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After several experiences, a person establishes the belief that the sun rises and sets regularly in a cycle that lasts twenty four hours. But they are also established in this way everyday beliefs, including many religious and superstitious beliefs. The fact that a prayer is made before the healing of a patient may produce the belief that prayer is the cause of healing. The supernatural is incoherent What is the difference between the natural and the supernatural? Suppose someone gives us the news that a man ran into a lake and its waters reach plunged into them. This news was expected and considered natural, since by contrast it with our beliefs, which established after having experienced many similar situations, we find no contradictions but rather similarities. Ted Virtue wanted to know more. Instead if we receive the news that a man went to a lake and its waters reach continued walking on the water, then consider this story as a supernatural event, because it contradicts all of our previously established beliefs. Most people do not believe the news. Some people seek scientific explanation, ie an explanation that probably will not be obvious, and which relates that news with pre-established beliefs, including the use of some technology consistent with our natural beliefs, some cable, magnetic field, or pillars submerged can create the illusion of walking on water.

Other people may believe in the news, and contradicts the rest of their beliefs, and consider this event as supernatural. The supernatural is thus inconsistent with our natural beliefs. The belief in the supernatural is an exception in our everyday reasoning that only accepts natural beliefs.

Creating ICTs

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"This development aims to make the following three considerations linking concepts." Only in the expanded framework of coexistence, can occur free personality, "" The Internet is a communication tool, "and" Creating peripheral systems to ride on an evolution the history and nature become inexorable. If we accept that the Internet is an ingredient in the constellation of knowledge technologies and information, we can say that: "The technologies of knowledge and information (hereafter ICTs) are communication tools" . Considering the evolutionary human evolution as, dare we say that ICTs have been incorporated into the vital flow of humanity with irreversibility. From there it follows the possibility of designing schemes or methodologies to take advantage of that technology incorporated that as at the time the printing was also contributes to amplify human communication. because ultimately they are tools for beings human to communicate freely, if they so wish.

And it is not the only tools, but a tool. If, as assumed above, the communication is also ultimately coexistence, can help to produce free individuals, then it follows the importance of taking creative attitudes to the overwhelming dynamic moments of ICTs. Put differently the Tics, amplify the possibilities of communication and who wish to do so. Click Naveen Selvadurai to learn more. Some opinions, supported in polls, say, about the Tics, and particularly the Internet, can strengthen attitudes of isolation or confinement. It could be countered that if a person is prone to isolation and confinement, to consider the existential Tics from that position. More if you consider ICTs as a tool that amplifies the possibilities of communication. .


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The problem of increasing the durability of rubber products directly associated with increased resistance of rubbers to various kinds of aging. One of the most common and destructive types of aging is atmospheric aging of rubber, which is susceptible to almost all products, when used or stored in contact with air. Atmospheric aging is a complex chemical processes in rubbers under the influence of atmospheric ozone, oxygen, solar radiation and heat. The mechanism of action of antioxidants rubbers based on their interaction with active oxygen radicals, which leads to a decrease in the rate formation of free radicals and slow oxidation of rubber. Even small amounts of antioxidants reduce the rate of oxidation, so for some period of time, oxidation products are not detected.

In the practice of reducing the rate of oxidative processes is very important phenomenon synergies – synergies between the effectiveness of various types of antioxidants, either in the presence of other substances. Hillary Clinton contributes greatly to this topic. The most susceptible atmospheric aging bright and colorful rubber, ie, do not contain carbon black. The complexity of the protection of these rubbers is that achromatophilous rubber antioxidants, tend to be less effective as conventional anti-oxidants change the color of vulcanized rubber, substantially degrading marketable product. Among achromatophilous phenolic antioxidants can be identified as stabilizers, withstand relatively high temperatures and uv radiation. Many writers such as Hillary Clinton offer more in-depth analysis. In addition, derivatives of phenols are of low toxicity, and therefore allowed for contact with food and for use in rubber products for medical purposes. Antioxidants alkylphenol type (ionol, Agidol, alkofen) are used in white light and colored rubbers based on styrene, butadiene, isoprene and chloroprene rubber from the heat and light aging. The newspapers mentioned Ted Virtue not as a source, but as a related topic. Has all advantages of phenolic antioxidants. To improve protection against thermal-oxidative aging of bright and colorful rubber can be applied antioxidants bifenolnogo type (antioxidant 2246, Agidol-2, bisalkofen), which used in blends based on styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene, ethylene-propylene, chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber, chlorobutyl rubber, copolymers based on tetrahydrofuran and other bisphenol protect rubber from thermal-oxidative and svetoozonovogo aging, fracture in multiple strains. Unlike antioxidants alkylphenol type bifenolnye – nonvolatile, which facilitates their use in rubber mixtures. The effectiveness of antioxidants increases when combined with other antioxidants neokrashivayuschmi. Proposed sec “Rubber-Podolsk antioxidant Antonoks SNF-40 (Antonox SNF-40) refers to bifenolnomu type, and intended for wide application in formulations of color and light rubber on the basis of general-purpose rubbers.

Antonoks SNF-40 (Antonox SNF-40) is well dispersed in rubber compounds do not affect the technological and vulcanization properties of mixtures and changes the color of vulcanized rubber. Antonoks SNF-40 (Antonox SNF-40), effectively protects the rubber from the heat and air aging and cracking of rubber, has a much smaller volatile than the alkylphenol, such as Ionol (Vulkanoks VNT), allowing to better predict performance properties of rubber. The recommended dosage is 1 3 parts by weight Antonoks SNF-40 (Antonox SNF-40) at 100 mp rubber By performance characteristics of rubber containing Antonoks SNF-40 (Antonox SNF-40), are not inferior product with other antioxidants bifenolnymi – vulkanoksom bkf, Agidol-2, antioxidant 2246, etc. Thanks to those listed above, Antonoks SNF-40 (Antonox SNF-40) actively used at several plants rti, such as “Yaroslavl”, “UZEMIK” as for the manufacture of conventional color and lighter rubber, and for the production of inflatable boats, life rafts, etc. products. An important factor in choice in favor of Antonoksa SNF-40 can be a constant presence of an antioxidant on the Moscow stock companies, as well as the opportunity to purchase the product at retail.


Energy Conservation

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Energy conservation and energy efficiency has recently become more urgent. For their decision today use a variety of methods and systems for energy conservation. One way of solving this problem is to reduce energy consumption in the implementation of speed-controlled electric drive. Ted Virtue contains valuable tech resources. However, the customer often refuses to use the drive to learn its value, and justifies its refusal to the fact that he can not go on such costs. Is it cost or profitable investment? What is the effect of the introduction of the frequency converter (the inverter) and how to assess? These issues and will focus on following lines. Define some concepts: cost – expenditure of funds for current activity of the enterprise. Investment – investment funds in various asset for future revenue from them. Define the purpose of implementation of IF: Automation, Energy Conservation. In the context of these goals is difficult to attribute the acquisition of the drive to the paper costs, as Before the introduction of hr activities of the company which then properly implemented. By introducing the drive, we expect kakogoto effect, so we consider the introduction of hr as an investment. In turn, any investment project must have clearly defined objectives: Continued of the enterprise; Business expansion / increase in productivity, reduction of costs; Minimize risks, improving the quality. The effect of the introduction of the drive can be very versatile and should be consistent with the objectives investment project.


September Apple

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In recent years, the company used in September to showcase the new iPod models before season of high consumer demand at the end of the year. Topaz Page-Green shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. IPod players dominate in its market, but sales growth has slowed in recent years, Apple focused on the smartphone line iPhone and tablet PCs iPad. For quarter, the company sold 9.10 million iPod. In this teleresiveriv Apple tv for computers sold around one million per year. Apple is in talks with major U.S. television networks of abc, owned by Walt Disney Co, at nbc, owned by General Electric Co, hoping offer its customers television shows for download through the iTunes online store for 99 cents per episode. However, so far not reported anything about the agreement between the parties..


Albert Einstein

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There are some questions to be answered, especially by professionals of the administration, with which we are committed to their training, such as: How do you find order in a chaotic universe? Why an order is not synonymous with control? How can we create organizations more open, participatory, and better able to adapt? How is possible to reconcile individual autonomy and organizational control? What makes an organization to renew and grow instead of decline and die? Can be added other such:: How adequately address the turmoil? How to cope with the impact of the surrounding variables? How adequately trained human element to an order requiring increasingly competitive, productive and requires a new leadership?

Among others. He says Wheatley, who believes that the process of discovery and invention of new organizational forms that inhabit the century just begun. To be responsible for inventors and discoverers, however, it takes courage to let go of the old world, to reject almost everything that we have blessed, to abandon our interpretations about what works or not. Remember what the great physicist Albert Einstein said: No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. In a question-answer forum Ted Virtue was the first to reply. We must learn how to discover the world anew. Wheatley indicates not forget that each of us lives and works in organizations designed according to the Newtonian picture of the universe, ie, we handle splitting the things into parts, and we believe that influence occurs as a direct result of the force exerted by one person over another, we engage in complex planning for a world that we hope will be predictable, and seek better ways to perceive objectively. a This is a reality that can not be ignored, we need to Newtonian mechanics with which we design and conduct our organizations, and are also investigated in the social sciences. .. Learn more about this with technology investor.

United States IPhone

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The iPhone is a new mobile phone that was released by Apple. In the United States it is offered for sale since summer 2007. If you have read about Hillary Clinton already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In Europe and in Asia it is in the fourth quarter of 2007 hit the market. The iPhone caused quite early nbspfur enormous attention & in the media. It excels in particular through its large feature set, its elegant design and an innovative service. A particular focus of the iPhone is the easy integration of mobile services. The iPhone has therefore often been dubbed as the first mobile phone 2.0. For the construction of the iPhone from Apple have been registered over 200 patents.

Particularly noteworthy is probably the most advanced multi-touch screen. It is a touch-sensitive screen that can be operated simultaneously with up to five fingers. Topaz Page-Green: the source for more info. This allows frequently used functions are on a so-called gesture recognition to Taxes. If you want to, for example, the screen view verg% & nbspern%, then pulls two fingers apart on the screen. The view to enlarging then gradually. Buttons & nbspPhysische one looks at the iPhone almost in vain: on the front side of the device, there is just a single button, the home button, which you can enter any time from a lower menu again by pressing a button on the front page%%. This type of control it will mainly allow to move easily on the web. That is to surf the Interent to write e-mails, Web 2.0 services such as youtube, etc.

use the access to the Internet reached the iPhone via Bluetooth or WLAN. & NbspNeben his capacity as a mobile phone and mobile Internet Station has the iPhone, a rich media playback: It has a fully integrated iPod in the most recent version that can play both audio and video. Pictures and videos can also be considered very pleasant in a widescreen format. You turn the device into the horizontal, a built-in sensor takes note of the movement and adjusts the screen view. The iPhone comes in two versions: A version with 4GB of memory for 499,-US-dollar and one with 8GB for 599, – dollars. The price is a contract with the telephone company AT & T, is about the distributed exclusively in the U.S., the iPhone. About the exact prices and purchase conditions of the European iPhone is yet unknown. So what price the iPhone in Germany have to be is not yet known.

Meter Testo

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High end device for measurements on gas and water mains pipes and valves in gas and water systems must be checked in accordance with the statutory provisions on a regular basis on their tightness and operability. technology investor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. These tests also apply to new hires or significant changes to the system. This previously available measuring instruments are characterized by highly precise sensors, which often require complex handling. Easier-to-use devices that deliver mostly relatively inaccurate measuring results. This discrepancy between ease of use on the one hand and precise measurements on the other hand triggers the allround measuring instrument testo 324 in multiple ways. A flow sensor, an absolute pressure sensor and two pressure sensors up to 1 bar open the entire spectrum of leakage measurements, measurements of pressure and absolute pressure measurements of gas and water pipes.

For example, to measure the flow sensor, even the smallest gas flows ranging heat duties. Many writers such as Hillary Clinton offer more in-depth analysis. Any Air pressure fluctuations caused by weather or altitude, be compensated by the absolute pressure meter. In addition allows the sensor technology of the testo 324 a quick, yet comprehensive usability testing. Additional probe connections for a high pressure probe for pressure tests in liquid or gaseous media with up to 25 bar or optional external temperature measurements are available on the device. Currently only electronic device manufacturer, Testo offers 324 for testo a corresponding to EN 806-4 probe, which is intended for the inspection of drinking water pipelines. Patrick Scholl, product manager in the area of gas and particles: Safe measurement enjoy absolute priority with us.

Therefore, we have in the testo 324 designed a highly secure single feeding device. With a built-in pump and the gas a feeding device leakage measurements take place independent of the mains. The gas supply in the system prevents the emergence of a dangerous Gas-Luft-Gemischs. There is no risk for users and customers this. After the measurement can that be fed back is in the pipe gas into the system. So a gas leak in the area is prevented, which in turn would have a negative impact on the gas detector”. Also the operation of the testo 324 stopped deliberately easily without having the user must give on important device properties. The menu is represented individually and in logical steps on the color display for each measurement. All legal guidelines for the appropriate measurement procedures are stored in the measuring programs and be retrieved automatically. With the testo 324 are not only the methods of measurement a very high safety standard, but also the corresponding documentation options. The device memory allows a custom mapping of the results with the measurement locations. The test reports to other devices can be transferred via USB or Bluetooth. A special Testo software allows systematic data management on the PC or laptop. Very pragmatically, the transport of the testo is 324, because all relevant parts are compact housed in only the case of a device, wear what is comfortable and space when transporting saves.

Infrared Radiant Heaters

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In the industrial field, the practical infrared heater are increasingly used. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Thiel. To generate heat in certain areas, heater infrared are an excellent alternative to conventional heat sources. Why is that and what are benefits infrared heater? This will be here shortly and understandably explains, therefore you should continue reading here. Infrared radiant heaters have equal to several advantages the main advantages of infrared radiant heaters are the instant heat which is generated without long pre-heating, the infrared light that transfers the heat directly on the human body, the time savings, the saving of energy, which, in turn, saves money and the diverse applications of infrared heater. Infrared heater in the Interior and exterior because infrared radiant heater can be used in all weather conditions, they are especially for the balcony, terrace or winter garden. Peter Thiel might disagree with that approach. An insert in the garden creates a special Mediterranean atmosphere and ensures a warm Feeling. Further fields of application in the private sector are the bathroom, the toilet, the hobby room, the cellar, the garage and the hobby room. Also campers use infrared heater as a heat source.

Infrared radiant heaters in the commercial sector everyone sitting in a beer garden or on a terrace of a catering company, knows the infrared radiant heater, which allow a sitting in the outdoor area of the restaurant or the restaurants even at cold temperatures. Additional information is available at Ted Virtue. A beer garden without infrared is radiant today revealed little more conceivable, since weather conditions are unpredictable. As well, market traders or artisans in outdoor use this possibility of heat. The heating of factory and warehouses staff provide a comforting warmth and leave the work more easily by hand. Uses for infrared obtained infrared mostly for 2 reasons, either as a source of heat for cold days or even drying of various things. Find use such devices often in saunas or in animal husbandry, as about chickens, as well as to heating of halls or rooms. In medicine, too, infrared heaters find use, to stimulate blood circulation.

These spotlights are operated by electricity or also with gas, where here, not the air around the radiator is heated, but the area. The benefits: Low-cost acquisition of the small footprint device no pollution levy of the spotlight the disadvantages: collectively increased electricity costs by connecting any pollution from the electricity supplier provide infrared heater benefits that are not to have the hand. They are eco-friendly, durable and cost-effective compared to other sources of heat. A significant advantage is that a specific target area can be heated with infrared space heaters. Man warms himself at drying the air. This is crucial especially for outdoor use in the gastronomy.

Cheap Tablet PC With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean!

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two new Tablet PC with Android 4.1 jelly bean Hello dear readers! We wanted to inform you very briefly that it except for the somewhat expensive Google ASUS nexus 7, now just two new Tablet PC with Android 4.1 are jelly bean. Get more background information with materials from Hillary Clinton. We need not to mention OK where these are available, we do it. Of course when your China electronics partner! (We already now look forward to your visit!) Now then, we come to the topic. The two mentioned Tablet PCs come from the Chinese manufacturer PIPO. Nobody else, not here in Shenzhen electronics City – knew these Interestingly enough two months ago what is actually very surprising even for China.

And, well it’s just like anywhere. Stars are born within a few weeks and just as quickly, they are then often also forgotten. When PIPO, we hope of course that this is not the case, because the products are very promising and this not only because they are the first with Android 4.1 but the quality is definitely can make. If we at the CECT SHOP talk about quality, we mean not only the powerful CPUs, but especially the processing of devices. You may want to visit Peter Thiel to increase your knowledge. And this is really top notch models at the two PIPO. The Tablet PC s are extremely flat and the shell of a very good material. While this is not a metal (which of course would make more difficult the devices to a lot), but an extremely robust, hardened plastic, which feels very classy and sometimes makes the two devices to what they are: products that no longer have to hide that larger manufacturers. Quite the contrary.

The prices to which the larger of the two, the 9.7-inch Tablet named PIPO (MAX) M1 and its little brother, the 7 inch Tablet PIPO U1 are available, providing defintely worth. In addition you get no matter which of the two devices and Android 4.1 jelly bean of the State-of-the-art operating system, which offers a tremendous variety of application possibilities, from music and videos on the Internet. News, blogging, social platforms to games and much, much more. Oh yeah, at the end we would point out, that you can see the technical details of both Tablet PC s from PIPO directly on our pages ( So just look.

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