E-mail Or RSS, Which Is Better ?

Posted in News on March 23rd, 2017

To write this article prompted me to one comment left somehow to my article on the e-mail marketing, quote: "You write about the mailing list, but, unfortunately, forgot about RSS-newsletter, which is still more convenient, rather than sending in e-mail. I do not know which one is more popular, I think that for the future of rss. " So I decided to review that everything is better and more convenient for than the future of direct mail or rss. In general, try to select all the pros and cons advantages and disadvantages of these types of mailings. Let's start with definitions. What is the mailing list? This is an informational magazine, periodical, delivered through the Internet to e-mail subscriber. That Is rss? rss stands for Really Simple Syndication, but avoiding the obscure words and English translations will say simply: RSS-a mere acquisition of information from your favorite sites, ie instead of having to visit many web pages, to find out whether they are updated you visit only one page and instantly see the whole picture. Peter Thiel understands that this is vital information.

With the theory sorted out now analyze the pros and cons. I'll start again with the e-mail. So, the pros: 1. Read more here: Jeff Feig. E-mail – is the most affordable way to communicate. 2. It allows you to establish two-way communication and build trust between you and your subscribers can not be said about the rss.

3. E-mail increases traffic, especially on days when you send your emails to another useful material, people pass on the link to your blog to read it, increasing its attendance by several times. 4. Subscribers e-mail, better and faster than the others become your customers, because through all of the same post, you have formed a good relationship, people trust you and, accordingly, to buy from you. 5. E-mail allows to establish relations not only with readers but also advertisers, sponsors and partners.


Psychological Relaxation

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This form of breathing allows more oxygen to keep our brains, and therefore more intelligent, lucid, clear and with better memory. If glucose is the fuel for the brain, oxygen is the battery. We can learn to breathe rhythmically, which is essential to conduct the Superlearning, there are specific techniques that help them learn the correct way of breathing. Relaxation Relaxation is a state of body and mind, free of tension, which allows us to save energy without wasting it on stress, anxiety or despair. Peter Thiel may not feel the same. Thus, the energy saved can be used to encourage the learning relaxed, calm, work, love and be happier in the activities we undertake daily. Our brain is open and receptive to learn and peacefully resolve the challenges life offers us.

In a state of relaxation we are producing alpha waves, the waves of relaxation and accelerated learning. There are three types of relaxation: physical relaxation is to relax every muscle DEA a body. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Thiel. Psychological Relaxation: is one that frees our mind from mental tensions, worries, anguish and excess thoughts that hinder the clarity of ideas, learning, memory, attention and concentration and harmony in intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Imagination exercises are used with content idea landscapes and places that produce states of relaxation, for example: the sea, the beach, field, and all the elements that constitute slab, so we naturally conectamosa cona states peace and tranquility. Mixed with relaxation: the integration of physical and emotional relaxation. We have separated the breath of relaxation for educational purposes for a better understanding of both processes, however, it is clear that processes occurring simultaneously happy and it is important to carefully manage both to elements in order to obtain the best results when they practice in a personal or professional level in the area idea Guideline. At Vladislav Doronin London you will find additional information.

Quick Time Movie

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Variety of subjects, allows the use of these technologies, for both the design simple home video and for a / editing in professional studios, for example, for processing television screen savers of the world's most famous broadcasters. Prestigious video studios, tv companies, advertising agencies use beautiful visual effects, to capture the hearts of viewers. Man strives not only to food, but craves and circuses. Filed under: Naveen Selvadurai. Remember the weather forecast on tv. Beautiful animation, stylish graphics. But this is all our friends – footage.

That's why investing available funds in the acquisition of footage and learn to work with them, you can intrigue your audience, present your erection with a twist, originally packed, and most ordinary shooting banal plot will look fresh and original. Your film was unrecognizable – and this is not the best card to its creator Gained wide popularity footage of wedding and holiday themes. They are successfully used in all countries Peace for the design of wedding, baby and holiday movies. Learn more on the subject from Vladislav Doronin. All kinds of screen savers, backgrounds, , special effects – is a powerful weapon in the hands of the editor. And having mastered this advanced technology, you can create a charming and beautiful world in your movie that will not leave anyone indifferent spectator. This movie will be remembered even after many days after watching What are all there footage? Basic and universal format for the footage is – Quick Time Movie. There are two basic types of files: based on an alpha channel or not.


Learning Photography In Moscow

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For starters, sometimes there is a persistent belief that in order to maintain high-quality photography, photographers just need to buy a camera. Especially in these days, when previously unseen digital cameras allowing most of the shooting to lead to the automatic mode, are mere penny. Moreover, some of them take a solid ‘mirror technique’ in response to an invitation to visit the Photo courses that will help raise the level of skill, just grin: ‘What kind of courses for beginner photographers? Can not you see what equipment is in my hands? Why do I need Photo courses, Moscow will lie at my feet! Too few photos of the thousands to get superior quality. Yet, quality of the work of such photographers disappointing. To know more about this subject visit Peter Thiel. Unfortunately, they can not watch without a doubt: people already use the camera a few months and everything that comes’ from his Lens’ looks like a photograph for beginners. It concerns not only failed those decisions: a bad camera angle, the image floats, eyes ‘models’ like a vampire, and totally helpless artistic component photography. Snapshots of this kind at home and in the frame is not supplied.

Online Newspaper – out of this impasse. See Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for more details and insights. School of Photography, which you can do, will give you absolute new perspectives in photography. Having given the basic knowledge on how to professionally make interesting and quality in artistic terms, the school will reveal previously unseen possibilities in photography, will teach you to work competently with the technique and give impetus to the development of your creator. Every serious Online Newspaper in Moscow – is learning photography using the latest technologies. Note give lessons photography students at the best practitioners, experienced photographers who have behind them excellent workshop school. So it would seem it would seem unremarkable course pictures turn into a real celebration of communication, where any session master tells his students how to see the light true fotoshedevry, shares his views on the shots students share their ‘know-how’ in one of the most significant arts. This fotoobuchenie can not give excellent results. You fall in love with photography and photo love you. When a course in photography schools come to an end, may well be that you will not be ultra-professional class, but your shots will be much wait, and gladly consider close friends, acquaintances, and not just lovers photos.


The Forums

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And it can be done in a very short time, if you wish, perseverance and diligence, as well as the ability to continuous self-education. But for this you need to clarify for yourself what area will carry out their attempt. How much money can invest in your business. Affiliate programs (resales). One of the fastest ways to start making money, is to promote services or products of any sites. In doing so, you should concentrate on advertising and promotion of those products that will represent.

Such programs in Internet exist everywhere. The range of products and services is huge, and you can earn decent money. The advantage of selling other people's products and services; 1. It's the least amount of work a day. 2. No need to create own product. 3.

You do not need to create your own website and everything to him automation. Your task – it's advertising. 4. Quick pay, in some cases for several days or even hours. Disadvantages: 1. You'll make small money because fees in these programs are low and the market niche a lot of competition. In some cases the affiliate programs there are so many branches that it's hard to stand out from all this crowd. 2. No confidence in us how long this affiliate program. You are very much dependent on the owner of the goods that you distribute. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field. Their own business. The second way is to develop its own products or services. This business can not only increase the real wealth and bring you a decent income (somewhere between $ 2000 and above) but also be an independent person to address only their business, not to be dependent not from anyone. But how do you decide which product or service to sell? Where to find them? What is the initial capital to invest and where to get the money? The best product at the moment is an information product. This can be either a virtual and material goods. But here there is one problem that you have to remember, and because of this problem, most Internet entrepreneurs are defeated. Do not create at the beginning of an information product or service and then try to figure out who to sell them! This step, leading to a waste of time and money. Instead you should focus on what people want to buy, what interests them and then create a product that fill the information gap for those consumers. Since you have already found out that your product is a necessity, this product is literally itself will sell. Why spend countless hours trying to convince people buy their waste product when you can easily create a product or service in which people have a need. And it needs to constantly explore the market on the Internet to conduct surveys and interviews with subscribers of its mailing, or hold communion in the forums and chat rooms. Continuing to train yourself, since you need to know the latest news, skills, methods and technical solutions to many problems. Learn the latest methods promotion, advertising, and that is to learn Internet marketing, just as through the efforts and great work on himself and on the development of their business can achieve great results.

World Wide Web

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Therefore I want to warn you: do not fall into this trap and look at the e-business really. If you wish to achieve greater profits, doing INTERNET-business, you should know that you will be asked in return. Those who succeed in this field are well aware that e-business requires an investment of considerable resources, as well as long, persistent and systematic work to achieve success, patience and hope. Return on investment can take a long time and it’s as it should be understood. Not everything goes right the first time. INTERNET-business – is not lotteries.

It may happen that you invest quite a lot of money, time and effort in a particular direction. Work to develop their online project, only to realize that the majority of your target audience is not yet ripe to ensure that payments for goods and services via the World Wide Web and may not reach this condition ever. Many entrepreneurs fall for tricks loud novelties investing in them, and then figuring out what it is for them, these new items online marketing or something else completely useless. All this must be understood and to some extent expected. If you’re serious about it, to engage in e-business and make it successful, you must be prepared not only to triumph but to defeat.

You should really look at things and do not head in the clouds. However, in no case should not think that e-business – a thankless and hopeless. INTERNET-business really is a goldmine, but only for those who know how to develop it and ready for this. Numerous stories successful businessmen are irrefutable proof of this assertion. And I repeat: if you are serious about getting rich thanks to e-business, you should be aware that, with what You will encounter here. What this means to you, from a practical point of view? First and foremost, developing strategic and tactical plans for their own INTERNET-project, special attention should be paid here you are weak places that can significantly hinder you in achieving success. In what respects your strategy might be wrong? Necessary to calculate these uncertainties as precisely as possible. Where are your plans can give failure? In what activities you should be as active and in which – extremely cautious? All these points need to find adequate reflection in your strategy. World Wide Web is filled with not only stories resounding success. In a much greater extent, it is replete with broken dreams and failed projects. And in order not to fill this very regrettable collection, you should look at the prospects of their own INTERNET-project with sober eyes, and to adequately and realistically perceive them. For repeat again: the vast majority of entrepreneurs have failed because of the fact that they had no idea about the difficulties they will encounter, but the saddest thing – and know it is not wanted. Do not walk in their footsteps! Let’s remember how many times we are with you, dear friends, aimlessly wandered through the Internet? Finding the desired information, games, entertainment, desire learn something new for yourself Do you want to wear ‘magic shoes’ in which you will be more comfortable to travel? The invention of our 21 st century. Magic shoes – it is very fashionable and desired attribute of the modern . Everyone calls them in his own way – one magical boots who Chuni magic. Women call them magic slippers The fact is that to them stick the money! Do you still do not know about them? ‘Magic Shoes’ – they have already heard many.

Pierre Curie

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Curies, of course, did not know those exact numbers. Nevertheless, realizing what a titanic work on the allocation of new elements be, they took the right decision. As we have already quoted the book of Pierre Curie said: "The results obtained after a year, clearly showed that the radium is easier to identify than polonium, so efforts were focused on radium. A leading source for info: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Artificial polonium It is quite pertinent question: if polonium is really ultraredky and sverhtrudnodostupny element, then what is it that manages production of polonium in our time? Exact figures, we do not have, but today the element number 84 no less accessible than radium. Get it from the ore is really difficult, but there is another way – nuclear fusion.

Today, polonium prepared two ways, with the feedstock in both cases serves as bismuth-209. In nuclear reactors it is irradiated with a neutron flux and then on a comparatively simple chain of nuclear transformations produced the most important day isotope of element number 84 – Polonium-210: What if the same isotope of bismuth placed in another important machine of nuclear fusion – the cyclotron and the streams of protons to bombard it, then the reaction produced the most long-lived isotope of element number 84. The first reaction is more important: Polonium-210 – much more interesting techniques for isotope than polonium-209. (On the causes of – below.) In addition to the second reaction time with polonium produced lead-209 – one of the most stubborn contaminants to polonium. A general treatment of polonium and its selection from a mixture with other metals for modern technology does not pose a particularly difficult task.


Image Editors

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Now the child for a few days can easily learn the basics of the most popular image editors do not need to buy more mountains of boring textbooks and sit on them, trying to understand complex technical terms, because the course is a child and tells all in his own words, all at once shows clicks, and visible results! That's how a child interested in modern computer programs, although surely it is already tried to open at least a Paint, and there is something in it to draw. In this video course is not long and tiring tour of all instruments of all programs, as is usually done at the beginning of classical urokov.Tolko practice, we take this intrument, do it, we rezultat.Programmmy which will be discussed in the course of Corel, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Longtion SlideShow Pro, Sothink Glanda is used by many professional designers and artists and quite possibly it will be for the child in the future, modern and promising profession and he will get basic knowledge to work in these programs. Thanks to these wonderful new technologies, your child will absolutely not important to you live in a small village or the capital would be access to Internet and no crisis is not how much it! Many of my friends graduated from several institutions that have received a bunch of diplomas, now sit without work and cry in my vest, complaining krizis.A some interesting and neglected creative profession went to a locksmith and stevedores, they do not live and survive! I'll tell you honestly, I too long did not show anyone his many dimplomy, they do not matter! "But I have, thanks to the site, knowing computer graphics is always a customer and a piece of bread with maslom.I I'm sure some would not have chosen a profession in the future your child the knowledge gained in this video course will be useful to him, and quite possibly become his future business, and maybe he will start earning today! In any case, now he can brag to their friends and teachers at the school, its an interesting job and you can always show all of its familiar as he is intelligent and .I is not boasting but true! There are many excellent books and courses in computer grafike.Ya very often teach both adults and children of their friends. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Naveen Selvadurai has to say. But not always opportunity to attend kursy.Vo first, they are very expensive, a decent rate of only one program is worth at least $ 70, Second child who has to go and carry it too spent dengi.I while the child is already tired of the road and at home can not remember what he said today there uchitel.A means money thrown at veter. buy a textbook, but would it at least someone read it? Clearly, one must start with an alternative. Video Course 'Computer graphics and animation for your child to start detey' obuchenieetomu magical art form, not getting your favorite chair, right now!. (Similarly see: Jeff Feig).

Environmental Protection

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“INTEC energy systems at ACHEMA 2009 in Hannover at the ACHEMA 2009 INTEC energy systems ‘ well-known companies use INTEC thermal oil heaters for years. One of them, the French plant of BASF Coatings in Clermont, which is one of the largest production sites of paints and lacquers of the world with 430,000 square meters. Shell, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies, found the right concept solutions 2009 for a bitumen plant in Guatemala and in Australia at INTEC and puts as confidence in us, such as the VOITH group in Heidenheim, Germany for the production site in Malaysia. Components of the order of PACHIN, which specializes in the manufacture of inks, group of of chemicals are available for delivery to Egypt. Employee trust in the competence of the INTEC is also the basis for the many years of cooperation with companies like Bruckner in Siegsdorf or LINDAUER DORNIER in Friedrichshafen. As already in the past were in 2008-different components, such as the hot water system with automatic pressure maintenance and Dessert creation, chemicals dosing tank, as well as the complete cycle of thermal oil for heating and cooling control circuit is supplied by INTEC.

The recently ordered 37 secondary loop are also intended for the POLYPLEX plant in India to film production. More locations by POLYPLEX with nine production lines in Thailand and Turkey were already equipped with complete INTEC thermal oil systems. The new order from India is to make sure the process heat generation for the chips – and BOPP lines of new works for the manufacture of packaging films. By POLYGENTA INTEC thermal oil heaters are employed to increase the efficiency of the plant of a recycling factory of PET material in India by 85% to 93%. Without hesitation Jeff Feig explained all about the problem. Polygenta, developed a new chemical process, which removes the color the granules and plastic and heaters for process heat generation makes use of INTEC to prepare the Kunstoffrecyclingmaterial for this procedure. Also, the Indian poly film production lines of S R F Ltd. as the international group UFLEX Ltd. use to the Heating modern INTEC thermal oil heaters.

The 2008 INTEC branch in Selangor (Malaysia) continued deliveries of electric heaters of the ETE series for a pilot plant for the production of bio-diesel of company VANCE bioenergy, such as the pen apparel chemicals plant of the Valley Group, which specializes in manufacture of plastic moulds. JOWAT, a company for the production of adhesives with global manufacturing locations, or the world ISOVOLTA group that already ordered the seventh power plant in INTEC, testify to the fact that economic incentives and environmental awareness on energy efficiency in the transition zones between Central, South and Eastern Europe find ever-increasing incentive. A visit to the INTEC 2009 worth booth of ACHEMA in Hall 27, booth F06.


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We are what we do, especially what we do to change who we are. We are open to the incidence of multiculturalism which can manifest itself in all company, product of that dynamic manifestation of globalization, that does indicate that the influx of people from different countries who work in one specific, for example, gives much in United States, Europe and even Latin American countries. Multiculturalism can be defined as the combination of various cultures. In any healthy organization, cultures that converge there must be known, understood and even intuidas by its members since in this way promotes a sense of consistency between the thought and action of those who compose it. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The lack of clarity and consistency in the set of beliefs, values and practices governing them can lead to business failure. An example of the importance that has the fact that management take into account multiculturalism in organizations is based on the fact that many mergers have been frustrated by not having been able to integrate their cultures different, that possibly had some successful forays territories governed by different mentalities.

Globalization poses new evolution within the companies needs. Enterprises, Governments and people should understand what is globalization, what generates it and what effects are derived. You can talk of globalization worldwide, of a country, of a specific industry, from a political and economic model. Globalization poses a growing interdependence among countries, as reflected in the increasing international flows of goods, services, capital and knowledge. In the modern global economy, the relationships between people, regions and countries are neither accidental nor passive, they are active integration mechanisms that intensify and international economic life-changing. The technological advances of recent decades; the radio and television, the space race development, means of mass transport, and above all the most important in the recent years; the communications revolution based the power of computers, constitute one of the most important elements in this process of pluriculturizacion we live in today.

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