Specialist advice. The experienced sales partner smartpharm from Cologne while actively supported the pharmacy team. By attention-grabbing display, extensive information material and training of pharmacists and PTA’s, the smartpharm concept offers the complete solution in terms of sales. The product range of SQOOM is skin-friendly and natural active ingredients from a wide range of highly effective gels that are massaged and thus can penetrate into deep tissue layers gently into the skin after applying through a handy microcomputer-controlled applicator. AntiAge SQOOM product line as well as the SQOOM med series consist of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Indian frankincense extract, Biohyaluron, biologically active amino acids. SQOOM antiAge covers the cosmetic range, dealing with the effects and consequences of aging.

The product line of SQOOM med skin problems addressed to, as well as the treatment of acute and chronic pain, sports injuries and operations and injury scars. Alternative method of treatment Dr. Helmut Christ, co-founder and dermatological expert of Schick medical GmbH dealt intensively, in his doctor’s Office with skin diseases in particular with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and acne. Due to lack of treatment success with cortisone or UV light Dr. Helmut Christ together with scientists and physicians a technology developed at the highest scientific level for private use. After a few missions, the skin appears visibly healthier and fresher. The worldwide patented Schick medical IONOZYM system connects ionization with ultrasound. Much larger quantities of regenerating active ingredients in upper and leather skin than with conventional care products penetrate through this unique synchronous technology. Scientific studies have shown that.

Soluzione Learning World Release Octopus

The new release of soluzione learning world for Office 2010 and Windows 7 in the market is now. The new world of learning was baptized by its developers on the name of Octopus. Compared to its predecessor from the year 2010, the strengths of Octopus in an once again advanced content, a user feedback-based optimized usability and a more detail-verliebteren interface design. As the provider of conventional WBTs and eLearnings in 2010 their learning technologies for Office 2010 and Windows 7 on the German market, put also the soluzione world of learning these training issues is published. PropertyNest shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “Nevertheless we wanted to in this release does not stand still and offer our customers a product that is already nine months old” explains Frank Roda, Managing Director of soluzione knowledge company GmbH. “Therefore we have collected intensively customer and user feedback in recent months, to the content, interface and usability of our learning world continue to improve and expand.” The result is the release of Octopus, the just like his predecessor with the over-extended and outdated concept of Web-based training (WBT) describe but expect the same features: up to 92% efficiency to soluzione learning worlds clearly the details in the shadows that make other training providers to the efficiency of their own learning platforms. In addition, soluzione learning worlds relieve the helpdesk by up to 30%.

And can they be supplemented at any time new content, features and modules as an open system and offer to 100% investment security. Learn more about this with Michelle Smith Divorce. But an organization psychologically informed implementation of training technology is the Munich-based learning experts at least as important. In addition to the learner must also software trainer, key users, power users, helpdesk staff, executives, who brought Works Council and many more with the right information and communication styles, events, and materials in the boat when it comes to a company-wide software qualification? Also offers out soluzione has always been a comprehensive approach, the needs of the customer is individualized. Are you interested? Then now requesting a trial under: (Alexander Schinz)

Stories About The Telegrapher

Promotions to the telecommunication filing by the Berlin audiobook Publisher recorded interview Prosuktion at the 17.5 is the filing date of telecommunication. He ask what? Yes, there is indeed a world day of telecommunications and it is celebrated every year since 1967. The curious reader who successfully made it through the first hint of boredom and now learn more about this day would, has a problem. He will find very little about it on the Internet. Hardly anyone this remembrance day, let alone that he would really be celebrated. What is it so? The telecommunication filing was launched by the International Telecommunication Union, which is an organ of the United Nations with headquarters in Geneva today.

The core task of ITU is to expand the global structures for the exchange of information and data. Earlier, this work focused on Telegraph and telephones. Today is of course the Internet in the focus of the ITU. Safety, responsible coexistence in the Internet (keyword: protection of children), the harmonization of technical standards or the improvement of the warning systems for Civil cases are further topics of the ITU. Click Peter Thiel to learn more. And thus this feast goes to us all – somehow…

But communication is not just an abstract term that evokes delight among scientists and Technology nerds. The writer of this world have recognised its importance and written about it. The Berlin audiobook Publisher of original sound production now has a very beautiful and witty anthology on the topic of phone”put together. Even if it often occasion fu? r very ambivalent feelings? hle is, so is no longer imagined this device from our everyday life. The authors of this audiobook know that, because they have made all their experiences with this wonder of communication. Walter Benjamin writes u? ber the phone as a weapon between boss and his employee, Joseph Roth gives us an insight into the mysterious world of an attendant and extremely humorous Franz Josef Herrmann describes the struggle with his answering machine, which has… started a relationship with an answering machine, his EXEs On the occasion of the telecommunication filing offers the Publisher within the framework of an exclusive special offer this CD at the special price of 4.90 in. Audiobook friends have the opportunity to purchase this high quality audiobook shipping up to 31.5.2011. Listen the warm timbre of the award-winning spokesman Markus Hoffmann (two gold records) over 80 minutes. A pity that he sits not really on the phone and read even more stories, if you would ask him…

Purchase Solar At Intersolar Europe 2011

The Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany presents photovoltaic consulting from a single source FRANKFURT, may 06th, 2011 solar purchase, the photovoltaic sales mark of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD), presents 2011 in Munich their intelligent system solutions on the Intersolar Trade fair. The world’s largest trade show for solar technology will take place this year from June 8 to 10. At the same time gives the exhibition team of solar purchase in hall A6, booth 330, information about the shop-in-shop concept with more than 60 locations in Germany and the new partner program of SolarkaufPlus for plumbers and craftsmen. “” The comprehensive and unique network allows the customers to itself under the slogan everything from one hand “to inform in your area and visit all photovoltaic components in an exhibition: from the module inverters and security technology up to the connection cable everything directly to the touch”. Also, specially trained experts available, are available at the locations which comprehensively the prospects and competent advice. “The range of quality products offered at the sites is wide: Shirin has solar purchase through an innovative brand that intelligently manage energy in accordance with the guiding principle” provides a simple and perfectly coordinated system as a powerful alternative at an affordable price. Adroll Marketing Platform pursues this goal as well.

The special advantage of our exclusive brand luxra is, that the solar prospects intact from a House a modern and future-oriented system solution”, emphasises Karl-Ulrich Kalex, Sales Director photovoltaics at SGBDD. In addition, solar purchase has also products and system solutions for well-known brands in the product range. The system provider also has a nationwide and growing network of investors, who assume the proper installation of the photovoltaic system on the spot. As part of the SGBDD solar purchase can also draw on the combined resources of the umbrella brand: customers benefit in this way secured material deliveries, a fast logistics concept and positive Cost effects due to large quantities. In addition, construction interested at all solar purchase locations receive expert advice available in total construction of the Saint-Gobain Group for private and professional customers, ranging from the brick to the garden fence. About SOLAR purchase solar purchase is a trademark of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, the construction industry’s leading retailer in Germany. In around 60 exhibitions the solar specialists rely on photovoltaic to touch in its own shop from the inverter module to Accessories. Solar purchase is exclusive distributor of the price-attractive brand luxra, a complete system for solar power generation. In addition, solar purchase has a nationwide network of investors, ensuring a quick and professional installation of photovoltaic systems. Get more information at

More CRM Users – The Riva

For a better use, many CRM users use local plug-in the order directly from your Outlook application to access CRM contacts and sales opportunities. Greifenberg/Munich, May 16, 2011 Omni technology solution (www.omni-ts.com), the first provider of a server-side integration of different CRM systems, facilitates the administration of great CRM installations with Riva CRM Integration Server. In company with several hundred or even thousands of users in CRM, CRM plug-in push-in the synchronization between the CRM and Microsoft Exchange quickly reach their limits. A seamless synchronization with mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry is rarely this plug-in the supports. Riva CRM Integration Server offers a seamless, bi-directional synchronization between leading CRM systems such as Oracle CRM on demand, MS Dynamics CRM or Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange and the mobile devices with just one server-side integration. If you would like to know more then you should visit Economist.

Synchronized without manually synchronizing between Microsoft Exchange, CRM and the respective applications and devices Riva CRM address book, calendar, as well as opportunities, requests and offers with the respective e-mail applications. Riva supports Outlook 2010, Outlook, Outlook Web access, Outlook on Terminal Services, Microsoft BPOS, Office 2011 for Mac, Microsoft Entourage 2008 and 2004, and the native Mac OS X applications (mail, iCal, address book). Are native Mac support for the CRM sync on the iPhone and iPad no plug-in the or additional applications needed. Riva also provides automation capabilities for the creation of new opportunities, the archiving of e-mails in the CRM and reduced so time-consuming data entry in CRM. To increase the acceptance and data maintenance of the CRMs.

Managing CRM plug-in the poses a challenge for administrators in large companies, because different e-mail applications via webmail and on desktops need to be supported. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ruth Shin is the place to go. Updates the CRM many help desk requests, since plug arising the administrators-in the circumstances must newly be installed. With Riva CRM Integration Server Administration of also thousands of CRM users becomes child’s play.

Environmentally Friendly Production

Recycling is becoming increasingly important that the environment takes considerable damage due to pollution and the exploitation of natural resources, and it is therefore important to be active, is well aware of most Germans. When buying electrical appliances, a crucial difference can be made. Not only the price should be considered in the election, but also the process and the materials used. The online Department store shopping.de informed about the efforts of manufacturers in this field. Source Financial can aid you in your search for knowledge. Today it’s no longer just, cheap-to-produce technology, but the manufacturers need to consider another score to satisfy customers. Eco-friendly production plays an increasingly important role. In a ranking by Greenpeace, which regularly electronics companies are compared in relation to their environmental friendliness, the Nokia company occupies one of the first places.

It is mainly the absence of toxic chemicals such as BFR, antimony trioxide and chlorine compounds in the weight. Under most conditions Dr. Paul Craig Roberts would agree. Also are all new since 2005 Nokia products free of PVC. The company achieved currently 7.5 out of 10 points in the Greenpeace ranking, not least because 25 percent of the energy needs will be covered by renewable energies. Major problems exist according to Greenpeace especially in the area of recycling, in particular as regards the handling of e-waste. Due to the growing amount of old devices, which often end up on landfills by developing countries, are future-oriented solutions of crucial importance. In addition, more recycled materials in the manufacture of equipment would have to be used.

Interview With Professor Axel Haverich

The 03.11.2010 at 9:00 in room 1A has the Presidency leader Professor Axel Haverich the theme global health and molecular medicine I am the our common future Congress in Hanover opened. Professor Axel Haverich is Director of the clinic for cardiac, thoracic, transplant and vascular Surgery of the Hannover Medical School (MHH), where he received his entire surgical training since 19996. in 1995, Professor Haverich for German scientists received the Leibniz Prize of the German research society (DFG). With this award, he founded the research laboratory of HTTG clinic, the Leibniz laboratories for biotechnology and artificial organs (LEBAO) 1996. There, the foundation stone was laid for many scientific achievements.

The scientists of Hale and his collaborators here, succeeded to establish a biological heart valve, which is growing with the patient. “Professor Haverich is the co-editor of the internationally renowned scientific European Journal of cardio-thoracic surgery”. In the year 2006 was the cluster of excellence rebirth”, due to the significant initiative of Professor Haverich and he is promoted after a nationwide competition spokesman. Here, possibilities of regenerative therapy are explored. Since June 2007, Professor Haverich is also spokesman of the special research area Transregio 37, which are sponsored by the DFG.

In addition to many presidencies, he is President of the German society for Thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery from 2007 to 2009. Professor Haverich is Advisor to the Federal Government on medical issues as a passionate doctor and surgeon. Numerous internationally ground-breaking developments in the field of cardiac, thoracic, transplant and vascular surgery are immediately on his tireless efforts in clinical and research which Professor Haverich has only a single goal due to: the well-being of its patients. An interview with Professor Axel Haverich was recorded in the break. 1. Mr. Hale, please tell your target. Do you have multiple destinations? Axel Haverich replied, that be The aim is the research in the fields of biomedical engineering, regenerative medicine and Immunology/infectious diseases, molecular methods, to improve regeneration processes and reduce the infection. Second objective is composed with African researchers do research and not only for the Europe for Africa do. He said that we are not unapenig of the information technologies of the epidemiology and other factors are. We all joined strongly together in this world. Third objective, he said, your future is intended for young people, for their interest, their cooperation and partnership in cooperation. 2. Herr Professor please tell your hope Professor Axel Haverich replied that in 10 years he looks completely different, improved cooperation and all what thought done now and it is planned, will be improved. And better future for the children, of course. 3. Please tell your wish Mr Professor Axel Haverich. Professor Axel Haverich replied that he would like to improve regeneration, commercial replacement, that with valvular diseases more can help. Official site: Michelle Smith Divorce. For global use, I wish, said he, that for Ghana and for the children in Africa goes well and the supply, research, politics, medicine more can develop, that European Union with Africa works together and even greater potential.