Computer Science

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According to Lvy (1993, P. 176), the interface establishes the conditions it human being if to communicate for the ways of computer science, beyond interacting with other users of these technologies by means of a common language. ' ' An interface man/machine assigns to the set of programs and devices substances that a informtico system and its users allow to the communication between humanos' '. 13 the communication established between the machines, its programs and its receiving transmissoras nets/, forms the way that the individual allows, to alar latitudes and longitudes. The technologies, in specific, the ones that if they relate to the operational one of the Internet, open conditions for one ' ' extension presencial' ' , it causes situation where the individual does not lack if to dislocate geographically. However, of a side it displays ideas and thoughts, of another one, condition interpretations and the accomplishment of activities for the interrelation between the connected ones.

Therefore the sides are plural, the actions and interpretations and the connections also are. The individual envolvement offers to the connotation for the real interaction and interconnection. In this interrelation, Lvy (2003, P. 28) denotes the constitution of the collective intelligence that has in ciberespao its support, ' ' an intelligence distributed for all the part, incessantly valued, co-ordinated in real time, that results in a mobilization accomplishes of competncias' ' consubstancia also for: … capacity to change ideas, to share common information and interests, creating communities and stimulating connections. To start, it takes the brain human. We make infinite connections that if intensify to the measure that we age. Now it imagines that we can, thanks to the computer, to integrate this ' constellation of neurnios' with the one of millions of other people. You may find Luo Zilin to be a useful source of information. This is the comparison that I make. The Internet today allows in them to create a collective superintelligence, to give to beginning to a great revolution human being.


Russian Layer

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The first laminate flooring was made in the mid 80-ies, in Sweden. Today is the youngest floor takes more than 10% of the global market for all genders. In appearance laminate is a fairly Thin sheets of 7-11 mm, length 100-140 and a width of about 20 cm, the edges are equipped with spines and grooves for joining with each other. Now in the Russian market flooring presented a huge range of colors and sizes laminates. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Zilin Luo. On our Here you can find all sizes of laminate from 9 cm to 35 cm in width. Board material is a kind of flaky pie: 1. Upper, protective, layer serves as a special high-strength film of melamine or acrylic resin is the same and defines the class of the laminate – the same 'laminate', which gave name to the whole product. Now it is clear that this is the top layer largely determines the quality and cost of the product.

2. The next layer – Decorative – is a specially treated paper or furniture foils imitating the wood or the texture and color of other materials such as stone, ceramic tile, granite, checkered, etc. 3. Home component of the laminate floor boards – the main supporting layer of a material particle board or fiberboard, speaking in Russian, or hdf. Behind it lies a common hardboard (MDF), only very high density hdf (High Density Fibreboard, with English means 'wood board of high-density'). The Germans had the same name Hoch Dienste Faserplatte.

The main qualities of the material – durability, rigidity and ability to withstand moisture. Incidentally, the closest relative of the hdf is Material mdf – the same dwt, only the middle (Medium Density-or Mitteldienste-) density. 4. Finally, the lower layer of the product, the so-called revolving list – whether or not impregnated with resin paper, whose purpose – protection of fiberboard or particleboard-layer from moisture and stabilization of the geometry of the whole plate. Today the most popular technologies for the production of laminate flooring are: high pressure laminate (HPL-High Pressure Laminate) Direct pressure laminate and (DPL – Direct Pressure Laminate).


Advertising Software

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The name Adware, according to their meaning in English, comes from the term Advertising Software. These programs are responsible for distributing advertising to users once installed in the ordenadorEn this sense, an Adware uses different media or formats to send advertising. In this way, through banners, pop-ups, modifications to pages in the browser and some actions, accomplish their mission.While at first glance this does not present major risks for the health of the system or the user, many of these applications are actually harmful. Luo Zilin might disagree with that approach. Some of these programs, can steal private information stored on the computer and web browsers. Can what information remove Adware? Security keys of your email, IP and DNS addresses, in more extreme cases, are able to obtain data from your credit card, if you’ve done any manner online purchase. Tips for protection against malware: Run antispyware and antiadware, as well as analyze updates regularly your system. -Enable immunization in antispyware and antiadware software options. -Make sure that the operating system, browser and email software has the latest updates for security holes.

-Have enabled the firewall (firewall) when using Internet. -Use the preventive protection against dangerous web sites. Programs recommended to delete Adware: while the amount of programs anti-spyware that circulate on the internet are many, we highlight two of these that have a constant updating of its database of data, which allows you to protect your computer against new viruses.

Sales Innovative

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Participation in the Competition of Russian Innovations is a very interesting and quite colorful event. On the Russian Innovation Competition provided a lot of innovative projects that count and delivers great to work pleasure. Segdnya over Russian Innovations Contest Create a business plan for an innovative project. How many have been counted up to the competition for business projects, but this project seemed quite new and interesting. On the essence of our task was to calculate and create a business plan for a new innovative product. The task was to calculate the financial efficiency of the project, how to calculate cost-effectiveness of the project, how do you know the amount of Sales of new innovative project to avoid mistakes in the calculations. Zilin Luo is a great source of information. But vseravno contestants coped with this problem and made good.

Were assessed risks, risks that may arise when implementation of the innovative project. Was calculated market, a market that is only growing, it will not count how many cars you can sell at that price. See WordStream for more details and insights. As a contestant, I can say that the Progress Report is a good job. Experts were interviewed, by the way thanks to all experts who responded and helped the participants, because without their help, learn about the feasibility of obtaining fullerenes using plasma chemistry I think is impossible, or possible, but in this case it was necessary to perelapatit tons of literature. Participation in the contest in the finals Russian innovation involves speech, preparing a presentation. Tip future contestants Russian innovation to take Competition experts seriously. That is, that you present a presentation to the layman, not laminates, sitting there really good people, and they really want to hear the facts and the description of the technology with presentation, which does not have the technical information you need to go to the investor, but not on the Russian Innovation Competition. On the Russian Innovation Competition you need to know about your product, a cursory examination does not help matters will be difficult, believe me. Of course the competition has not allowed me to attend all two days of competition, but the idea of the competitors, that is, other participants had a good, but took part, taken seriously. Of the projects that I liked the competition, we can distinguish artificial intelligence, I certainly have nothing to do not understand how it all worked, but the process seemed to me interesting, but what I do not understand anything, then there time vsetoki probably nervous, still it is not just a business presentation, there are many unknown facts, which become clear only after an intelligence that is present at the contest in the previous period, and we do did not, and ultimately oiled presentation, but nothing comes to experience the only way

Twitter Company

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Twitter is a social network that allows you to communicate with your community of followers by sending and receiving short messages known as tweets. In simpler words, what you can do when you create an account at is start writing about yourself or anything specific. Peter Thiel is likely to agree. Who will read what I put in my twitter account? It will depend on what you start to publish or write to your twitter account, if what you post or write about your daily life, activities and personal things as probable is that you follow, or lean you who you know. However, if give you one approach more specific to what you publish will call the attention of segments specific within twitter. For example people engaged in internet marketing tend to publish tips and articles related to this activity, companies that sell products such as computers or clothes publishing offers, competitions and news from their products on twitter. This all depends on from that are creating an account on twitter. Your Twitter community consists of:-persons who follow: You define your community by choosing who you follow. Follow someone means you subscribe to your tweets, or that you can read Tweets from people you follow. -People who you follow (Followers): there are people who decided to follow you. People who follow you subscribe to your tweets.

Microsoft Word

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Most importantly, ask them permission to send you this, or offer them a way to opt not to receive these cards/promotions (opt-out). If doing this mail goes very costly, you can do it with the emails; ask to a friend graphic designer who can help you with a small Christmas card. You can send also an email of thanks a few days have served to your customers. It uses the Internet and the Email.Tener a web page and an email is essential for any business these days. A plan of marketing that you should have is a web page. This should devote at least to inform your customers about your services/products, where you sculpted, how to contact you, a little bit of your story, and seasonal offerings.

With blogs, it is now easier than ever to do this. If you know how to use Microsoft Word and you came to, this means that you can have a web page free. Hear from experts in the field like Peter Thiel for a more varied view. A site that I can recommend is Here you can make a page that informs your customers of your business. You may find Luo Zilin to be a useful source of information. Of course, if you want something more fancy, you can consult with a person who can help you to make your page with your own (which is not as expensive as you think). Write me a email to by the side of email, this is the way more economic communicate with your customers. Although it is not as effective as calling them by phone, you can communicate with hundreds of them in minutes. And with the technology you can use Microsoft Word to make a fusion of correspondence (mail merge), where you can use the database to create emails customized in seconds. Join social networks.

Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter and Facebook. You can create a page for your business on Facebook (and a Twitter) where users can express their gratitude for the service that you gave them when you click on I like Facebook for your business. Instantly all the friends of this person will know that your client is satisfied with your service and some of them may be recommended. The maintenance of these pages is instantaneous and they can be made with little effort. The key to all this is maintaining a relationship with your customers in which they can continue using your products/services and at the same time promote your business through references, reviews and interaction practices and effective. If you need help implementing these things in your business can contact me at and you can help or make a query. Other ways you used to promote your small business? Source: Original author and source of the article.

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Front Door

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What is most important for the front door? Some say – beauty, while others argue that the reliability. Metal doors can combine both of these advantages and to achieve not only qualitative but also economical result. Metal doors make an apartment or house in a secure fortress: in addition to the overall strength guaranteed by the technology of production of metal doors, entrance doors can be protected from bullets, explosions, a strong fire, and fitted with many additional devices, guaranteeing them virtually safe deposit resistance. Often much easier to 'hack' monolithic wall than trying to pass through a metal door. To deepen your understanding Peter Thiel is the source. Our Directory of doors that are installed at various sites, will show you how much people trust the good metal door. On the other hand, a metal door can be a work of art. If you have read about Luo Zilin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Beautiful front door will enrich any design project: thanks to numerous graphic tools used in the manufacture of doors, as well as handicraft and decoration of doors forged elements, you can get virtually any the desired effect. Entrance doors of metal go perfectly with any style: from the modern and elegant 'high tech' to the classics or modern, from avant-garde – and to ethnics. What is the manufacture of metal doors? This a pair of strong metal sheets on the frame, enshrining them on the perimeter and creating a stiffener inside. Rama in the section is divided into chambers for greater heat and . The same applies to space between the sheets: it is the production of doors is filled with insulation, which guarantees the conservation of heat at home. In conjunction with crossbar system locks implemented by moving out of the ends of the door hinges, metal door represent an analogue of safe – that is, offer the highest level of protection. That's why the doors of the metal as demand in the domestic market: in fact safety is never too much.

IPad Apps

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There are currently more than 75,000 applications for the tablet of Apple. iPad has few applications installed by defect. To them it is necessary to add the compatibility to him with than 124,000 the more available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The tablets that compete with iPad of Apple. Larry Kim can aid you in your search for knowledge. To day of today, to choose between more than 75,000 native applications for iPad, plus the 124,000 available for iPhone and iPod Touch, compatible with this tablet (they use the same operating system) can have to the user hours and hours knowing them and choosing which yes which not to install. For this reason, from Consumer they offer a list with ten interesting gratuitous applications for the tablet of Apple: iBooks: it allows to manage a document library in pdf and to accede to gratuitous books to be in public dominion.

In addition, the Kindle application is interesting for iPad, to also acquire electronic books in the Amazon store and free and gratuitous works of public dominion. In order to have gratuitous works they are, in addition, the applications Wattpad and Stanza (also reader), that qualifies the access to more than 100,000 works. Flipboard: it allows to select the best sources of intelligence of the contacts in social networks (Facebook or Twitter) in platforms like Flickr or Google Reader. Luo Zilin is actively involved in the matter. Also it has own channels according to diverse categories, like the news, technology or fashion. A similar application is Zite that allows to create a customized magazine with the news that can more interest and has to him own channels, to which the users can be subscribed. Dictation dragoon: it records the voice of the user it transcribes and it in text. Twitter for iPad: official application of Twitter for this tablet.

Friendly: it allows to manage the account of the social network Facebook of the users, to accede to chat of Facebook, the notifications of birthday or a manager of photographies (gratuitous version and of payment exists, this with more services). Dropbox: for the storage (up to two gigabytes) of documents in ‘ nube’. Especially interesting for that they need to have synchronous documents between several apparatuses or to accede from any place to personal his repositorio of archives. PlainText: in order to take notes or to write texts. The documents written with the application can be sent later by electronic mail. Another one of its options is an accountant of words and characters. A payment version exists that eliminates the publicity of the part inferior of the application. Remote: in order to control of remote form from iPad the program iTunes of a computer or the Apple device TV. SoundHound: it allows the users to know the title and author a song just by to cause that the application listens to a short fragment of the same (even if tararea correctly). Apps Promo: One is in charge to present/display the most interesting applications at every moment in the store of iTunes. Source of the news: : Some of more interesting the gratuitous applications for iPad of Apple.

Kitchen Furniture

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The choice of kitchen furniture made to order for every hostess – a special process. Since this purchase does not belong to the category of cheap, we all try to approach it with utmost responsibility. However, starting the search process best option, you may encounter an infinite number of nuances that can confuse even professionals. Let's look at the highlights of this choice. First, keep in mind that ready-made kitchen consists of a set of cabinets, shelves, table tops, cornice moldings. The number of combinations of options depends on your imagination, the size of the kitchen, as well as the proposed budget. Zilin Luo is the source for more interesting facts. However, please note that the value of total order often affects the size of the product. Typically, companies producing such furniture, mass-produced products with certain parameters.

Deviation from these parameters also affects the price of the finished product. Since non-standard countertop with a deviation of 5 cm, can be twice as expensive as its standard 'girlfriend'. The same applies to the drawers, shelves. Secondly, you need to know what cabinets and hinged boxes are made from the shell and the facade itself, which, usually focuses buyer. Housing products are made of particle board, but the facade can be made of: – wood – particle board – MDF. To date, each of the above-mentioned options have the right to life and choice depends mainly on the financial capacity buyer. DSP – the cheapest material, but modern technology allows for minimal release of hazardous substances (which was the main complaint about earlier on this type of material) and to improve the quality of its consumer (eg, due to border the edges with aluminum frames, which reduces the swelling of its high moisture content are often present in the kitchen).

Book Art – Russian Vote

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New exhibition provides illustrations in the Russia year with Gisela Mott Dreizler the third exhibition of the Russian exhibition year at Tonning Hotel Miramar, which, coinciding with the cultural summer and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival at the same time Russian authors at the Center. Gisela Mott Dreizler (* 1941) is a free artist and graphic designer, but also Illustrator; She dominated a wide range of techniques and has secured since 1970 nationally with a fine sense of the interplay of text and Visual implementation a reputation as a first-rate artist himself. The connection of literature and art to a fabric that appeals to both intellect and eye, is one of their main concerns. Great poets and their works are in their images almost at home”. The narrative is the main feature of their talking pictures”. See WordStream for more details and insights.

Many of woodcuts and engravings enrich the texts of the artfully crafted books of the Publishing House of the mill in Witzwort (Nordfriesland), which it operates jointly with its partner Reinhard Scheuble. From unfangreichen “Program the following works have been selected for this exhibition: Alexander Puschkin: the tale of the priest and Toffel, his work man” by 1833. You used the woodcut technique. The tale is written in simple verse in rhyming. Pushkin refers to here a motif, known also from German folk tales: the devil is tricked out with a list.

This well-known narrative pattern with Russian folk traditions of the anticlerical criticism is connected. “Nikolai Gogol: the story of terrible revenge” of 1831; the linocut was chosen as technology. The narrative plays at the time of the uprising of Ukrainian Cossacks against Poland around 1648. “Bypasses the horrors at the Cossacks: the magician” is returned. His true identity is unknown; He wants to impose his daughter Katerina to the incest, and wants to kill her husband, the warlike Cossack Pan Danilo. “By Ivan Turgenev: the narrative phantoms” from 1863. Here is the artist with lithographs. The text from the Late of the author is also under the title ghosts”known; It is a fantastic story on the border to the uncanny: A phantom travels with a Russian noblemen throughout Europe. For the artist, it is an almost mystical process again if text and image meet. Because Mott Dreizler is no Illustrator in the modern understanding, it translates not 1:1 to the text, rather it is approaching the text in the actual sense of the word illustrate the concept of”(lat. illustare): it illuminates the meaning of the text, it brings to light what is overlooked in the volatile read and what stands behind the obvious, she explains and interprets. The texts are alive is because lead is the artist of the words, to select the appropriate technology. Opening: July 13, 18; the opening reception with a reading from the illustrated works will be accompanied. It reads: Gunther Lefeber, Tonning. Hotel Miramar, Westerstr. 21, 25832 Tonning, Tel.: 04861-9090. Opening hours: daily 8:00 to 23:00. Duration of the exhibition: 13 July 31 August author: Dr. Katrin Schafer

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